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How to make every Anime better

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I like anime, but I don't like that most of them are making Boobs and Butt on the first place. For example I personally like everything what is connected with space (that is why I am playing ss13). But every space anime has school boy/girl relationship drama and boobs with butts, space is only like a background.

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As a point, the reason behind the boobs and butt and school thing is because of these really scummy ass publishers, who force a certain set of ____ in any anime/manga they publish. Because of this, a large amount of good things have a bath scene/beach/hot spring, several derobing scenes, panty flash, whatever.

It's fucking depressing. But it doesn't mean good things don't exist with school thingies. (golden time is a great thing, mang. )

One punch man, yo.

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