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Rakka Kuhwinla Player Complaint

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BYOND Key: Jasorn
Game ID: cul-aLOP
Player Byond Key/Character name: Rakka Kuhwinla
Staff involved: Yonnimer
Reason for complaint: Ahelped getting opened fire with lethals by them, then following officers without any word despite having done nothing harmful
Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, round was near end and staff were busy.
Approximate Date/Time: 6/22/2024 around 1am CST-ish?


Basically during a vampire round I had geared up with armor and weapons toward the end and snuck into the maints tunnel behind the brig to try and convert the arrested people and free them. When I walked in I didn't see anyone so I walked further to the sec hallway and saw two officers and started typing to offer a trade deal. Instantly was met with security comms of me and my location, along with gunfire while I was in the middle of wielding and aiming my gun at Rakka. Zilrq joined in on the gunfight which I don't blame them since they would've heard gunfire and gone in to help. I had mentioned over radio comms earlier about asking for veil followers to reveal themselves to save themselves from death, but I don't think it would warrant a shoot on sight. Maybe I just missed out on sec comms but it felt weird to walk in to be greeted with lethal ballistics while I'm trying to type and even aim my gun as antag.



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Sec was originally in the brig responding to a call that the other vampire of the round Solomon Shaw was inside, the call came from the investigator who when we arrived was actively being kidnapped by Shaw and his thrall Mae Lin (who we had detained earlier and was in the communal brig), since the last time we tried to aim guns at Shaw resulted in him just running away, i decided to open fire and retrieve the investigator, which was successful. Maybe less than a minute after this, as i drag the investigator out to uncuff them as the other sec officers move around to find Shaw, i see Stacy Keely in full ballistic armour and a rifle walk out of the communal brig (the same brig Shaw just busted his thrall out of). So i assume they are working together and i am about to be shot, so i shoot first. I did not know that Keely was there for unrelated reasons i just assumed this was a planned assault and attacked as I thought I was alone in the hallway with just the investigator who was still cuffed (the other officers were offscreen for me, and my thinking at the time was that they were all chasing Shaw).

Basically we had already escalated and i saw someone in full combat equipment walk up behind me, so I shot

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As someone who was directly involved in this, as one of the Security Officers that round on the team beside Rakka (Kozha Ilkhi), and directly involved in this gunfight towards the end, I wanted to add that we were aware of Stacy Keely being armed to the gills prior to this happening; I reported that they had full armour and long weapons, and had welded the operations bay shut. Following that, we got the radio messages 

But at that time we had Shaw and his thrall on the run, location unknown, and we were actively dealing with a Vampire Hulking out in medical, we lost contact with Stacy and couldn't follow up on this. Both of the other two antagonists had gone loud, so to speak, and we were spread very thin at the time, and had been involved in multiple fights by the time Rakka encountered Stacy in the brig. 

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Hi @Jasorn @ClemTheDuck,

This took a bit longer; the complaint kind of rolled under the bus. We're sorry for that.

We feel like this was a wrong-place, wrong-time kind of situation in your case, Jasorn. Security has already engaged with Shaw and associated you with them too, given your comments on common there. Though, Clem, for the future, please be a bit more mindful with instantly engaging antagonists, unless they are very obviously highly hostile towards you.

If there's no more questions, I'll be locking this in a bit.

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