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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Terrorists Executed In Zatushka



Early in the morning today, at 6:34 Galactic Standard Time, seven terrorists affiliated with the Adhomai Liberation Army were executed by firing squad after being declared guilty by military tribunal in a unanimous decision.

The seven individuals, five male two female, were directly linked to both the rebel forces and terrorist cells operating in the Republic. Two individuals, Hamid Fuad and Boutros Bilal, used smuggled mortars to fire shells at the Baltor military base, killing 12 and wounded 8 servicemen. Three other individuals, Halim Sharif, Mumin Hadi, and Shukriya Ihab were connected to the Dolor city bombings that killed 24 and wounded 52. The remaining two individuals are unnamed, but charged with the murder of a police officer and two prison guards in an attempt to break into the prison to aid in an escape attempt.

They were caught and transported to the Zatushka Maxisum Security Prison, where they were held for 6 months while the investigation went to military tribunal.


"[I am] are glad to see justice being served," Colonel Hisham Zaahir told reporters in a statement provided by the military, "these people are terrorists and deserve no sympathy. They're barely even Tajaran."

The execution is noteworthy for being the first use of laser weapons for a state execution. Previously criminals were hanged or put before ballistic rifles.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Draft Introduced In Wake of Tampiska Massacre



President Malik Hadii has announced the introduction of a military draft for all male citizens of the People's Republic of Adhomai, in what has been named the

Decree of Conscription of 2458. The announcement comes in the wake of the Massacre of Tampiska, where rebel forces slaughtered hundreds of surrendering soldiers as troops evacuated the city. With the 3rd Army facing an estimated 89,000 KIA and 41,500 wounded or MIA the loss of Tampiska is already set to be the worst defeat in the western front. The defeat has caused a temporary setback in the western defensive front near Nal'Tor, coming on the heels of Commissar-General Al-bin Fazi's complaints of critical shortages of tajarapower.

The draft will replace the current volunteer-model army. The measure, which passed into law earlier today, will require all Tajara males 18 - 30 to report to their nearest recruiting center to be incorporated into the army of the Republic while heavily encouraging women to volunteer. Each state of the People's Republic has been given specific quotas to reach with the number of drafted and volunteer Tajara to be incorporated into the greater People's Army. The law will remain in affect until "all crisis' against the existence of the Adhomai State are dispelled and with the consent of the office of the President."

Tajara males are eligible to opt out of the draft only under very specific conditions. The draft allows a Tajara to avoid the draft if they pay a fee of 1,500 credits. Members of political office and their immediate families are also exempt from conscription, as are Tajara employees under the employment of Nanotrasen who can provide their recruiter work-related documents to prove their employment.

The move has been unanimously applauded by the Assembly, who praise President Hadii for his foresight and firm commitment to the defense of the People's Republic. The measure is expected to swell the ranks of the People's Army with 2.4 million new fighting men, which will no doubt prove the death-knell of rebels and insurrectionists who are themselves suffering critical shortages of tajarapower and willpower.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hadii Proclaims Defense of Tajara Birth-Names in "Greatest Speech of Our Generation"



President Malik Hadii (Njadrasanukii Mi'jri) has delivered a speech that is being hailed as the "greatest speech of our time" by experts. The 36 minute spoken speech was delivered outside the capital building The Mosvkin and was used to announce his 98th Presidential Decree, which has come into affect immediately.

Part of the 98th Decree is a compulsory order for government employees to abandon the human naming scheme and use their birth-names on all documents and identifications effective immediately. This naming scheme was brought into place shortly after first contact with humanity, due to the difficulties of humans in pronouncing native Tajara names. In addition, all citizens of the People's Republic will be compelled to conform to the decree. For all non-government employees the decree is more lenient and allows transition time.

For the entire month of April Galactic Standard Time all citizens are required to adopt the last name of their full birth-name on all identification and documents, replacing the human-centric last name.

During May all citizens are required to adopt their traditional first names, replacing the human given name entirely.

Citizens that have not conformed to this decree will face prison time or heavy fines for a subversive lack of patriotism.

President Mi'jri's speech was a moving call for Tajaran to support the decree.


"We live in an era where our names are considered inconvenient, our names were replaced because they are difficult for other species' to handle. And we were compelled to abandon part of what makes us Tajara - the very names that our parents place on us. Will we abandon our tradition so much that even our names be cast into the mud? I say, my fellow citizens, that no! I am proud to be Tajara. I am proud to be Njadrasanukii Mi'jri, as my mother and father called me. And you should be proud too, for your name is a representation of who you are and is a statement to the entire galaxy that you are Tajara and you are not ashamed of that.

In these difficult times we have been forced to give up many comforts and traditions. Many of us struggle with the question of where we fit in this great big galaxy, and how much the Tajara people must adapt to truly fit into the galactic scene. I am here to tell you, my citizens, that we should never abandon who we truly are in the name of fitting in. We aren't here to be convenient for the galaxy - we are here to forge our own destiny, and we will use the pride in ourselves and in our heritage to move us forward!"

Many spectators in the crowd were moved to tears following the rest of the speech, and it was met with thunderous applause, while celebrations erupted in most major cities. The People's Parliament has already drafted legislation to award President Mi'jri with the Hero of the Republic medal, the highest distinction available, awarded for heroic feats in service to the state and society. Parliament is also drafting resolution to make April 16th a new holiday to commemorate the decree, to be named "Heritage Day".

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hydrogen Bomb Obliterates Rebel Headquarters



The Ministry of Defense today made an announcement that following authorization of President Mi'jri, Supreme High Command had the Strategic Missile Troop deploy a 4 Mt nuclear weapon against the headquarters of the rebel forces in the Quizosa military base, north of Ron'Tul in the Rhazkjara mountains.

Formerly under control of the People's Army, the Quizosa military base was lost last month following brutal fighting that saw rebel forces overwhelm the brave garrison. Reports at the time confirmed that the rebels executed all prisoners after seizing the base. Declassified but heavily redacted material shows that the Quizosa military base housed many secret weapons and a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, which the Ministry of Defense feared would fall into rebel hands. Fortunately the classified weapons development labs and missile stockpiles were buried deep under the complex and intelligence showed that the rebels had been making slow headway in infiltrating the facility, mostly in part due to a lack of heavy industrial tools to breach the heavy blast doors of the compound.

The decision was made to destroy the base rather than allow the rebels to potentially seize the weapons of mass destruction and use them against the government and civilians.

Minister Mrramak Haltultul gave his statement justifying the escalation.


"The decision was made to deny a vital strategic asset to the enemy,allowing the rebels to gain access to weapons of such destructive power would bring Adhomai unheard of devastation. Supreme High Command gave this assessment to the Ministry and President Mi'jri, who agreed with our assessment."

Reports show that the base has been completely destroyed, and rebel casualties are expected to be between 11,000 - 22,000 in total.

The Ministry of Defense strongly denies rumors that Quizosa was being used as a refugee camp by the rebels.


"Our intelligence proved that the Quizosa was primarily a military target, We found no evidence of significant civilian presence. We took all necessary steps to minimize civilian casualties."


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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Rehabilitation For Subversives "Success"



The Ministry of Health has today declared mission success for the first phase of the new Rehabilitation Program, which seeks to take alternative methods of dealing with subversive cultural elements. Implemented by Health Minister Tajrket Khazdar in Janurary as a joint program between the Interior and Health Ministries, the program has been aimed at rehabilitating Tajara that stray from proper Tajara culture and societal norms while spending time in human space. Minister Khazdar has justified the program's aims, saying:


"With many Tajara leaving Adhomai on work visas or taking advantage of the extremely liberal immigration laws of Tau Ceti the government has valid fears that human culture would erode traditional values of our young men and women. What is normal for a human is not always normal for a Tajara, we need to remember we are different species."

Much state research has been done into the phenomenon of "humanization" of off-world Tajara in a published research paper titled Off-world Tajara In The 25th Century, originally published in 2456 by Dr. Mrrosanu, Chief Psychologist of the Ministry of Health. The research has found that a significant portion of Tajara men working in human space become increasingly feminized, with most of the findings coming from testimony of detained subversives or a through search of their communications history revealing the subversive conduct or psychological state during an unrelated criminal investigation. The report claims that:


"A growing population of Tajara men that work off-world become increasingly feminine or develop subversive urges towards other members of the same sex. This also extends to females, who's growing subversive urges can cause the same reactions or otherwise cause them to develop a declining inhibition and growth of improper conduct unfit for a lady." (Mrrosanu)

The research paper also reaffirms the prevailing theory of Tajara Psychology that healthy psychological growth can be accomplished with manual labor or physical activities.

Several dozen Tajara subversives suffering humanization are arrested every month by authorities of the Ministry of the Interior. Attraction to the same sex is classified as a "subversive psychological state" by the Ministry of Health, with these subversives frequently assigned to therapy that consists of conducting manual labor. Khazdar has lauded the initial results of the program, which have been released in the same press release today.


"This one has seen 94% of afflicted lose the subversive attribute with just two months of therapy working in the mines, laying new railroads, or engaging in other physically demanding activities that allow them to regain their masculinity."

Several Tajara undergoing therapy for subversive psychological states are often barred from having visitors, and the camps are kept secluded for the safety and privacy of the patients.


"The benefits are two-fold," Khazdar said in further support of the program, "the state gains a pool of capable labor to preform necessary tasks for the benefit of the state while we are also providing these poor people with the psychological care they so desperately need."

The second phase of the rehabilitation program is to allow limited reengagement with human society. Tajara undergoing treatment for their subversive psychology will be granted allowances on a case-by-case basis to work their quota of labor in human space as cargo technicians or shaft miners. As a condition of their treatment their conduct and communications will be monitored by their state-assigned psychologist who will monitor their therapy progress, and who can recall them immediately back to Adhomai if it's clear that rehabilitation in human space is not proving effective.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Tajara Battlefield Engineering Exhibit in Nal’tor National Museum



Today construction has finished in the Nal’tor National Museum, and it’s been announced to the public that it will be an exhibit to Tajaran ingenuity on the proving grounds of war. On display will be weapons imagined by Tajara minds, built by Tajara hands, and used by Tajara hands during the Revolution.

Examples of such is the Tajara made “Laser Crank Rifle.” The rifles is known for it’s versatility on the battlefield, good for either less powerful, but more sustained fire, or ‘cranking’ the rifle to use more powerful bursts at the cost of discharging the battery faster. This weapon was made widely available to patriots during the Revolution.


Weapons Display. Revolution Crank Rifles.

Also on display is the Republic’s main service weapon, the Tsarrayut’yan, also known as the Republic Rifle. This automatic rifle was a recent invention, first put into service only a month before the passing of the Tampiska Draft law. The weapon has earned it’s admiration in the circles that use them, glad to use an automatic weapon over semi-automatic.


A Tsarrayut’yan fresh from the factory lines on display.

Credit to Jboy.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Zhan-Khazan "Genetically Predisposed" To Violence, Rebellion



A joint research program between the Ministry of Health and Federal Bureau of Prisons has seen a breakthrough in our understanding of Tajara genetics and physiology. The government study was prompted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons after it collected all inmate data and records from subsidiary prisons in another series of legislation by the Hadii administration to centralize the government. The findings were poured over by officials and has given us a wealth of information on the make-up of Adhomai's prison population:

Zhan-khazan 57.8%

Hharar 38.7%

Njarir’Akhran 2.1%

M’sai 1.4%

Of these, 46.3% of Zhan-khazan were imprisoned for Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping Offenses, Weapons, Explosives, or and/or arson charges or were otherwise imprisoned for National Security reasons. Alarmed by the disproportionate number of Zhan-khazan committing violent offenses the FBoP conducted an internal investigation and contacted the Ministry of Health who then joined the review.

After four weeks of extensive psychological, psychiatric, and genealogy studies the research found that rather than there being a fault within the judiciary it was instead "extremely compelling" that Zhan-khazan are "inherently predisposed to violence and rebellion".

Health Minister Tajrket Khazdar released a statement in conjunction with the report entering Adhomai's public Extranet.


"This review confirms what many sociologists and geneticists have suspected for years. The Zhan-khazan are built different from other ethnicity of Tajara. They are equipped to handle more strenuous physical labor and tasks but at the same time this comes with diminished mental faculties to restrain violent or rebellious urges. This means that the vast majority of Zhan-khazan suffer from anger management issues, which explains the difficulty the Zhan-khazan have had in integrating into modern Tajara society."

He then announced a new endeavor by the Ministry of Health to catalogue and treat Tajara suffering from violent tendencies or anger management issues which involves tracing their ancestry to Zhan-khazan relatives.


"In order to better treat these psychological issues many Tajara face we will be hiring 35 new genealogists to search and catalogue the family trees of Zhan-khazan citizens or can be traced to the Zhan-khazan. Since these psychiatric issues can be traced to ancestry we will also be reviewing and logging the genetic tree of the Zhan-khazan race. Those with Zhan-khazan genes are heavily encouraged to provide their family tree to our Ministry in order to allow us to provide proper psychiatric accommodations for them and their families."


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Guest Marlon Phoenix






The Grand People's Army headquarters has announced a new "winter offensive" by rebel forces on the beseiged city of Ron'tul. Reports are that the city is now suffering from "extensive shelling" by rebel artillery encampments while enemy forces have been reported to have breached the outer defensive line. Fighting has officially broken out in the streets of Ron'tul and sources indicate the rebels have left no evacuation routes available for a civilian evacuation. Rebel forces have also managed to break the Ras'nrr Line and advance past the Al'manqrra Sea towards the defensive Castle Hadii citadel network, which fell into Republic hands following the Revolution. Additionally, a key air field south of Ron'tul has fallen to rebel hands and loyalist sappers were forced to detonate explosives on the tarmac and in key buildings before it fell to deny it to the enemy, The loss of air power has allowed enemy forces to bomb and terrorize our brave soldiers desperately holding Ron'tul, who have no means of retaliating. Military sources have revealed that the Ron'Tul defenders are running low on supplies and ammunition in their desperate attempt to prevent imminent slaughter of the cities inhabitants.

All People's Republic Citizens are reminded of the countless war crimes committed by rebel forces in captured cities.

To strengthen the spirit of the defenders of Ron'tul and across the front lines, to strengthen our patriotic industry, and to combat rapidly spiraling inflation from spending over 834 million credits on the war effort President Hadii has announced an edict extending the standard working day from 10 hours to 13 hours and reducing the minimum wage from 10 credits an hour to 7.

General Rhz'ar of the 4th Army holding the Rasn'rr Line has urged all patriotic citizens to purchase war bonds and volunteer in the factories.


"Our brave men and women in Ron'tul are making immense sacrifice for the safety of our people and nation. We must all come together during these times and make sacrifices for the greater good of our great republic and the very ideals of democracy. We need more brave men in our factories to produce all the tools our soldiers need to win this great patriotic war! If you are a patriot, if you have a conscious, you will buy war bonds."


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The Grand People's Army headquarters has announced today that after considerable losses the beseiged city of Ron'tul was surrendered to the Adhomai Liberation Army three days ago. An extremely significant industrial center, Ron'tul saw the production of almost half of Adhomai's currently deployed laser-based weaponry. Reports are that Ron'tul and its neighboring city of Farro'biyn surrendered to the aggressive advance of the new "Winter Offensive" which has broken the Ras'nrr Line and led the rebel advance past the Al'manqrra Sea towards the defensive Castle Hadii citadel network, which now braces for a full scale assault on multiple fronts.

Refusing to allow the weapons manufacturing facilities of Ron'tul and the many media outlets of Farro'biyn to fall into enemy hands, Lieutenant-Captain Grankryl'as Fa'mahrrad of the Ron'tul defense force - who has been pronounced killed in action - personally authorized a strategic fire bombing of all elements in the Ron'tul-Farro'biyn region to prevent any rebel gains.

The sacrifices of the brave men and women of the People's Republic in the targeted regions were followed by a complete tactical withdrawal of all rebel forces in the area.

All People's Republic Citizens are reminded once again of the countless war crimes committed by rebel forces in captured cities.


Attempts to regain control of Ron'tul have proved fruitful, and reinforcements have met little to no resistance since they began to reoccupy the area as of last night. No survivors have been located as of yet.

General Rhz'ar of the 4th Army holding the Rasn'rr Line continues to urge all patriotic citizens to purchase war bonds and volunteer in the factories, but has refused to comment on the actions taken to prevent Ron'tul's capture.

Image source.

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Imperialist Rebels Circumvent Lawful Media Regulations: Subscription is Treason



In an event which has shocked the Ministry of External Affairs, one of the illegitimate rebel factions on our planet was able to secure a method of broadcasting ludicrous propaganda to Tajara abroad. The Minister of External Affairs, Minister Akmed Hrrajalturr, was quick to deliver a statement on the matter when reached for comment.


"It is a well known fact that the People's Republic of Adhomai is the only diplomatically recognized state on Adhomai, and the only legitimate state. The Ministry of External Affairs is shocked and betrayed that a foreign power would deliberately and maliciously destabilize the Tajaran condition by giving credence and a platform to babble from to a force which has centuries of history in the enslavement and exploitation of the Tajaran people. The People's Republic of Adhomai has not ruled out military action as a possible response, and will be actively pursuing identification, censure and diplomatic action against those who have shamelessly contributed to the plight of the Tajaran race for monetary gain."

This most recent breach of People's Republic media and communication laws comes in the proceeding months from the breach of the firewall by the Adhomai Liberation Army and has sparked a controversy about the effectiveness of the People's Strategic Intelligence Service's ability to maintain cyber security. The chronicle recently interviewed a concerned citizen who had this to say:


"She is just worried that the state of their cyber security isn't good enough. She worries about the harmful and nasty ideas and thoughts which her children might come into contact with on the extranet which might pollute their minds. It's toxic, insidious, and hateful. She worries that her aunt who went to work in Biesel will be attacked by thugs who consume this bigoted and anti-working class media. The People's Republic needs stricter censorship to maintain healthy ideinost in their society."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs was quick to place a ban on possession, subscription, or consumption of rogue media. The Adhomai Chornicle would like to remind all Tajara at home and abroad on work visas that subscription to these services is treason and punishable accordingly, while possession is contraband.

Formal Notice from the Editor: The author of this article has been taken into custody for potential ties to Skrellian political influences, evidenced by the formatting of their article. While the Chronicle and the People's Republic respect their peers in the diplomatic community, this is a reminder that the ideologies of the People's Republic is the only proper one for Tajara. Any printed copies of the unaltered version should be turned into authorities for its implicit alien influences.

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Battle of the North Begins! New Kingdom of Adhomai to Fall Within the Week!




Remains of a Imperial Adhomian Army tank on the outskirts of Dymtris.

Sounds of artillery rocked the Dymtris Front as the Grand People's Army began their massive offensive which is to be the killing blow against the New Kingdom of Adhomai. The Battle started 24 hours ago after nearly a week of preparation and so far all commanders have been reporting gains as high as 50% greater than their original goals. Many opposing forces reportedly fled deeper into the territory of the NKA.

"Adhomai is one step closer to being reunited under the rightful rule of Comrade Hadii!" a soldier on the front line responded when interviewed by Adhomai Chronicle staff. Morale among the Republican Army is soaring in light of this blitz.

Vasiliy Rrhazmurgan, an officer in the 9th Motor Rifles Army is the highest ranked casualty in the battle so far. A colonel who preferred to lead from the front, he was slain on the offensive towards Barj'ar. His unit whom he heroically commanded was able to carry on past his death to capture a heavily fortified chateau.

Everywhere the Imperial Army is being driven back by the unstoppable might of our armies, the unwavering courage of our men, the unending wit of our generals. Reports are flooding in that the enemy may be pushed off the Ras'nrr continent, forever removing their foothold from the west. Specialists in our offices claim that, for the Imperial Army's Rasn'rr Expeditionary Force, this could mean total destruction.

Under the weight of our righteous armies, none can stand. A tale from the front which has inspired confidence in all People's Republic citizens is the tale of the 12th Mechanized Rifles Company of the 18th Combined Arms Army. After liberating the outskirts of Dymtris from imperial tyranny, the 12th Mechanized Rifles Company went on to attack imperialist artillery positions 9 kilometers past their target in the village of Hal'murj.

Skeptics about the viability of this assault being a complete success for the Republic have all been silenced. Yasmin Piaf is expected to give a benefit fundraiser concert for the wounded veterans of the ongoing battle, in a show which might be considered the largest concert in Adhomai's history. Glory to Comrade Hadii, and Glory to the PRA.

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Week of Terror Across Adhomai: ALA Terrorists Rise Up!



For one long week, the staff of the Adhomai Chronicle was held under threat of death by ALA gunmen who stormed our headquarters here in Nal'Tor. Our television broadcasting services for the duration of the week was used as a center for terrorist propaganda to coordinate ruthless and bloodthirsty elements across the planet to carry out gross war crimes and widespread murder. Several brave and noble journalists here were slain for noncompliance, and others were able to escape, however most were locked into closets and kept as hostages. The situation came to a head after members of the 2nd Republican Guard's Division was deployed to storm the building and close the lying mouths of the terrorists merely hours ago.

The plight of the Adhomai Chronicle's staff, however, is secondary to events across all of Adhomai. In one large coordinated assault beginning at 22:00 hours on the 17th of November, ALA terror cells all across the ALA have risen up and begun a rape and plunder of the noble Tajaran people which is hitherto unprecedented in our history. The traitorous Adhomai Liberation Army has made gains on every front as riots and sabotage of our Republican infrastructure had crippled our army. After this dark week in which villages were burned, families were slaughtered, and mosques pillaged, the Republican Army was able to pull back and garrison our cities putting down the chaotic revolts. It is these heroes who save the PRA and maintain the peace and stability of our great nation.

The Ha'rrons who seek to overthrow our proper and popular government of the people will be made to pay. No amount of Nav'twir pelts, nor Sol Alliance Credits will suffice. The life of every one of our loyal and noble citizens is worth more than every single traitor and rebel, and every last rebel will be put to the sword. Let this serve as a sobering reminder that we cannot harbor any sympathy for these violent- and frankly evil- savage killers. We cannot abide them or their dark intentions in any form.

The Adhomai Chronicle Staff would like to wish its following deceased, and requests everyone pray for them to enter Messa's Forever:

  • A. Talkanarr - Executive
  • v. Illyanovich - Executive
  • R. Ahnnedinijad - Executive
  • G. Rrhakaslav - Television Anchor
  • O. Has'mavir - Meteorologist
  • L. Bronstein - Journalist
  • V. Ulyanov - Journalist
  • I. Dzhugashvili - Journalist
  • H. Apfelbaum - Journalist
  • A. Bubnov - Journalist
  • L. Rozenfeld - Journalist
  • G. Brilliant - Journalist
  • J. Mrrazhughran - Secretary
  • E. Amir - Secretary
  • T. Al-Afdal - Janitor

May they rest in peace.

All citizens please remain indoors after dark as fighting still remains in the streets. Persons found outside at night will be assumed part of the rebels and shot.

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Minister of Defense Voices Concerns Over Upcoming V-Day Celebration



Fighting across the People's Republic of Adhomai has died down since the week of terror near the end of November as the Grand People's Army has finally blunted the treacherous Adhomai "Liberation" Army's winter offensive. Fighting in the streets of most cities has died down as our brave troops consolidate their defenses and rout the ALA at every turn.

Despite the victories of the past 52 days, the fight is far from over. On many fronts, especially Chaniska Island and the Harr'masir continent, the murderous rebels have acquired large sections of land, taking advantage of the Republican Army's offensive against the repugnant and backwards New Kingdom of Adhomai. Following the disgraceful resignation of our previous Minister of Defense for his failings in strategy, the Minister Akilah al-Durqua was appointed to the position by President Hadii in order to spearhead her new strategy, which so far has halted the rebel advance.

In a recent interview with Adhomai Chronicle editor Yamsir Jrruzhani, the Minister voiced concerns over the prospect of bringing troops back to Nal'Tor for the upcoming Victory Day Parade in March, a famous affair celebrating the People's Republic's victory against the old Adhomai Empire which is expected to have another concert by starlet Yasmin Piaf. When asked about the possible alternatives, Minister al-Durqua proposed bringing up retired veterans and members of youth programs to march in their stead, emphasizing the agelessness of our ongoing struggle.

The Adhomai Chronicle staff would also like to be the first to notify all citizens of the People's Republic that in light of recent military successes, curfew has been moved back an hour.

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NKA Shows True Colors: Absolute Monarchy!



Following the bombing of the imperialist conspirators in Kaltir, the treacherous Vahzirthaamro Azunja assumed dictatorial power in his rebellious kingdom which seeks to re-enslave all Tajara. After this trouble proclamations, their armies began marching southward on the Olska front. Eight motor rifle divisions which were fighting in the south have been recalled northward to handle the imperialist threat. Early reports indicate that the fighting is in the favor of our Republican Army due to numerical and technological advantage.

Early today, elements of the 93rd Motor Rifle Divisions and 8th Armored Division began pushing at the rear of the west coast salient where enemy marine units have over-extended. Our military analyst from Human space, Gary Hartmann, says, "Cutting off and eliminating the Imperials' elite forces will deal a strong blow against their offensive capabilities far into the future. Republican Guard units were likely deployed ahead of time to cut off supply lines and lines of communication."

Even as our armies move to push back the slavers, in the west on Das'nrra abd Rasn'rr, a counter-offensive to the ALA's savage winter attacks is already underway. Insurgency suppression operations are already in full force in the mountainous Rhazar front where their infectious ideology corrupted many Zhan peasants. In the North, an armored assault has launched based from Castle Hadii.

In light of all this recent news, the Adhomai Chronicle would like to remind everyone to buy war bonds and to register for service.

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Victory Day Parade Begins After Delays






Victory Day celebrations began today after four days of delays as reserve units were brought back from the Nraz'i Front. The procession was lead by the Young Patriotic Girl's Commune Nal'Tor Chapter began at the Steeple and proceeded past the People's Congress before ending at the Great War Memorial. They were followed by the Hadii Youth Chapters 1, 29, 84, 102, 170, 268, and 431. After all of the youth organizations, the First and Third Rifle Divisions made a triumphant return as well as the Eightieth Armored Division. Afterwards, the Twenty-Third Motor Rifle Division and the Seventh Mechanized Infantry Division which were pulled from the Nraz'i Front reserves made their debut in the People's Square.

After the parade was finished and a number of patriotic pieces were played by the Presidential Band, however Yasmin Piaf was not in attendance this year. Following the Presidential Band performance, the crowd roared and cheered for nearly thirty minutes before President Hadii appeared on the balcony of the Steeple and asked them to be quiet before giving his speech.


"Fellow Tajaran," he began using his famous words from last year's speech, "Though it has been a whole year since we have driven the enemy away from Nal'tor, though air raids on our capital are a relic of the past, the war continues in full. Though our neighborhoods are safe, many around the People's Republic are still attacked, destroyed, and burnt to the ground by the savage traitors of Nated and the extremist regressive rebels of Kaltir. Make no mistake, they will continue until either we are all put under the brutal dictatorship of Nated, or enslaved by the bloodthirsty Azunja.

But although they fight, we fight harder. The People's Republic of Adhomai is not only strong but also the sole and legitimate government of not only all of Adhomai but of all Tajara. You saw here today that the youth organizations who will one day inherit our Republic and take it proudly into the future. They were here in place of the strong young men and women of today who are on the frontlines right now securing that future for the young to inherit. Never give up, never surrender. Just as my brother Rhagrrhuzau was iron-willed in his resolve to make a better Adhomai, so too must we strive unending."

The speech was followed by another thunderous applause with many cheers as President Hadii walked to the diplomatic section of the balcony to shake hands with representatives from the Republic of Biesel, The Nralakk Federation, and the Hegemony. A representative from NanoTrasen was also there whom the President also shook hands with, afterwards finally reaching the Sol Alliance ambassador for the last handshake.

Following the parade and celebrations, the Ministry of Defense announced that the New Kingdom of Adhomai offensive on the Harr'masir continent was halted by Republican Army units based out of Olska who reinforced the driven back Dymtris units.

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Video of Dancing PRA Officer Goes Viral



A human soldier re-enacting the ending of the titular dance, one of many spin-offs following its popularity.

Five days ago on "SpaceTube", a popular video streaming website on the galactic internet, Lieutenant Nrrazhul Mrravorich's now famous dance video was posted from the front line outside of Orul. Since then the video has accumulated over a billion views and has spawned many popular spinoffs. The dance is comprised of Lt. Mrravorich performing a traditional Tajaran Mlazkov dance before pirouetting and grabbing at himself while reaching into the air.

The "Tajara Dance" has become a sensation in human space with personalities such as famous urban musician "Two Ceti" featuring his own rendition of the dance in a music video released yesterday. Social media websites have likewise taken to it. Minister of External Affairs, Akmed Hrrajalturr, has since come out in support of the dance's popularity. His recent press release states, "Since 'The Tajara Dance' has gained widespread popularity, maybe now humans will see that the People's Republic is not the cold and grim place that foreign media paints it out to be. Tajara can laugh and have fun too." Recent polls have shown that approval of President Hadii by humans in Sol has raised to nearly 62%. President Hadii's approval rating at home has raised from 86% to 93%.

The dance is not without controversy however, as many have been quick to point out the problematic nature of the grabbing portion at the end- the very part which seems to entertain foreigners the most. One concerned citizen, Grreta Vlrarorr, voiced her concerns to the Chronicle. "She just doesn't think this is the type of thing their children should be seeing when they browse the internet," she said. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs should do better to control the content her children may see, or else they could become humanized, or worse, a homosexual." The Minister of Interior Affairs with President Hadii's blessing has extended the reach of Adhomai's firewall, however the "Tajara Dance" itself has been left available for users in Tajaran space to view.

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Pressure Mounts During Inflation Investigation



Officials from the Sol Alliance have arrived in Nal'Tor in order to audit the Nal'Tor mint following allegations of currency manipulation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The claims came to light following an incendiary publication by the Sol Alliance News Network, which published the story following a biased report by Sol Goliath Intragalactic Banking. The article included racist comments from the chairman of Sol Goliath which painted Tajara as thieves and claimed the Tajara should not have the leasing rights to print Sol Alliance Credits. Officials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs were quick to notice business ties between Sol Goliath and Hephaestus Industries. It is now believed that these fraudulent allegations were made in order to advance Hephaestus Industries' market share against NanoTrasen, the largest foreign investor in Adhomai's economy.

Rhazjugaliy Hyzarrgo, prominent Ministry of Economic Affairs economist, offered her views to the Chronicle during an interview.


"The decision of Sol Goliath Intragalactic Banking to increase its position by directly targeting the developing economy of the People's Republic is clear in both motivation and effect. While the old nobility clearly abused their lease to the Nal'Tor mint for the six years prior to the formation of the People's Republic, the government struggles as is and would not be willing to perform such a reckless act to endanger its position. When investigations like this happen, it directly curtails investment into our economy. While it might increase their profits, its clear who the victims here are- the Tajaran people."

Other pundits have been quick to speculate that rebel counterfeit operations could exist which might contribute to the dubious claim of inflation in the Adhomai economy. The People's Strategic Intelligence Service has announced following the investigation that it is seeking to find and eliminate a possible counterfeit ring which they believe to be in operation.

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Underground Counterfeit Ring Discovered



The People's Strategic Intelligence Service has informed the Adhomai Chronicle staff today that a rogue counterfeit operation for Sol Alliance Credits run by Adhomai Liberation Army Rebels has been discovered in Nal'Tor.

Amidst allegations of inflating the presence of Sol Alliance Credits in the developing economy of the People's Republic some months ago, the PSIS began its intensive investigation in major cities through the People's Republic. They gained a big lead last month when an informant notified them about the delivery of black briefcases to known business fronts of rebel operations within the city. After making undercover purchases, agents discovered the banknotes they received as change were counterfeit. The agents then staked out the locations until they found the couriers bringing the briefcases of illegitimate credits, and followed them back to the industrial district of the city. In the basement of a leather works factory, the insidious printing operation was uncovered, which was shut down in a law enforcement raid this morning. The ring leaders, however, managed to escape.

President Hadii released a statement congratulating the agents of the PSIS for their efforts, personally awarding the agent in charge of the investigation with the Award for Tajaran Excellence- the highest civilian honor in the People's Republic.

The closing of this large operation is a great service to our young Republic, which requires a stable currency such as the Sol Alliance Credit for international trade. Despite the speed and vigor of the government's initiative to curb the inflation of credits on the planet, the Sol Alliance Central Bank has declined to close their investigation into allegations of wrongdoing in the Nal'Tor Mint.

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Hro'zamal Colony Founded



An outpost of the Grand People's Navy has recently been upgraded to colony status by the Ministry of Colonial Affairs today following an application by the 15,000 non-military inhabitants.

Formerly known as Nrrahrahul One system, or Outpost One, the new colony has long been the only out of system outpost held by the People's Republic. The outpost was originally constructed in 2445 for anti-piracy operations. Under the new colony status, it has been renamed Hro'zamal under Ministry of Colonial Affairs appointed Governor Arrleef Pondiskarr. The position of the system has proven helpful for its location between the frontier and the S'rand'marr system.

The colony itself is on a planet which is barely habitable to Tajara for its exceptional heat. Lush jungles cover most of the planet, and hostile xenofauna create a hostile environment. Only small settlements exist planet side around the poles, and most colonials live aboard the naval station in orbit. The planet is simply named "Hro'zamal Two" for its placement away from the system's star. Applications for state funded settlement on the new colony are already open. Currently Governor Pondiskarr plans on building a capital city, Muldhir, within the next two years planetside using state of the art HVAC technology with housing.

Despite being the first interstellar colony of the Tajara, Hro'zamal Two is far inferior to Adhomai in terms of natural resources with few helpful metals surveyed in its crust. The inhospitable environment is also a challenge going forward, as officials are highly concerned about heat related deaths to Tajara who emigrate there. Despite these factors, the planet has become a topic of exceptional interest by xenobiologists who have been exploring the jungles on expeditions to learn about the local plant and wildlife.

In her press release announcing that colonization applications were now open, Governor Pondiskarr stated, "She sees no gods up here."

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