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~ Crescentise's Lore Person Application ~

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Crescentise.

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Lore person. Purple-text. Question-answerer. Inspirer. Developer of creative things.

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I don't know how to work wikis. But I will learn. I am eager to do so. I've been an admin (no in-between moderator stage either, might I brag) and high-ranking position of IC power before on a popular forum arpee site. PM me for details.

Examples of Past Work: A personal long-term world-building project. PM me for details.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Skype. PM me for details.

Additional Comments:

Here are some things I want to work towards and, ideally, achieve:

1) Standardise the quality of writing on the wiki. Spell-check, grammar-check, sculpture of writing. This is what I do best.

2) Generally make the wiki a place to browse and get lost in with interest, not obligatorily wade through for a species whitelist application. This means more pretty pictures and hyperlink-words. Also deal with the standalone articles that aren't linked to, like, anywhere.

2) Increase the popularity of Skrell and Dionaea through interesting and up-to-date lore.

3) Increase the effective 'on-point'-ness of the lore team. There are many accepted lore canonisation applications that haven't been put on to the wiki yet, even the simple additions like Jakers' Unathi taxonomy.

4) Reduce any tension and problems, within reason, between the general playerbase and the lore team.

Sorry if there is any offence taken. Goals are good. Being frank about problems is good. Please consider my application for the benefit of the lore, wiki, and community as a whole. Thanks for reading.

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Crescentise has made it clear that she cares about this station's lore time and time again. She has an interest in two races who are often overlooked by a large portion of the community. She has made it clear that she wants to help by even adjusting the wiki into a way that the lore team and players can agree on.

Crescentise is quite literally the prospective loredev people have been asking for. She has the capacity to do so much to help our team and the passion to go through with it.

Frankly, I am surprised this application was not filed sooner.

I wholeheartedly support this application.

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Now then, besides the fact that Crescentise is good at roleplaying, writing and so forth, she cares about trees and Skrell. And I think that trees and Skrell deserve a lot more attention from everyone, right now.


4) Reduce any tension and problems, within reason, between the general playerbase and the lore team.


I think, the lore team needs this.

I think the lore team needs this bit, a lot.

A +1 from me.

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Crescentise has told me about her long-term project in detail. It's marvelous, and can't wait to see it become a reality. She is also quite thorough when asked to review someone's grammar or rhetoric, pointing out flaws and suggesting on how to fix them. Her enthusiasm for Skrell, even though I don't share it, is something that can help the poor squishy people.

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I feel as if Crescentice would make an amazing addition to the lore team if she gets accepted.

Reasons why i believe this:

She has repetedly shown care about the more neglected, but what could be more interesting aspects of the lore, such as the species

She fits perfectly in the whole new "no hard science liberal storytelling" thing, she's clever/imaginative enough to work with that without restricting gameplay, and she exhibited IMO great ideas so far

4) Reduce any tension and problems, within reason, between the general playerbase and the lore team.


Cres is the most approachable person ever, and i would LOVE to have someone like her handle this.

And on top of that, her credentials seem good, i really can't think of absolutely any objections to this as of yet, +1

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I support this for basically all the reasons said above.

EDIT: Support withdrawn. See page two.

Edited by Guest
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Let me preface this by saying the following. I love Crescentise, she's a delightful person and a wonderful friend of mine, in addition to being a great RPer. I agree with the above that she's approachable, rather kind and otherwise friendly.


She'd not be great as a Lore-developer.

Why you ask?

Because the Lore-dev chat is a chat filled with discussions, disagreements on sections of the lore, and occasionally arguments about the lore.

And Crescentise can't handle disagreements.

I learned that simple fact during a private conversation with Crescentise, where we were discussing the Lore team. Specifically Erik being added/not added. She thought Erik should be added, I disagreed. And this ensued. (cropping around a couple of things I said, I don't particularly care to offend anyone)





No matter how kind, approachable or creative an individual is, if they're on a team that OFTEN has the possibility of disagreements and discussion in-which differing ideas are exchanged, and that individuals cannot interact in a mature manner under these conditions. Then that individual should not be on that team.

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She thought Erik should be added, I disagreed. And this ensued.


Do you have any other instances? Because from what I have seen, on many occasions, Cres has stood up for herself. Not to call anyone out, but there are certain people who are set in their ways who have disagree'd with Cres, which I have seen her hold her own. Single instances don't define a person. If it was lets say, 50 some odd times, I'd agree with you, but from my expirence, from what I've seen, Cres could take the lore team no praablem.

Posting private skype logs is a snake move by the way.

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Do you have any other instances? Because from what I have seen, on many occasions, Cres has stood up for herself. Not to call anyone out, but there are certain people who are set in their ways who have disagree'd with Cres, which I have seen her defend herself until she is blue in the face.


I honestly don't think any more examples are needed, nor warranted. She freely admitted that disagreements make her sad, I didn't coerce her into saying this, nor did anyone else. She literally didn't talk to me for a number of days due to her "Feeling shitty" over this small disagreement.


Posting private skype logs is a snake move by the way.


Let me make this clear.

I don't do this because I dislike Crescentise. I quite like her actually. I do this because this is an issue about her that needs to be handled, either by her overcoming this particular issue and being a better person for it or with this application being denied, anyone who can't accept a disagreement really, really wouldn't fit in the lore team.

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Okay, everyone who's reading this. Listen up. This could be pretty valuable for you. When somebody is upset to the point of crying because of a problem they have, or feelings they're feeling, there are two ways to help.

1) Comfort them, reassure them, help them through the pain into a rational state of mind.

2) Try to seek a solution for their problem by rationally discussing the issue with them.

Ideally, you would do both of those things, in that order. Most people are not so savvy as to use this heuristic. Dea went straight to 2. If you're crying your eyes out about something unrelated to being disagreed with, answer me this - would you react well to being disagreed with during said freakout? I highly doubt it. Your mind is irrational. It is clouded with pain, hurt, outrage, whatever overwhelming emotion(s) you're feeling. You need to clear the fog somehow by waiting, being comforted, whatever. This is the context in which I don't like disagreements. In day to day circumstances, I believe it is asking too much to expect somebody to be reasonable and receptive to criticism while they're bawling their eyes out.

But that's just my opinion.

Those private logs were brought into existence on the day of my only freakout ever recorded on forums - about Skrell related stuff. I was repeatedly pitching a suggestion that was not being acknowledged. Supposedly it was being discussed in lore chat, which I found out a while post-freakout. How was I supposed to know? I didn't. For all intents and purposes, I was being ignored. I was putting my heart and soul into elevating those stupid squishies into something more respectable, and I had zero acknowledgement. Of course I was upset and discouraged. I'm a sensitive person, too, with plenty of fucked up personal issues to boot (some of which happen to do with privacy violation, by the way, Dea). Is sensitivity a dealbreaker for a loredev? Considering Xander's recent ascension, I would not say so.

I look to my precious, yet threadbare, internet support network in such moments for comfort. Just some internet hugs or words like 'it'll be okay' to help me get back on track and thinking objectively. From my post history, I believe anyone can see that I am capable of such things. I can even 'hold my own' against as well as have a pleasant, objective conversation with Sue, somebody I (and probably others) find jarringly blunt and intimidating.

tl;dr - It Was One Time.

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I honestly don't think any more examples are needed, nor warranted.


I don't think that a single instance of someone getting upset and not wanting to deal with you is something to base an entire opinion on, let alone the decision to add her to the lore team.

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First off, let's keep this on topic. shush.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, weaknesses tend to stick out more than strength does, for pretty obvious reasons.

The difference between someone who can be considered rather strong or hardy and someone who can be considered to be burdened by weakness is thusly. A person who is strong overcomes their weakness and builds up their positive qualities. They make themselves a better person as a result.

A person who is considered to be weak is someone who lets their weaknesses bog them down for extended periods of time and never does anything to raise themselves above the rest of their peers. Their strengths, as a result, appear nonexistent, because of how critical their weaknesses appear to be in comparison to their strengths.

However. I do not consider Crescentise to be a weak person, nor someone who is prone to the burdens of it. I have seen them stand up for themselves and for others before, time and time again. I find them perfectly capable of holding their position in an argument and sticking to that.

Even those that are strong have their moments of weakness. But we should not let that define ourselves.

I've seen the OP suggest some rather marvelous ideas filled with large amounts of potential and content before. Some of those things got put in and are in the process of being finalized, or are currently being developed as we speak. Crescentise is also rather splendid to be around, and sometimes a great source of comic relief. I honestly feel like Crescentise would be valued member of the lore team, assuming they get accepted. I also do believe they have the capacity to be able to dissuade all of the conflicts the community and the lore team have with each other, and create a better lasting relationship between the two groups.

Plus one, ten out of ten, would endorse this application again.

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Right, as I said. It was just an issue I was bringing up due to me believing it was an issue that should be addressed. Cresc explained the situation and why it happened. Good enough for me, and with the positive qualities that, everyone else said she has I think she's be fine for the team. +1

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. Is sensitivity a dealbreaker for a loredev? Considering Xander's recent ascension, I would not say so.


Hey hey hey hey hey. Hey. You will not bring in my name for your application to protect yourself from claims of being overly sensitive. I do not cry over the Lore Team members putting my ideas down, I made myself look like a total idiot the other day by arguing with them over an order from Jackboot, I stopped talking in the chat for like an hour or two, before getting over myself and continuing previous discussions.

I have had ideas flat out said no to, and I was like, okay, das fine.

What I don't take kindly too, is criticism in OOC, that calls something I've made stupid or dumb, why? Because you shouldn't insult something someone's made publicly, if at all.

Would you be able to take someone looking at your lore and saying 'No, I don't like this sorry, here are the reasons, it wont be in our lore' and not be upset with the team?

I'll be withdrawing my support here, a team does not make digs at one another to promote themselves.

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I did not dig at you. I implied you were sensitive, and despite this you got loredev. I'll say it more explicitly for you to really get the message across. Xander, you are sensitive. Your track record of over one year confirms it. And I'll explain my other non-dig. Sue is blunt. She also has a track record to support this.

And guess what?


I'm a sensitive person, too

Can't we bond over our mutual 'flaw'? I pointed it out not to insult you, but to show that sensitivity is not a dealbreaker for being on the lore team. I'm truly sorry that you did end up being insulted. I know that feel. We're both sensitive.

Finally, answer your question, yes. I think I would be able to take that without being upset with the team.

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-snippety snip-

You're expected to take public criticism for your work, Xander, after all, your work is public and effects players you make it for. If or not the criticism you recieve is constructive at all is completelly different matter. A lot of people in this community are highly sensitive to criticism among other stuff, but Crescentise was highlighting you as a positive example of this, as you're both able to take care of yourself and be a productive member of the lore team.

Cres is a kind person with issues of her own and is not, by far, the only one in this community who dislikes conflict. What she doesn't do, unlike some spacific members of the narrow community, go out of their way to ridicule and argue with someone who has a strong difference of opinion or dislikes their character. No one is perfect, but this is a positive thing, as her approach is not to argue while under strong emotion.

With that out of the way, she has displayed a quite a lot of passion for creating complex characters and stories, as well as helping others with their personal projects. Furthermore, she plays, what is by my count, the best Skrell I've seen on the server so far, which is also a chaplain, a role which is very hard to pull off, and has persuaded me to play a species I wouldn't have played if my life depended on it.

All in all, I think you would really want Crescentise in your team.

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You're right in a sense, Jakers. Perhaps it would have been better not to mention names at all for purposes of reducing the likelihood of incensing anyone, at least. But I'm not pussyfooting around in this application. I will not lie, omit relevant information, or go back on my observations for reasons like saving face.

If someone chooses to retract their support because of that, then so be it.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I'm not currently looking for more lore developers at this time. Rather than leave this thread in limbo however, I'll lock it and contact you regarding a possible developer position if I look to take on more staff in the future.

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