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Okay, so.

I just took my CHSPE exam, or California High School Proficiency Exam, back in March. As it turns out, I don't have to be in highschool anymore. I got a 4.5 outta' 4.5 on the writing part, and something close to that in the other subject, which was math.

I'll be going to a community college called College of Marin for my GED instead starting in the fall, but as for a High School Diploma, I now legally have no need for one now. I'm only taking base core classes (3rd, 4th, + 5th period, everything else I dropped out of) until the end of the year. Woot.

I was wondering how your college experiences were/are/will be(?w?o?t?) and if you got any recommendations for Universities, all that. I intend to transfer after my first two years to a UC, maybe SF State, Berkeley, Stanford, all that. I've definitely got the smarts and the looks ;););) for it.

So yeah. Discuss 'n' shit, I'd love to hear about your thingies and whatnots.

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I'm going to a local university for Film next year.

I'm half and half about it; because it's this big religious school, and they enjoy shoving it in your face, but it also has the best film program around my area. Also I get to go to Hollywood for a semester.

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It was up in the air for me for a while. Last weekend, we drove several hours to some college in Mississippi (and ended up staying a few days because the ride was so long) that wasn't all that great for my needs. Come Monday, I'm visiting another college in-state. I have higher hopes for this one. But if this one doesn't work out, I'll probably end up taking basics at the community college until next year.

Yaaaaay indecision.

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