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Demonofthefall whitelist (CMO Ava)

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BYOND key: Demonofthefall

Character names: Ava Kalashnikova

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: a few weeks now

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: So I can play as CMO. During the time I play it seems we have little to no command staff apart from the odd HOS and CE.

Why did you come to Aurora?: I like the emphasis on roleplay and the lack of idiots running around randomly killing everyone. Also the admins are fair and don't go around abusing the powers they have.

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?: Sure have.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is quite literally playing the role of a person and acting how you think this person would act in any given situation even if it differs from how you would act. Some people even make a character based around themselves so that they can live out situations they would not usually be faced with in their normal lives. Staying in character is a big part of roleplay and breaking character should be avoided at all times to not ruin other RPers experience.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: To keep an eye on the department they command over, make sure people are doing the jobs they are given and to help out new players who might not know to do certain jobs. Also to add to the roleplay experience by providing players with a boss character to interact with.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: To not abuse your position of power and the extra access you are given. Also to help out some newer players and to make sure that the station runs well.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Character name: Ava Kalashnikova

Character age: 34

Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs): Ava was born in a small outpost on Mars which was owned by a Russian private military group. Growing up she lived the military life; she studied medicine as well as being trained in all forms of combat. Ava would earn the rank of Corporal and served most of her time as a field medic.

A NT owned cargo transport set off a distress beacon which was intercepted by the military force Ava served in. They sent a small squad including Ava to investigate the transport and to steal anything of worth. Ava along with her squad were quickly killed by an unknown alien force once they boarded the cargo vessel. Eventually the cargo ship was reclaimed by NT and the aliens inside were disposed of; Ava along with the rest of her dead squad and the cargo ships crew were taken to a Nanotrasen owned hospital where she was the only one able to be cloned. Being cloned caused her to forget how to speak Russian along with other important details about the exact location of her home. After being cloned Ava began working for NT as a Doctor, specializing as a surgeon and after a few years she found employment on the Aurora.

What do you like about this character?: She's not your typical doctor and often has a strange approach to doing things. She doesn't back down from a fight and is loyal to her friends. She knows she is tough and doesn't feel like she has to go around and prove it to everyone and she likes to joke around even pulling the odd prank.

What do you dislike about this character?: The fact she is a Human, I would prefer to play as one of the Alien races if I was able to.

Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff? (Please note that Head characters must be over 30, unless given special clearance): She meets the required age to become a command staff and her knowledge of medicine and surgery is top notch. Ava still has much to learn about genetics and virology but she knows the basics. She is willing to help out others and had previous experience in high pressure situations and combat situation making her a cool head when trouble is a foot.

Why?: Ava knows the ins and outs of the medbay and even though she has worked mostly as a surgeon she does have basic knowledge of chemistry, genetics and virology.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I would say my roleplaying skills are alright, I could improve on my spelling and grammar but I think my rp is fine.

Extra notes: I want that elusive Dr Runtime for myself :3

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