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Right. I will speak.


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Hello. I'm Cassandra. I'm not that bad, to say. But hey, let's get to know me a bit better.

I play: Lhinton Lovely, Penny islington, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Camile Crafter, and Dendritic

So, I think you have seen my current topic kindly provided by Aurora administration today. Regarding the house server and the ERP log mockery I did. Yep, I did it. Do I have guilt, or qualms? Nope.

Was it nice? Nope.

Do I hate anyone that I leaked the log of? Nah.

Was it questionable? Debatable.

Why did you treat the ERP on your private server with such disrespect? Because I am an ex-hypatian, ERP is not sacred, it is written erotica if done on a server unless you're a self-insert, and I have no regrets.

But m-muh ERP. I don't give a shit m8.

Did Skull like it? I do believe his head went 360 degrees. Poor Skull ey?

Was it something that could have been brought up in a personal conversation? Yes.

Was it worth the ban? I don't think so.

You want to be unbanned? No.

Anyway, the purpose of this topic is to clear things up and give my point of view. I am not angry, but this is indeed a rant - I am good at those things, and I have a few things to clear up. I'm not particularly here to debate the highly subjective ethics of gawking at ERP logs with your friends, because I think this is possibly the greatest overreaction in the history of Aurora. Especially when you consider you've got a cute little spy logging your own members chatrooms, member gossip, spying on your players and whatnot and boasting about being an all-seeing eye and then preaching about privacy and admin responsibility, you lovely hypocrites. :roll:

But hey! Take a seat will you?

The following will be a jab at the label "toxic", you have bestowed on me.

Well. Look over there, you have your newcomers silently cryo'ing leaving in masses over poorly rp'ed unfriendly SSLs played by pathetic lonely men that take up medbay slots and run off to whisper in each others ears while a guy dies of an infection in the lobby and few competent medbay docs try to meet the demand of their AWOL uguu-comrades. You've got favoritism that is running rampant, double standards, fetish fuel that only exists to ERP on server, your cliques, metashunning, your hyper-controlling command members, intimidating bureaucracy, and powergaming edgy shitcurity who would never vaguely pass the SIA test in any fictional universe and worship the "insulting an officer" regulation. I find it strange you're not... disturbed by that. "Oh, clearly THIS is more important! In fact, let's make an announcement and an instant server ban."

The above is so rampant on Aurora that I lost the will to play, so when you banned me I didn't really blink at all. I feel like I dropped a penny on the ground and didn't even turn to look. Many others can testify they feel the same, with the exception of the people actually participating in said behaviour.

Yes, this incident, is hardly the greatest thing to affect the community, but somehow is worthy of a giant announcement. ERP is not sacred, it really isn't, and let's not get started on your hypocrisy either. You know, if you put that much effort into combating your actual issues, Aurora would not be a cold, stale wasteland to people outside the regulars roster. But I guess that does passes for a roleplay style these days so I'm going to leave you guy to it because that's clearly your tastes. Cool, your call guys.

It is a sub-community, it is not a "server breaking" clique. Why? WE INTERACT WITH PEOPLE. We branch out on your server, we encourage people to roleplay with new people. I don't metagrudge you guys IC'ly, even if I don't agree with your RP methods. We don't allow people in who are part of the "problem" of how this group of established in the first place - they have you, we had no one (because apparently administration has not been here for us). They have no reason to form groups, we do - for survival and have people to relate and talk to because a lot of you made our RP experiences insufferable and didn't care. They don't care about us or what we've been through and continue to contribute to our problem, and that's the only reason they're not with us, so don't you dare compare us to you.

So, I keep myself in character pretty well on a majority basis and whatnot, and I even play sec and is jovial with sec regulars when I do, despite the department being filled with bitter egoistical shitlords. Heck, I even RP with newbie baldies who come to my bar. I refuse to be compared to the people who decided to get on their high horse and whine about my "conduct" on sharing the sacred private documents that is ERP someone volunteered to add to my private server with my friends to laugh at.

It was a pretty good laugh too, we did voice impersonations of the lines and all that. Made terrible ERP into good comedy. Whoop de fucking do, everything is honestly fine.

But fug it, that blunt girl making your problematic regulars uncomfortable + who shared logs of lore-breaking, ridiculous ERP with her friends on a private skype channel that was -logged- secretly by your double agent (why do you, staff, even have a fucking double agent?) and laughed at it, was clearly a TOXIC thing on your server. Wow, so harmful. Sorry for being caught breaking ERP privacy by your own personal spies. My bad.

Anyway, since the poison (me) been removed, let's see if you guys start getting better.

If you hate me, just ban me and say "Fuck you Cassy, you hurt my feelings. GTFO I hate you". I'd have a lot more respect for you as that would be honest and refreshing, something I am rather dehydrated from in this desert you call 'impartiality'.

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And this. This is the exact sort of behaviour I was talking about. If you think this happened because I don't like you or because Skull doesn't like you or because, god forbid, you disagreed with staff, okay, I'm not going to try to justify it for the millionth time tonight. But I will just say this: There are ways of expressing your opinion without being belligerent and insulting. And until you've mastered said ways of conveying what you think, you are a problem.

As for the ERP fiasco, I've already discussed it to death in the other thread. Won't repeat that here.

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There are ways of expressing your opinion without being belligerent and insulting.
You can't take what Cass says with a grain of salt?

I fail to see what's so insulting in her post.


The entire "let's shit on the playerbase" attitude that seems prominent here and in many other posts. Maybe it's just me here, but I'd like to think I'm not the only one who sees it.

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Doomberg, let me reveal a piece of important reality to you.

Did you know, that if I leave tomorrow or gain the verbal kindness of a MLP your community would still be fucked up? Even if my tone could be abrasive sometimes, my points still stand. If I leave you, you won't have me here hurting anyone's feelings, but you will still be drowning in your issues. One thing about me, once I lose respect for someone - it shows. I can't pretend to respect and be all civil with people I have no respect for, it's weird and apparently it wasn't enough to stop people disliking /you/.

Are you really holding the wellbeing of your community to ransom over how Cassy phrases "You fucked up"? Well, that's nice, but jokes on you because I don't care about this place any more.

Anyway. The ERP was not a big deal, you're taking personal dramas into server issues and overstepping with admin bias. You know that I don't care at this point and I am just highlighting that for you.

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You seem to have a bad sort of Messiah complex. Let me tell you something, girl - you are not the solution to our problems. You are not the champion of the oppressed. You are someone typing angry words on an internet forum with the misguided idea that it will make people change. It will not. The only thing you've achieved? Adding yourself onto our apparently growing list of problems. That's not how you make any sort of beneficial change. Stand down, there is no point in doing things this way. There never was and there sure as hell won't ever be.

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Doomberg, here's another thing you might want to know.

I experienced terrible things on your server. I make complaints about the things on your server. I explain how and why these things happen, and what dangers they can cause. I offer solutions to fix these things. That is not a Messiah complex - I tried to do something so no one can say I didn't try.

I did start off pretty civil but got ignored, I found out being confrontational gets you noticed but nothing will actually want people who don't want change to change. Nothing more to do. Game over. You're also incompetent and I have no more optimism, and I have good evidence in front of me to believe that. Look at how you handled this situation, was it professional?

Anyway. Growing list of problems. One of them is limited vision, have you noticed? The community will probably get another Cassy in future, so it's actually quite pointless picking on me but w/e congrats I don't give a shit so I hope you notice I don't post as much any more and soon, never. I stood down quite a while ago, I only occasionally post half-heartedly to back someone up now and again on something I agree with; just for support. You don't even need to ban me, I can just leave and observe from a distance.

I actually placed bets on when you guys will turn into Hypatia 2.0 because my faith in you is 0%. You don't have the experience, knowledge, or sincerity to deal with the issues on Aurora.




So, I'm just sitting here waiting for you guys to die.

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Insult me to your heart's content, I don't quite care and you're not exactly helping your case. The train of thought of "Oh, I tried asking nicely and they didn't give me what I want, so let's shit on their carpet" is flawed for fairly obvious reasons. Carry on, though, by all means. Watch. It makes no difference to me, as long as you are no longer doing what you've done thus far.

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I have been informed by a close friend of mine that I should remove my previous post, as it is childish, and completely unrelated to this very serious conversation. As I feel deeply deeply apologetic for my actions, I will respond with a more serious look at the issues within this thread.


Riffur, ur nawt mi mum an u cant tel mi wut 2 do i am an indepenent womun hoo kan du wut he wan so fuk u #4230scoperek

im thu onli boss of mi lma000000000000000000r000000fl

Seriously though, people. It's a game, chill out. Have some more spaghetti.

Deal with it, I'm the coolest. 8[ <---irl picture of me.

*Situation Bomb Defused. Counter-Swaggists Win.*

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I doesn't know the situation, but Cassie is right about medbay lesbians that doesn't do their work, because they are doing their lesbian things. It's called fashion - when everyone goes Into catbeasts because it's fashion, when every Aurora female are a lesbian, because everybody are. I can see a lot of clone characters on the server.

People - are you individuals or not? Stop massively copy/paste others. :)

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Doomberg. You are an admin. I am a member.

You talk about admin standards.

You insult and are blunt to your members as well. I honestly don't see the verbal difference between you and I apart from the fact that you have board powers. I mean, seriously. What have I done that most of the staff/lore team haven't?

I honestly need to know.

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But what about this particular problem? Well, my thought is that you are both wrong: Doomberg and Cassie. I advice to you to take a step back, deep breath and think about this problem at least one day - it's not something that can be solved just right now. You should really stop, before you will write aggressive posts to each other.

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well, guesss its that time to say my goodbyes too. Don't plan on sticking around here to see myself become the next Cassy. Hell, Aurara's been kinda tough to bear lately anyway, guess i'll go with Scopes's recommendation and get away from here. Guess this ended pretty spectacularly, to be honest. Least that much

and, Doom, weren't you tired? i sure am.

Aurora can choke on it's own lesbians and whispers in the back ends of the station for all i care now.

And yes, sure hope driving away a bunch of players alongside Cassy was worth it in the end, It's almost like there is a large portion of people agreeing with Cassy or something. Hell, i'm sure that we were in fact toxic, best of luck. I don't think we'll be on that "ever so growing" list of your problems for much longer, Doom, it's only gonna get better from here on out. After this thread's in the ground, at least.

Hope Frances can shape Aurora into something alright, it's a fucking hard task, and hell if i could pull it off, but best of luck regardless!

uh...what else...guess i'll miss Conspire, he was fun to be around. Past that maybe Xander's Emma Godswood, just managed to finallyget some pretty ok RP going too.

yea, bye

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I'm not certain how you can claim our behaviour is in any way comparable. I've already addressed the claim of staff members allegedly spreading ERP logs amongst their friends in the other thread. As for belligerence? Yeah, there are a couple of belligerent people on staff. Some have been reprimanded for it, others not - what they have in common, and a trait you do not seem to possess, is knowing there's a limit to the amount of shit one can reasonably dish.

And yes, Johnny, I am tired, but I'd rather not go to sleep knowing we have yet another shitstorm brewing. You're free to sleep in my stead.

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As an observer in all this, I'm a bit sad to see the admin team resort to tone policing. Like, I think Cass has a very obvious message she's trying to communicate (relatively clearly, I'll add), and her posts are being dismissed because they're written in a funny way or she's being sassy. This is something I've always seen happen with her too - I'm not sure how I'd feel if I were her but I can imagine I'd be very frustrated because most of the time it's like she's speaking into nothingness.

And like, come on. I understand showing the door to people making half-assed attempts at trolling while trying to expose whatever minor issue that concerns only themselves, but what's being brought up here is actually legitimate. I thought we were trying to be one of the "cool" servers, so can't we actually judge people for the actual content of their posts?

I don't really think Cass is being an ass either. Like she's free to correct me here, but I really wouldn't be surprised if she was 100% willing to work with you were you open to engaging in dialogue with her. So it's not a "I hate the community, let's shit on it" thing.


a trait you do not seem to possess, is knowing there's a limit to the amount of shit one can reasonably dish.
Except that's a very subjective claim, and usually followed by poignant examples of the accused user doing some, not really cool things. If you want to convince the community that the ban was justified, you could simply attempt to provide proof of that. I assume there is probably a lot of evidence left from the recent admin review that led to Cass being banned, so you could post some of it?


And yes, Johnny, I am tired, but I'd rather not go to sleep knowing we have yet another shitstorm brewing. You're free to sleep in my stead.
If you feel like you might not be at your best judgement, given that you're our headmin and seem to have taken the direct responsibility of handling discussion in this thread, then I would advise locking it, getting some sleep, and coming back with an unlock and a follow-up statement later. Waiting until you're well rested is much better than taking the chance of making some half-assed statements you might regret later. Edited by Guest
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And yes, sure hope driving away a bunch of players alongside Cassy was worth it in the end, It's almost like there is a large portion of people agreeing with Cassy or something. Hell, i'm sure that we were in fact toxic, best of luck.


Bye. The Messiah has left so I, as the Antichrist, can continue our time honored tradition of robusting all the antags and making pubbies cry tears to swallow, punch kittens, be a snowflake and be mean to people IC so they get upset and offended OOC to cry about it.





Seriously, though. Lesbians in medbay? Is that the best you can do? It's painfully obvious none of you have even been paying attention to the state of Aurora for the past few weeks; I guess you're all too busy being hypocrites criticizing cliques in your clique chat or whatever it is you do. The groups of evil new-player hating characters and medbay lesbians area about as prevalent as any regulars - that is to say not at all. Hypatia 2.0? Try Baystation 2.0. It's the opposite. A bunch of faceless new characters ranging from racist black characters smoking pot and stealing peoples shoes to Skrell who play their lisp so bad they sound like the entire personage of a San Francisco gay bar.

Aurora's problems are no longer cliques, or medbay lesbians. It's an infection of ridiculous medium-light RP and joke characters. You guys missed that train, I guess.

So I mean, thanks for trying to be our savior or whatever? Kinda late now. Problems have changed. Maybe if you had paid attention you'd have noticed.

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Let me quote you a fun little snippet of our rules. The first thing you're greeted by once you open them, actually.


Don't be a dick. We're all here to have fun, not fight and argue with assholes.


To an extent, leniency is permitted on the forums. To an extent. Do remember that the ban is not in place solely because of her "tone", or because of the clique/extremely open group that shares ERP logs/whatever the hell. It's a result of all of these issues combined, culminating in the semi-private mocking of our players.

Regarding evidence of genuinely being a dick, barring the skype fiasco and the ERP mockery and whatnot? As said before, most of her posts are in the vein of this one.

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I think the fact the words "Better than Aurora" were said on Bay regarding any topic, indicates something's wrong with the direction the server is heading. The fact that Bay now has stopped admitting they're worse than Aurora is a problem.


Okay. You cite a server that permits its staff to publicly shit-talk other servers. You're, uh, free to go there, if that's your cup of tea.

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Regarding evidence of genuinely being a dick, barring the skype fiasco and the ERP mockery and whatnot? As said before, most of her posts are in the vein of this one.

Then I don't agree with your judgement. I can't question it, since I'm not in charge, and it really boils down to a question of "what are people comfortable with?", but I can say I wouldn't see a member of the community acting the way Cass did as problematic.

She's... phrasing arguments in a semi-hilarious and semi-sassy way. It's almost like the kind of shitposting Inverted does. It's entertaining, somewhat easier to follow than long, bland ranting posts, and above all it comes out as heartfelt and honest.

If you really want to construe anything in Cassie's posts as a serious personal attack, then... we've reached United Nations level of political correctness, or something similar. It's really just banter. And you can dislike banter, but... come on. ...On the internet? In a mature community of 16-22-somethings?

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Bay is just buttmad that I was their Cassie and they failed to salvage the pieces of their shitty server. Is okay. Now I am the Self-Insert Evil Antichrist of Aurora, subtext: It's All My Fault.

Zuhayr is also prone to massive mood swings, and he likes shit-talking people behind their backs so I ain't surprised. Alsoalso you thought blacking people's names out of a server I used to be highly active on would protect them? NOT FROM THE ANTICHRIST.

Also inb4 rebuttal: but u let sue do what ur criticizing cassie 4 doin' omg the hyperpopcornrisy

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