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I honestly don't see the problem with this. Some people simply dislike foxes (for whatever reason) because they haven't yet understood how great they are. Officially branding our server as "furry-friendly", as well as finding additional ways to integrate the furry lifestyle into gameplay would help people get acquainted with a new and exciting concept most are simply unfamiliar with. And after all, I 100% believe that Aurora was initially created to be a furry server, although that vision has sadly been lost in the minds of many newcomers who remain unaware of what true Heavy-Roleplay has always been about.

I am sure people will be more receptive to the changes once they are forcefully implemented. Those who disagree simply do not know what they want.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
All sprites and races are now nic cage. All jobs are now nic cage. The station is no longer Aurora Station. It is Cagestation.

This is the only viable solution.



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