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Hackie's new or replacement sprites


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The Head of Security needs a pet of all heads, and to represent him. I think we need a slug. This is probably the best choice to be honest.


e79fef7ce0.dmi Okay just kidding, here's the real deal. A new doge.




Alright, so after searching the internet and asking some people some things. I got us some sprites. I'm 100% serious with this thread, and I hope that development team will add some these to the server.

Potential replacement for our Heavy Duty flashlight. It comes in different colours, so we could have different versions for different departments.






Corgi pAI, we already have a cat one, so why not a corgi version?




While it may seem like a joke, or out of place, having a gosh darn xeno pic' would really be swell.




Alright, chaplains and priests do not dress up like sith lords. So, why not add some monk robes to the wardrobe to spice it up? Make our religous friends less evil looking.






I found a potential replacement for our nuke ops turtleneck. This jumpsuit would honestly make them look more professional, it's not about style, it's about gear that works (I will try to find a replacement for the hardsuit too).




A potential replacement for the cult door, unless we're already using it.






A new AI sprite, looks pretty cool, and could be used for some fun gimmicky AI's.




New turrret replacement, look all cool and stuff.




A new hairstyle for the boys, and humans too.




Could we add it so the bartender could place his shotgun somewhere safe?



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Because, they are flying in a spaceship. It is in space. The playstyle it implies is the one Nuke Ops entails, sneaky and clever operatives.

Regardless, we're discussing what it implies, when we should moreso focus on the visuals. Because, the jumpsuit is purely cosmetic. If anyone is up to the task for spriting some new clothes for the Nuke Ops, please do. I'll be asking some people things, figure out if I can pump something out. I really don't like turtlenecks and red hardsuits.

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These look good but how bout making new floor and wall sprites? I've been playing ss13 for over 5 years and I swear the walls and floors have never changed. For the HOS pet I was thinking a German shepherd. If you are doing hair styles how bout adding more Unathi horn/frill/spines styles? they only have a couple, same with Skrells.

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