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Oh boy, FNAF 4 trailer out.

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Looks like it might be full 3D for this one.

Not sure how I feel about that. The grainyness and jank in the previous games were a big part of the spooky.

I was super impressed by the first Five Nights game. I thought it was an incredibly unique take on the horror genre. It approached tension building from a very different angle then other horror games had traditionally used and while it was a jump-scare engine, the jump scares were masterfully done. The first time you switch to the hall camera and you see Foxy running... beautiful.

Of course, by now it's been copied and copied and copied that it's a known quality. The second and third games were interesting in their own way, I appreciated that he does mix up the formula for each game, they're not just perfect retreads of the previous game, but they are clear derivations of a formula.

That first game thought... so many good ideas.

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