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Security reforms


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First thing in order: Stab Vests

It seems kind of annoying you need to wear just your casual jumpsuit when on patrol, armed with a Taser and Baton but not able to wear armor on such a dangerous station, and even then the armor only protects against bullet damage and melee to a lesser extent, when the only projectiles that classify as that are the CR-20, or the Detective/Traitors revolver. I propose we upgrade our old outdated Kevlar with new Lightweight Kevlar Stab-vests with utility pockets to carry spare ammo cartridges (I'll get to that later) and a ballistic plate to protect against blunt force trauma and knife attacks (You're more likely to get stabbed by a chefs knife or attacked with a broken bottle then shot in the chest)

Second thing to come to attention: New Tasers.

The old tasers are very ugly, unwieldy, and ineffective. I think we could add some new short range taser items to improve the situation (along with side holsters on the jumpsuit instead of current shoulder holsters we carry now) the new taser goes back to the old design, a cartrige with two prongs that stick into the target in random points of the body (chest is most likely) and will send volts into the suspect to send him down quickly, shutting down his nerves and making him lose control of his body. Of course, this is only single use and you will need to eject the used cartrige (after the prongs are taken out with the help/pull out item command) take one out of your vest pouches and place it in, bam ready to go and you can carry plenty, better than the old "Magical electronic projectile" system we have now and plenty more reach than should be possible. (Also a lesser "civilian" slowdown or standing stun self defense weapon for the crew is plausible)

The third thing: Bomb defusal kits, Easily concealable pistols, and beanbag shotguns (New security job that should be whitelisted and monitored, two jobs actually)

As this station is more targeted by terrorism attacks, a new team of higly elite officers are needed for this escalating dangerous station that causes for the establishment of NTAST (Nano Transen Armed Security Team) armed with Compact P230s (gun can be changed if valid imput is provided, link will be at bottom of post for information on firearm) beanbag combat shotguns (Can also be changed, assault rifles, pepperspray ball paintball guns, standard SWAT stuff) along with bomb defusal kits to make sure bombs are deactivated, some bomb sniffers in key parts of the station (Bridge, medical, basically scanners to make sure you arent fucking causing a nuke to go off. This might be a little too op and could be nerfed with a chance of false positive or traitor items to make sure you are safe from it, like in black ops 2 during the air mission) the NTAST will be the SWAT of the station, given Tactical bullet and laser resistant armor with plenty of melee defense capabilties, stinger grenades, but of course this could all be set to change as well. The leader of the NTAST will be a squad leader given heavier armor and full command over the teams, they wont be allowed to leave the security area armed at all due to them being for EMERGENCY situations only where ERT isnt needed or you cant call the ERT due to a bomb blowing up bridge, also cant be traitor due to loyalty implantings and the fact they would take heavy screening and need to pass training tests (They are the PMCs of the station.)

New corporate regulations

There has been the issue of disputing "Sexual Harassment" or "Attempted murder" and i dont really see those in the law books, maybe we need to add some more laws to make sure people stay in line, and draw a strict line for permanent brigging.

This is all i can come up with for now, i'd be more than happy to edit this with your ideas and other suggestions.

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Okay so. Regarding the armor-

armor = list(melee = 50, bullet = 15, laser = 50, energy = 10, bomb = 25, bio = 0, rad = 0)

is what sec armor currently does. It's extremely effective against lasers and melee (Every number there is basically a percentage to block). Not ballistics. Not sure where you're getting your data from. There are three different armors in the armoury for a variety of situations. Riot armor protects heavily against melee. Ablative against lasers. Bulletproof against. Bullets. Normal sec armor provides extremely good defensive values against the most common weapons on the station-- melee objects and lasers. Suppose we can add pockets. Maybe.

Regarding the tasers. It sounds kind of like you want a oneshot taser, which we got rid of for a reason. And one-shot-after-a-short-delay is still one shot. Furthermore, current tasers are extreeeemely effective. 70 halloss is nothing to sneeze at. Should honestly probably be nerfed to like 60 halloss. Still two shots to down most people but able to be resisted a little better.

Regarding part three. what. Bombs are currently extremely easy to diffuse. It's more a matter of hoping they don't go off as you get near than anything. Pistols and shotguns-- why. swat teams that just chill out on station why. for what purpose. what is a stinger grenade. don't we already have an ert for these situations. what.

Regarding space law-- space law is not comprehensive. There are a lot of crimes not covered because there are just a lot of crimes. Pretty sure you're allowed and encouraged to improvise if you have to.

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NT is a private organization, and the NSS Aurora is a *civilian* station centered upon the research of plasma and the refining technique of plasma itself. It doesn't require armed marines at every door as the station is relatively out of reach from any contact within a few parsecs.

And if it needed military personnel to guard it, they'd have it. It's not /that/ private of a research station, otherwise it would be password-protected to access the server or whatever, the admins/mods would be nazis, and we would require filled-out employment records.

We are not that hardlining. This is a HEAVY RP SERVER, not a robusting-super-happy-funtime like goon.

No. -1

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I'm just going to roll with a general, "Nope."

Point one, the security vest, has already ben cleared up by others. It's a fabric vest, made out kevlar weave and perhaps some space-age shenanigans. It already is what you want it to be.

Poin two, the stronger tasers. No. It's powergamey, completely unnecessary, and will simply lead to abuse. If you are not in control of the situation to the extent where you can land two (because in most cases, the normal taser takes two hits to drop someone) consecutive hits in a short amount of time, or close the distance and utilize a baton, then I will gladly tell you to look at another job on station. Mechanics cannot be used to circumvent roleplay, or make up for personal inability to utilize the mechanics already in play.

Third point will receive yet another, "Nope." The bomb kits are already in play: they are known as a "Toolbox" utilized in conjunction with a "bombsuit". One can be attained from the armour, second from the tool storage or EVA. As far as sniffers go, no. You are working in a compound which has explosives manufacture and testing as a standard, daily occurance. They would provide an n-count of false positives purely on the count of the scientists roaming about - would be impractical as hell. Facility security relies on the premise that you catch anyone trying to smuggle anything in, but let those already in work with minor restraint.

Also, the SWAT team. No, you have ERT for that. Yes, military bases have MPs trained for tactical response, but this equates to security using the armoury to gear up for a riot, which is already a thing.

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