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The return of the microwave


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I swear I once made a thread about this, but I can't find it. Maybe I just thought I did. Regardless, I'll address the very first thing people say when I usually mention microwaves returning to Aurora:

I don't want microwaves to have any cooking recipes or steps. Microwaves are pure fluff. They heat your food and that's it. Outside of frozen foods like hot pockets, there really shouldn't be any benefit from microwaving stuff.

I'm a fierce supporter of microwaves, even in break rooms. I don't think they would make the chef lose customers or whatever. However, imagine your character has a lunch box and wants to eat their food. You can just walk to the microwave, heat it, and eat it. Or you ordered food from the chef and the shift got busy, so the paper bag stayed there for an hour at your desk. You grab the food, heat it, and eat it. Why would you do this at all? Well, I just think it's charming and adds to the RP. You would get a nice message saying "Your food tastes pleasantly warm" and that's it.

And if you don't want to heat it yourself? Well, you can take it to the chef, ask for them to heat it in their microwave, and eat it. Again, I don't think this is offensive or would cause any trouble. I doubt we'd get to a situation where microwaves need to be removed if this were all they did.

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