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Player Complaint: BygoneHero

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BYOND Key: Hycinth

Player Byond Key: BygoneHero

Staff involved: TishinaStalker (regarding correct CKey)

Reason for complaint: Player (as Veronica) does not seem to understand borg laws, and caused my death due to locking me down for STATING that a pAI should be deleted. Keep in mind this was during code red after bombs, multiple confirmed hostile personnel, and the pAI had been disruptive on comms. I was also security personnel, and therefore vital to fending off the hostiles. Due to this, I attempted to break windows out of the area, and was killed by the electrified grille in the process. I was in an area I had access to, the pAI had caused part of the station to be vented, as the borg had represented them as crew, and the borg refused to follow valid orders.

Approximate Date/Time: 2015-5-34, 2330

EDIT: It was a medical borg.

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Yes Hi, I was Zoob during this round.

The shift began when a PAI decided to host some sort of voting system to fill command staff positions, Really no one was falling for it and it decided to be a pain in the ass and demanded people get fired for already being in that position (Who allowed the PAI to do that is a dummy)

We just shrugged it off and continued, but after explosions started to go off and nuke ops went nuking, The PAI continued to be a pain in the ass, and after getting trapped in maintenance with Hycinth, we were dying from pressure and saw a cyborg escorting the now 'HoP PAI', and after we barely escaped from the death zone, the cyborg and PAI followed.

The PAI went into mobile form and started crawling around, being pissed off from it already, I swiped it and wiped it. Hycinth went into the EVA area to get a breecher suit, and I saw the bolts lock down. Suspecting the cyborg locked in her for assisting me killing the PAI HoP

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  • 2 weeks later...

I hardly remember this. I talked at length to one of the admins, and they specifically told me the issue was resolved, even going out of my way to message Hycinth to apologise to them anyway even though I didn't do anything wrong. After berating me continuously in byond private chat, they eventually calmed down and said that we were good. As for the incident in question, I don't remember the law exactly but I know the PAI was crew, crew that they killed. I bolted one of them into a room. What he does afterward is completely on him.

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I am having an issue with this story, as there is no notes regarding you were talked to. Who was the staff member that spoke to you?

Also, I am having issues with your particular case as well because this happened during the same week another ckey was banned from synthetic roles by me for a week. You and this person share the same computer ID, and IP address. In the spoiler below is proof. Per rules of privacy, I have censored the IP and obscured most the CID, but left the first number in to show the similarities between the ckeys.




If you could please explain why this is so, I will appreciate it.

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I don't remember the admin I spoke too, but they got onto Hycinth for being unreasonable. Suffice to say, I no longer have any interest in playing SS13 partly because this experience as I was trying it after being suggested by my roommate. As I understood it, we protect the crew and they murdered a crew member, so bolting one inside is not a bad thing to do because they are dangerous.

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I have brought this up to the admin staff regarding this case. Too many similarities were made between the accounts, and suspicions were raised with your story of being a roommate to SmileyDemon.

Linked in the spoilers is the evidence that SoundScopes pulled up and showed to me which points out and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that BygoneHero is indeed SmileyDemon.

(warning: this photo is quite big, if you want to view on another tab, the direct link can be found here.)



As it stands per our rules,


  • attempts to evade a temporary ban by multikeying




  • lying to staff (saying that "your roommate is the owner of the account 'BygoneHero'" and that you spoke to staff regarding the incident)


is grounds a Permanent Ban, which we will be applying. We have a zero tolerance policy on lying. We have a zero tolerance policy on ban evasion.

I will be leaving this thread open for twenty-four hours in case there are any further questions, comments, and/or concerns.

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