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Character Complaint - Melvyn Pettersen

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BYOND Key: Acetrea
Game ID: csd-aJyn
Player Byond Key/Character name: Melvyn Pettersen
Staff involved: N/A
Reason for complaint: Putting down other Doctors and pushing around other Doctors who are his superiors and angering other Heads of Staff (insubordination)
Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? No, from my side of things, I didn't know him well and looked at it from the point of view of a stressful situation. Then everything started adding up little by little in each round and each time it didn't seem like enough material to ahelp about.
Approximate Date/Time: 1/28/2024, 2/09/2024, 2/10/2024

Melvyn Pettersen constantly puts down other doctors who are his superiors, making crude jokes over common, and even upsetting other heads of staff. In one case as my Surgeon (that I sadly don't have screenshots of) an antag(s) had put a few of the Crew into medbay and they all needed surgery. Medbay was understaffed at the time (just me, Pettersen, a Pharmacist, and a First Responder) and I was working on someone with around 2-4 Arterial Bleeds. Pettersen proceeded to criticize my way of Surgery from the opposite OR table while he worked on his own patient, telling me that I shouldn't be using hemostat because it would "save time". I proceeded to let him know I was not going to not hemostat bleeds on my patient with multiple ABs. In the same round, he shoved me out of the way of a patient who was on the OR table (switching his character with mine) and proceeded to tell me that it was his patient. I just let him do this because we had other patients who needed surgery and I didn't think it was a good time to start an argument. I don't recall the date for this occurrence, but it was the first time I'd had a bad round with him.

The second time I (and the whole ship) had a bad moment with Pettersen was when he made a distasteful joke about the Violet Dawn. Leo Barnes had asked why the holodeck didn't have a Mars option, as that's where he is from, and Melvyn replied with a joke about how there were concerns about "plasma flooding" the deck. Even Captain Alessia Marino was upset about it.


In the same round, he got onto Executive Officer Ebele Mambwe's radar by harassing his assistant (which I believe was a pAI). I don't know exactly what was said/done to the pAI, I just know he was told to watch himself over Medical comms.


He tends to make quite a few "plasma" jokes over common.




I've heard instances of Melvyn Pettersen making fun of Amelia Dresden walking with a cane, though at the time, I didn't understand the context.


In this past round, he berated Amelia right in front of her while speaking Freespeak about the surgical drill misfiring while operating on a Vaurca Miner. He proceeds to say that he knows she can hear him but doesn't care. During the surgery, he says to "feel free to gut [the Vaurca]", and tries to act like he's above his station, saying that Amelia should step aside, insinuating that he is better than her while she is a Physician and he is an Intern.



At the end of this last round, he bought a Sol Navy Junior Officer Uniform and a Ceremonial Sword (that he stabbed himself with to prove to the XO he should be able to have it on his person), along with an Interstellar Aid Corps Armband. It was said by IAC Darwin that it was oxymoronic that he wore the two together and CMO Sampio called it mismatched and said it was a good way to get yourself shanked. Amelia added on that if he did get shanked that it would be by "people who served and hate Sol". He proceeded to bring up the Vaurca surgery once again.






Overall, I don't think this is how an Intern should act toward those who are meant to be his supervisors as well as his bosses, and his disrespectful behavior would've likely gotten him fired by now.




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small edit to closing remark
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Hi, since my character was mentioned I'll add my piece in.

One of the things I love about playing med is teaching new players how to enjoy it as well. However with Pettersen's case I don't think I've ever seen such an demeaning and antagonistic intern before. His overall demeanor and comments have definitely ruined several med players enjoyment of the round and even taken away from antag's gimmicks for the round because we're too busy wrangling the intern. 

I have spoken to other med players about the issue with the intern and one of them admitted that seeing Pettersen on the manifest means they do not play. I can say myself having dealt with many of his outbursts that I have apprehension about wanting to play a round when Pettersen is on the manifest and I personally feel that his overall personality is a detriment to many other's enjoyment of the round.

I can bring one time that definitely showed his complete lack of any empathy in a profession that would require some.

During a ling round when Amelia was setting up the suits in EVA, a security officer who turned out to be a ling followed her and stung her. After Amelia felt what she assumed to be a needle she quickly fled with the officer on her heels with his disruptor out.

Once she had gone up to the stairs to the infront of medical her attacker gave up the chase and retreated. Obviously Amelia was shaken up by what happened and still had adrenaline running her system as she was running a blood test on herself to attempt to figure out what was injected her. Of course everyone besides the intern was worried about her and trying to figure out what had happened to shake her up like this. As soon as Amelia entered medical Pettersen proceeded to mock and belittle her and once she had explained what happened to her. He said she was "being a drama queen" and didn't act like it was a big deal to be drugged and chased down by someone with a disruptor intending to do harm to her. 

While Amelia was trying to calm down and compose herself he proceeded to make jokes about it and laugh at her. It got to the point where everyone else in medical told him to be quiet and Dale Solomon told him to have some empathy and put himself in her shoes for a minute to which he responded "why should I?" and continued to insult her. to the point where Amelia snapped at him and told him to shut up. His whole demeanor was extremely tone deaf and took away from what the antag did and how that added to the round's overall story. It became less about how there was someone who intended to attack people when they were vulnerable and was on the loose to telling the intern not to make anymore jokes about someone getting attacked. 

There's also been times when his actions and demeanor almost made me think he was an antag for the round with the way he was acting. There was a time where Pettersen decided it was a good idea to walk around with a boot knife. Eventually security found out and confiscated the knife and fined him for it. During the round I had assumed he had done this cause he was an antag so I didn't see any point to ahelp it. Eventually the rest of medical found out what had happened and we decided to ask why he had decided to do this. Ren Hartfort asked him why had kept the knife he found and Pettersen responded "I saw it and I wanted it". Which was odd considering he was acting like he a teenager rather than a medical intern wanting to learn to become a full doctor.

Elaborating on the cane comment, so the reason Amelia had the cane was because she walked with a limp from a botched mechanical installation which made her need a cane till she got it replaced. So Pettersen was mocking the fact she had a disability and needing a cane not to fall over.  And during this a merc was questioning how she definitely looked like a senior doctor because she had said cane. To which he said "finally someone said it" and begin openly laughing and mocking her once again and the fact she needed a cane at all. 

There has been multiple times where he has mocked people calling for medical help on common and demeaning the fact they needed medical at all to begin with. Even if this was life or death for said character which is definitely strikes me as very mean spirted both IC and OOC epically when you're supposed to be a helping hand to them when they are going through something like that IC.

 In conclusion I believe his overall character acts well above believability for the behavior of a medical intern to act to other doctors who are supposed to be his supervisors in his learning to be a full doctor. I think I can speak for myself when I see his behavior is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Thank you for reading this and I hope improvements can be made to rectify this issue for future players.


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