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TechnoKat, Sleepy Wolf

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BYOND Key: Callum99877 (Bokaza will also be involved in this complaint)

Player Byond Key: TechnoKat and Sleepy Wolf

Staff involved: None other than me and Bokaza having a brief discussion with Doomberg.

Reason for complaint: General behavior (Lauren Blade and Scorpio)

I know its not just me, but their "troll characters" have really started to ruin my RP experience. To the point where i want to leave the server till they go to bed. All Lauren does is commit crimes every shift without fail, run around insulting characters and just be an all round hooligan. She is not someone NanoTrasen would employ.

As far as Sleepy is concerned. I think he is just trying to copy Techno. He was doing basically the same. And considering he is suppost to be security is that on?

When i bring it up to security they did nothing. So its up to him to think about what he is making us experience.

Their constant hooliganning really kills my RP experience. Please stop the both of you. Il let Bokaza and anyone else that has seen it expand on my points.

Approximate Date/Time: 5/26/2015 at a round that finished at 11.52pm

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Ive seen Lauren Blade several times, and I have mixed feelings about her. As security, it was annoying to deal with her, as someone she fought with, I wouldn't say it was fun, but it was something to do to say the least.

But with Scorpio, I can say they are a problem child. Ive only seen Scorpio once, but do you want to know what he was doing when I saw him that one time? He was force feeding a handcuffed, incapacitated criminal reishi. Or as my character put it "LSD in a mushroom." He then told medical to not worry about the criminal's complaints, saying she was fine.

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I honestly didn't know the reishi was laced with LSD or whatever. But the criminal did get a 'gang' on Lauren because Lauren dunked her poor monkey into a hoop. I just thought it would insult the character and not make them go tripping balls. Sorry. I'm Scorpio, by the way.

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I'd like to do a quick weigh-in too on this topic.

Last round, we had a pink Skrell wizard running about. But most of the round was plagued with venomous, unwarranted insults from Lauren Blade. Everything from calling the (Head of Security I think) a mail-order russian bride to telling some Unathi to come eat someone else's pet chimp, and telling the wizard to go back to wetskrell.nt - and yet when my character pushed back, she was automatically treated as if she was instigating stuff. (My character was Mikari Vance, the bartender). The wizard had been in the bar, as had the person whose chimp was (without the pet-owner's permission) offered as live lunch. When I popped up on the counter and told Blade to either stop her shit or step out (as she was still being rude ICly), suddenly, Security's there telling ME to calm down/back down. I went to tell her (again, ICly) to her face I didn't like her attitude and that Security may be shielding her but karma can do what I can't... and Security intervenes again. I didn't raise a hand at her, but I did tell her a few times to stop her insulting people over comms (and did at one point threaten to stuff the bar shaker down her throat, after the other 'stop's) but... I'm going to assume they went unnoticed.

tl;dr The character of Lauren Blade rubs me the wrong way OOCly and my character find her abrasive ICly. No, I'm not metagrudging - I'm just playing a character who finds that sort of (from their viewpoint) unwarranted trash-talking to be bad.

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I would like to delagate part of the blame on myself and my inability to manage the raging circus that Security has become. With a few notable exceptions, whole security has displayed vary bad behavior and inability to follow simple binary orders, as well as going SSD earily. Furthermore, engineering has went ahead and organized a militia again (which, considering the circumstance, I can't really blame them).

Add psycholizard Yinzr(I think that's the name) to this list as well. During the course of the round, Lauren and Yinzr actually displayed more antag behavior than the antag (wizard). Albeit being in the right, his refusal to shut up and be quiet, after being told numerous number of times to do so, caused him to get demoted. Few minutes later, he ends up in the brig for assault, animal cruelty and resisting arrest. After the wizard eventually goes hostile, Yinzr breaks out, steals the warden's ID, takes a weapon and a sec hardsuit, then starts hunting the antag around the station. When wizard was killed by the engineers (from what I've heard), he returned the suit and the weapon, then ran off with a monkey behind him. Eventually, he breaks into a fight with the engineers, who beat him to a pulp. Upon leaving medbay, he goes mental again, gets arrested, escapes again, then finally gets choked to death by a brave cadet.

If I remember correctly, Lauren Blade attacked the wizard for no good reason,then, some time later, drugged Yinzr, again, for no clear reason. Both of them fall into the category of characters that somehow always get into fights, but are still somehow always blameless. Assault. Theft. Slander. The characters name was mentioned a lot over the security comms. The number of fights alone the character was involved in would earn her permabrig. The end result was that my character, a HoS, snapping and harmbatoning Lauren in the process, which earned her a demotion.

Scorpio was mentioned as a joke character, yes, which shouldn't be an issue since most people probably don't get the joke. However, he backtalked and questioned constantly as an officer, which made the role much less enjoyable. Also seemed to have a friendly relationship with Lauren Blade, possibly giving her shorter sentences and biased reports, which would under certain light signify metafriending. This accusation can be ignored due to lack of evidence, but I would like it clearified.

Either way, I rate the round 666/666 on shitler scale, wouldn't play again. That was the worst security composition I've seen in my life. I'll add aditional points tomorrow, once I've had time to process the mountain of shit that was thrown on me this faithful round.

Edit: Someone was kind enough to provide me with limited logs of Lauren's behavior.

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "How many men are messaging you right now, Elena."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "Tsk tsk."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "I dunno. It's sort of a russian bride website."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "I saw Elena's profile top rated."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "I'm not the one snogging weird men and marrying them from after a week, Elena."

Elena Seto [145.9] says, "I'm not a violent manchild."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "Why are you talking about your husband now."

Lauren Blade [145.9] says, "Did he cheat on you? There's no surprise really, because you're an useless bride as the rest of those russians in that site."

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Well, about my actions at said round, Yinzr was just pushed, beaten and drive out by nearly every single person on the station, also had to watch over a teleporting guest. The warden was acting in a stupid way, claiming accussations and clearly showing blandy ignorance of corporate regulations, and he didn't get demoted in any way, ignoring orders from a head. Another interesting fact, I didn't start any fights I got him, I clawed a monkey, once, and then an engineer attacked with a crowbar several times, following by an assistant with punches, security let me go after the fight because of the monkey. I just took arms, because I saw that no one was caring to deal with the wizard just casting fireball every time. As I recall, Elena also asked for a weapon and when to R&D after the wizard, even after leaving the job. Also, the wizard killed himself, casting a fireball after getting stunned by a borg.

And then, engineering just started to coarce and insult him for being inside the dorms, doing nothing else than just sitting in a bed, then, they got in a fight and his skull was crushed. Later, he just tried to get the fuck out of the station, because literaly everything was hell, and then they asked to perma bring him , at this point he was just tired of everything pushing and punching him around, without a single place to be without people being plain hostile. He tried to resist the permabrig, ending in a fight between him and the remaining of the sec, force, with the detective shoting him with lethals, after he shot the detective in the face with his own carbine. The cadet had no intent to kill Yinzr, he dragged him while his ribs were broken, killing him.

I don't believe in any moment that my actions were injustified, since I never tried to start any fight, in fact, I made a complain about Elena and the warden with IAA, and no one ever did anything at all.

About the characters in the complaint, Blade is just plain hostile and act in a very antagonistic way, like throwing people against the glass, abusing the lack of delay due to the map update.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Unathi should not be arbitrarily picking fights across the station and breaking into security after already being demoted to go on an antag hunt. While it is not universal, they are meant to at some level respect their superiors.

Despite him not being mentioned in the OP, if Baka+the OP feel that Yinzr is an additional problem character and that his behaviour is unbecoming, I can discuss with Baka on possible action to take on his whitelist.

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Guest Menown

Hi. I was here during the round.

Yinzr was antag hunting with the 'permission' of the HoP. I brought up his demotion with the HoP before the hunt began, and he said that we had bigger issues. Security was expressly told to ignore Yinzr, because Raymond(HoP) thought he could be an asset as a vigilante. So he wasn't /antag hunting./ He was assisting security in a Code Blue situation, which Yinzr being an officer, is trained to do.

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Hi. I was here during the round.

Yinzr was antag hunting with the 'permission' of the HoP. I brought up his demotion with the HoP before the hunt began, and he said that we had bigger issues. Security was expressly told to ignore Yinzr, because Raymond(HoP) thought he could be an asset as a vigilante. So he wasn't /antag hunting./ He was assisting security in a Code Blue situation, which Yinzr being an officer, is trained to do.


Also, Yinzr had the job to watch over the guest, so, it was his responsibility to go after it, and Elena also went after the wizard, even as an assistant and even asked for a weapon to do so. And sec let him inside the brig, where the warden was lying nearly dying ,with the medical taking care of him. At some point, an ipc officer (or cadet) asked for him to help, also, he has officer training.

About the fights, one was just because he attacked a monkey, knocking it down, which was more of a misclick while I was on harm internt, which ended with an engineer attacking me with a crowbar, i just used the pepper spray I had left in my box to get them off me. And then to flee from more problems I went down to the engineering dorms, the engineers just started to threat me just because I was inside the dorms, a place which anyone can get inside, which they pushed me down, while I had a baton to protect myself and then, it endend with a broken skull and near blindness.At the brig, I got killed because the detective used his gun against me. So, at all points, he didn't try to start any fight by attacking other crew member.

What I have to say about this round; it was really stressefull both icly and oocly, I am deeply sorry if I step out of the line, but, it is not easy when most people are hostile towards you.

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What I have to say about this round; it was really stressefull both icly and oocly, I am deeply sorry if I step out of the line, but, it is not easy when most people are hostile towards you.

I understand. The point of complaints is to encourage discussion over problems. I see why, IC-ly, your character would snap. But please, cut down on the edgelord behavior. Insults, threats and general violent behavior are not things befitting an officer and we already have too much of shit ones. Officers wouldn't pass the evaluation if they couldn't keep themselves from going bloodrage under pressure and thus, probably wouldn't get a job. There was also no reason for your character to go around clawing and killing monkeys. I don't care if it's their cultural thing, NT wouldn't allow its crew members to go tribal and your character should expect to get punished for it, not go mental once someones actually dares to react to their shit behavior. I still don't believe your character just magically breaks into fight after fight because people dislike him, though. No matter how dick my characters were, I was never attacked for no reason unless antag was in question.

As for the Warden, his demotion was in order until my character quit, due to security being what it was. As for hunting people as an assistant, same thing as you, asked the heads for help, and was encouraged, again, due to security being what it is.

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All I'll really say on the subject is that there's way too much fighting on the station in general, especially fighting which makes absolutely no sense and security either does nothing or does something and gets accused of metagaming or powertripping. While I understand that this can definitely happen a lot with security, it seems basically assumed that security are all giant fun spoilers which doesn't go anywhere in encouraging them to be any different.

We've all got to remember that as employees of a company even starting a fist fight in the bar would probably be a crime worthy of suspension or indeed expulsion from service. Although I'm aware NT isn't exactly your average employer, as I've frequently compared them to Weyland Yutani and believe that the stations are lures for the real experiments, they're still not going to be too happy about staff breaking into armed conflict immediately and jeopardising their possible nefarious purpose (Or benign purpose).

And yeah, maybe the characters have history with each other, maybe they're just assholes, but pretty much every round I played tonight the station devolved into mass arguments on common and near constant fist fighting. It's no wonder security are heavy handed, they're probably tired of it going that way too. Maybe it'd be a good idea for people to alternate between their asshole characters and nice characters a little more frequently? I'd like to see some rounds where the understaffed security aren't constantly running around solving petty squabbles, and I say this as somebody who's frequently just observing from my laboratory fortress. It's become pretty much standard practice for me to exile myself to the Science division because I can actually get some talking done and not have to be constantly afraid of getting punched, shot, stabbed or otherwise maimed by people who aren't the antagonist (Not that antagonists ever target me until they've got nothing better to do).

I played an extended where it seemed as an outside observer just reading the common channel that most of the station was ending up in and out of the medbay for various mild to severe injuries from things that probably had nothing to do with 'legitimate' problems.

It's probably sort of expected to be that way now, but I'd say that's probably the issue, the violence is expected.

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I have talked to TechnoKat here regarding his character. Essentially this is his final warning to shape up.

I have also talked to Doomberg about Alberyk and Sleepywolf. We do not believe Alberyk has done anything to garnish his whitelist being removed, as this situation is being discussed right now between players and it felt like a stressful round.

There's a line with being cheeky or a dickish character that is interesting to roleplay and disrupting someone else's roleplay on the server for your own amusement. Don't ruin the game for everyone else, and use common sense if you're going to play a disruptive character.

I'll be leaving this up for about 24 hours before locking and archiving this.

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Here to add on about Lauren Blade and Techno. This round, still going on, Lauren was a tator, I assume, and used a camileon kit and force gloves to go around throwing and strangling people, dressed as a giant chicken. After getting caught, Lauren Blade was terminated and she started yelling and complaining when she had her engineering equipment, including her force gloves, taken away. After that, in LOOC when Vira walked away from the cell, Techno said "Delta being a twat as usual." For taking their ID to be terminated as per head orders on code blue, and then taking and searching her equipment.

This isn't meant to be a complaint about that, Im just adding this because it shows that Lauren hasn't gotten any better, and Techno doesn't seem to be any better either.

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