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Technokat's Unathi Application

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Character Names:

Elizabeth Hoenshell, Victor Kaipov, Lauren Blade, Chase Welsh.

How long have you been playing on Aurora:

About months now.

Species you are applying to play:


What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Try and play around with dark green colours, maybe I'll find a good one.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

Yes, I have.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Because Unathi got me interested with their bonds to honour and clan based activities. Varying by personalities, the typical Unathi is very strong and warrior typed, they don't condone to silly stuff and are very strict. Though I've seen some Unathi in the server itself being nice, others being superbly strict and going personal, but I think playing with this race would get me more experience whilst roleplaying with something other than human.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The Unathi tend to thump their tails and/or flick their tongue tasting the air, they're very much associated with lizard features, but are not lizards however. An average Unathi stands seven feet tall and is relatively stronger than any other race. Unathi are very weak when being vacuumed into space, they'll get sucked in and unconscious quite faster than anyone else.


Character Name:

Zar'goth Wathe

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Zar'goth Wathe's family was quite away with brutal activities, because it was understandable that living with the technology nowadays, the medicine, a lot can be brought for good. His father was trying to get into politics, his mother had a medical degree which she used to treat fellow Unathi people. They expected like any average parents would, let their child grow and go on explore the life, invent things, do something for the better, however. Zar'goth did not wish for this sort of path, but nor' did he intend to do the activities the elderly had told him stories of, after an incident which had occured when he was only seven years old. He's seen a fellow Unathi being humiliated, tortured and weakened by a gang that was going up against the person. It took a couple of hours before they've stopped the activity. The Unathi had been left unconscious, rolling in pain and breathing heavily. Zar'goth had nothing to treat the fellow, but come and offer some support to walk him to nearest hospital. He had left after the support, before the fellow could've said a simple "Thank you.", until a couple of years had passed, he got very interested into getting a security training, a law degree.

Zar'goth had by then moved a lot in his life. He was interested with the NanoTrasen's security employments and the cadet offers they've had offered, he had filed in for the role and was gradually accepted, moving on, he'd pass his training and eventually graduate by 2450. Being a fully fledged security officer, he moved between cruiser ships as a security officer, ensuring the safety of them until he was offered a contract in NSS Aurora as of current date, 2457, as he stared at the paperwork, he clicked his pen and started writing..

What do you like about this character?

The thing I like about this character is that it's sort of your typical honest person, getting impressed by something and trying to move on for the better, rather than for some achievements or just negative actions. I want to see if I could get more experience with another race than any other, which I've chosen Unathi because they're certainly more interesting than the tajara I believe.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I don't always get into that roleplaying because of many actions that always go on in the server, but I'd rate personally out of ten maybe a six or seven. I do hope I can get more roleplaying out of another race, because I've been playing as human for a VERY long time.



Nope, just that it's my first race whitelist app.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

You have several people raising concerns about the behaviour of your characters. As well as this, you are banned from antagonist roles in partial because of the behaviour of your characters.

I am concerned that you could just use being Unathi as a reason to lorejustify being hyper aggressive, violent, or stand-off-ish.

And that is not what Unathi are about. The violence is tempered by the desire to uphold the honour of the individual and the clan. I have to say I don't trust you to play a character that can have the temperament of a Unathi, while also having the dedication to loyalty and honour that they also possess.

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A whole-hearted, firm no from me. Techno has proven time and time again he isn't responsible enough to roleplay humans, let alone the race that is literally a tank. Techno has now five character complaints against him, and I think two incident reports that all say the same thing. "Techno is a roleplay-less self-antag."

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I'm all in for criticism, even though I have a couple of feelings that a whitelist for a race such as dionae would be highly criticized as well. I've been trying to move on and change with my play style, but I tend to see a lot of the favouritism of one another that ends with a person being kicked out. The only reason I've chosen to apply for playing another race is to get into things, instead of waiting for endless hours before something actually happens with my regular human characters.

I apologize for the whole incidents earlier on with characters such as Lauren Blade and if it broke any sort of immersions and experiences you've had. I'm still up for criticism, I'm just saying I'm trying to change with the whole incidents that went out earlier.

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So here is my point of view, ive had some absolutely awful experiences with Blade in particular. But i am going to endorse this, here is why:

1. Techno seems to want to change his playstyle, whether or not that is true there is only one way to find out.

2. He has lots of knowledge of ss13 mechanics, if he was to change he could be a very, very good player.

3. He wants this chance, if he just makes the character for the reason jackboot posted then he can be removed from the whitelist can he not?

Im not sure about others but i like to give people chances in these situations, if he gets accepted and screws up then there is no more i can do. I want him to change because he is just going to be disliked OOC'ly if his characters are all like they are now.


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I believe you play Victoria and Kaipov? If so, those characters are pretty solid and I enjoy roleplaying with them... even if my character is somewhat occupied. I mean I hate Blade, she embodies all that I hate in engineering. She's temperamental, violent, self entitled, hates Security and breaks the regulations while going 'what I do? What I do?!'

But if you can make an Unathi that's actually interesting and I won't be like 'oh look, another Unathi having a fit and attacking people' then I think I could give you a bout of confidence.

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I have had some very horrible experiences with TK. Like literally fucking awful. BUT I've noticed change in him almost every time I've seen him. Yes he's a bit hot headed, so's Boka. Yes he can be a pain to deal with, so can Xander. But I whole heartedly think he deserves at least a probationary acceptance. Which is odd because if you asked me this same thing four months ago it would have been a "hell no."

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I'm gonna go against the stream here, I'm gonna focus on more recent sights of Technokat's playstyle. Victor usually comes of as having a tendency to interpret the rules differently just so he can arrest someone, or knock something down. He's not nearly as confrontational as he used to be, albeit he does push for his ways. My concerns lay in seeing Technokat playing Victor esque Unathi the same way, except now he can get away with being confrontational. Lauren Blade comes off exactly as Jakers described, albeit i never tried talking to her extensively. I'm leaning more towards Jackboot's concerns too, seeing as an Unathi /is/ a tank

While i believe OOC'ly Techokat probably improved somewhat, i will still be very reluctant as to approach his future Unathi, should he get one

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I believe Techno is actually a solid player. He has a -very- VERY annoying character, but his character Victor Kaipov is great, I have assigned them as Interim Head of Sec more times than I can count, and I am confident they could do well in a Unathi role.

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I've seen Kaipov show a propensity towards bloodthirst a few times (frequently ordering weapon crates during nuke - though those are fun - and on at least one account rushing alone towards a group of nuke ops), but as a whole, he's not a terrible character.

However, if Technokat is trying to overcome his reputation for violent and hostile IC confrontation, isn't trying to do so with the race most ICly (and OOCly) known for violence playing with fire?

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Trust is important, and precedence is important.

I've delayed ruling on this application order to keep thoughts on the proper way to respond to it.

I've decided that I'm going to accept it, but on the condition that you understand that you're going to be under a bit of scrutiny for awhile. I'm not going to lord over you and scrutinize your every action, but expect that abusing or misusing your whitelist will see it stripped rather unceremoniously, because you're giving your word here that you'll play it well.

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