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CourierBravo's Tau Ceti Planets Ruins Suggestions.

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Hi, I'm going to begin work on a project to just pump out a ton of ruins themed for the various planets and exoplanets we'll be able to visit in the coming months.

This thread exists purely so I can gather ideas from you lot, and make them real. You post what you'd like to see, I'll make a version of them real. I may contact you via discord for more instant feedback or elaboration about an idea.

As this thread continues, I'll mark off ideas in the Original Post via edits. It will be divided into "WIP" and "Completed." This should make it easy to see if an idea has already been suggested.
I'll also periodically post screenshots of completed ruins.

-Abandoned getmore convenience store
-35th Fleet Remains
-Abandoned spaceports or landing pads.
-Old refueling stations.
-more elaborate Orion Deposit Sites
-scrapyard away site
-great ball of trash away site
-Cargo depots, partial (brainstorming other ideas)
-Camp sites.
-Prepper bunker.
-Cargo depots.
-Crashed ship with a survivor camp (The survivors aren't there.)

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Random houses and settlements that're larger than a single room.

Abandoned spaceports or landing pads.

Old refueling stations.

Camp sites.

Cargo depots.

Crashed ship with a survivor camp (The survivors aren't there.)

Prepper bunker.


Also Rimworld would be cool for inspiration because the default start is you getting plopped in the wilderness and then things just happen.

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Abandoned outposts, Space Scrapyards, giant celestial bodies made up of trash, abandoned mining stations, forgotten radio stations, lost bunkers and facilities, etc... Would all be great to have as ruins for Tau Ceti/Biesel.

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  • Bejewledpot changed the title to CourierBravo's Tau Ceti Planets Ruins Suggestions.

Update: its been a busy 'weekend' for me, I wasn't expecting to have a lot to do. I have however, learned how to use github to a very minor degree. This is a HUGE milestone for me, as this has been something I've been putting off since a short while after the Horizon map changed happen. Additionally, I've polished a separate project. I'll likely be able to get progress done tomorrow, Sunday's at my work have next to zero work to do.

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