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[Completed] Holy stick!


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Character name:

Hartam Belorin

Item name:

Faol's resolve

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

As both, a ceremonial item, and a memorial to a deceased spiritual leader of his religion.

Item function(s):

For the use in ceremonies, prayers and exorcisms. Pretty much a more holy looking null-rod

Item description:

A symbol forged of steel, tempered in holy water, it has several gold-colored rings on it. Judging by the numerous dents and scratches on this thing, it has seen a lot of years..

Item appearance:

Basicly this, just without all that glowy stuff



Additional comments:

Basicly, I want this to replace the dark and dull null rod, with something a bit more festive and bright.. More fitting to his religion and stuff

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Enkas is a really cool guy.

He's really involved with his characters and their beliefs, and I can appreciate him for that.

So yeah, he has my +1.

I can always appreciate someone who has such a deep connection/satisfaction with their set job that they ask for items to help them show people how good of a (insert job) they are.

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