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Player Complaint - KallMor and GingerCultLeader

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BYOND Key: Alberyk

Player Byond Key: KallMor and GingerCultLeader.

Staff involved: I believe that Sound Scopes, or Doomberg was dealing with them, not sure to be exactly.

Reason for complaint:

During a nukeround, we had a plan to be a group of activists from PETOS, to be exactly two body guards and the CEO. So, We announced our visit, left most of our gear to the security(mostly the weapons and jetpacks), which they stored at the vault. After a meeting with the captain and the CMO, and an announcement by the captain, we had a plan to do a speech and to visit the departments of the station. At this point, I am sure that most of the crew was aware of us and our intentions of visiting the station and hosting a speech at the holodeck.

However, our ship was raided by engineering, Cruz as I told to me, because the Harold Kepperson, the Counselor, aske for him to do so. So, they raided your ship,even without any knowledge we had one at all, or without knowing if we had some security force at it, and mostly without a reason to just break inside a visitor's ship. They just ransacked all the gear left and told sec. At this point, all the gimmick went down and we had to fight security, because we had military gear and bomb inside of our supposed ship and they went out to arrest us. This point foward,we had to scavenge for weapons and other equipment.

In dead chat, Kallmor claimed that he told the engineering to find the ship just because he suspected of red hardsuits and jetpacks and we saw us using the arrivals airlock to get inside the station. So, would someone just break inside of a supposed ship of a group of visitors just for the sake of it, alone, while they were having nothing more than a visit, from the CEO, of a group which seeks the equality of treatment of xeno crew. At all, this point it just seems to be meta and valid hunting for me. Since they just went after the nuke ship, without any realy solid reason to do so.

Approximate Date/Time: 20/05/2015, around 18:00 PST.

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I was wondering why the CE dropped a bag full of bombs and guns on the command lounge desk.

The turn of events here would likely verify that validhunting/metagame had occurred.

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The actions of the engineer didn't make much sense to me that round.

The round had been voted to be nuke. I do not think a single person was unaware these people were nuke operatives. However, when obvious antagonists (well, I think only nuke, specifically) attempts to act covertly by presenting themselves to be something else than angry syndicates, it is common courtesy for everyone to give them the benefit of the doubt to some extent.

Going to their ship to discover their gear and bring it back on station would obviously put an end to that. Furthermore, there was no particularly valid IC reason for the person who went to the ship that round to do so.

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There was no meta involved. I don't even know KallMor, nor have I spoke with them in any form of communication outside of the PDA messages they sent me. I kept asking them why they think that PETOS was something more dangerous than they seemed. They gave me a general idea of where the ship was and I found it eventually (I don't know where the ship docking points are, I have not looked at any Aurora code, nor have I ever played a nuke op).

Why the Captain came to the conclusion that a group of space travelers were a threat was beyond me. In my opinion, and perhaps I am not the star example of anything, but having weapons does not make a person a terrorist of any sort. I spent the rest of the round, with the help of another engineer and briefly a scientist my character had interacted with previously that round to try to break out the nukeops who, in my opinion, were arrested for no valid reason.

I apologize for spoiling the round, but I assure you that there was no meta.

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I actually ahelped about this indirectly.

And to be honest, I thought it was very ridiculous that a personal healer and an engineer would decide to scout out the ship. Let alone break into it and steal everything.

I'm pretty certain they were legitimate peace ops but they just couldn't be assed to move all the weapons grade gear off the ship just in case someone suddenly decides they want to out these people as bad guys.

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We came with our weapons. We were primarily peace ops, we turned over all our weapons but our forcegloves basically. We planned on giving a PETOS speech to the crew, then inspecting departments while silently stealing things.

Everything was found without a warrant, rendering it unlawful to use as a piece of evidence to detain someone.

We turned over every weapon we had on us, to them.

Then people had the nerve to call PETOS a terrorists organization. Yeah no, I created PETOS, it is not a terrorist group. Our weapons on our ship and persons were explained as extra measures since attempts had been made on my (Skrellian CEO of a Xenorights org) life. We still promptly turned over any real weapons to the security force. There was no reason to declare us terrorists, hunt us down, and open fire on us in Arrivals.

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The only part I remember specifically as a blueshield was myself speaking to the HoP, who just so happened to be doomberg at the time, in the command lounge. I was ensuring his own safety and keeping tabs on command staff locations (excluding the captain, who was running around the station with unknowns despite my insistence he be escorted as well). CE walks in without reporting a single thing over comms, drops two bags on the command lounge desk. Filled with tank valve bombs, SMGs and energy carbines. I immediately question the CE as to how they procured the bombs, they shrugged and then told me some engineers had found it off of a ship. When I asked for them to clarify further, they stated that they were told by an engie that the ship belonged to the PETOS folks, who were evidently terrorists because they had tank valve bombs. ICly, Vira was pretty confused and assumed the bombs were stowed as a second resort if anything went wrong with the PETOS talks.

My goal that round was to ensure command staff was protected. I myself never shot anyone until the PETOS folks, who had already been shot up and were rather pissed off at the world, stormed the bridge and fired lasers rampantly, dragging the captain's corpse behind them.

At that point, I made an attempt to detain them with stun bolts. I lacked additional cuffs to stop Alberyk from cuffbreaking and force gloving me to submission, so I decided on pulling my SMG (the only remaining weapon I had ammunition for, thanks to carbine electrodes being deflected by energy shields. so robust) and shooting the Unathi dead.

The Skrell survived, but then popped a cyanide pill. They nearly died, but then were miraculously saved by the wonderful world of cryogenics. However, due to how cyanide works, they were in a permanent coma (yet did not display the catatonic message used for ghosting) for the rest of the round. Xander ended up ghosting, finally displaying the previously mentioned message.

What confused me prior to these events was the escalation. I do recall the engineers pointing fingers at the ops, calling them literally terrorists and etc etc. There was some issues with the captain, but I assumed they were new to the role. I remember, at most, that the ops were purely peaceable and had turned their original weapons into security at the start of first contact with the station.

Somehow, I imagine the engineers snatched a bombbag left on the op shuttle by the peaceops early on in the round, only to be found later by mysterious circumstances, despite it not even stepping foot on the station prior to the events.

Good intent or not, the actions undertaken by the defending parties (the engies) were damaging enough to spiral a round into a deathfest despite the ops being willing to do a peacegimmick and commit to it.

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This is not what you, as an engineer and the chaplain, should be doing. You had no reason to be hunting out for their ship, you had no reason to break the atmosphere of what they were doing. Granted, if you bumped into it, it would had been a different story. But it feels like you broke a gimmick they probably planned on unfairly because some chaplain "had an ominous feeling about these people and must search out their vessel." I'm more curious how the chaplain knew where the ship was.

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I believe the position of the ship was given out publicly by the operatives as they announced their arrival.

Again, if you know it's nuke, there's a difference between roleplaying "having a bad feeling about these newcomers" and sending someone to actively seek out and investigate their ship, because we know how the latter ends.

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