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Hadii Approves Great Tajara Rights Advance


Today the People's Congress congregated in the Steeple to vote on emergency legislation pertaining to Tajara rights issues raised by the international community. The "Tajara Rights Act of 2459" passed with a mere 52% of the vote following three hours of heated debate in the People's Congress. Representatives from both NanoTrasen and the Sol Alliance were present and voiced strong support for the act. Among the items proposed in the bill are improved conditions in work camps, better medical relief efforts for refugees from areas of conflict, and a reduction of homosexuality to a misdemeanor. The bill was rushed to President Hadii's office after passing in the People's Congress and signed into law effective immediately.

The Tajara Rights Act of 2459 is noteworthy for being the only legislation in the history of the People's Republic to not have passed with at least 80% of the vote, however this ultimately turned out to be due to insidious corruption which had seeped into the People's Congress. In the hours following the vote, agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took many of the congressmen into custody following the discovery of scandals connecting many of them to radical elements with rebel ties. While many of them were taken into custody, at least seven of them have escaped with the help of rebels, leaving behind manifestos condemning our enlightened government.

After the situation was settled, the Sol Alliance confirmed their investigation into inflation from the Nal'Tor Mint has been closed, following conclusive evidence of rebel counterfeiting operations among the files found in the various congressmens' offices during the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrests.

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Adhomai Social Media Officially Censors 'Violent' Ma'ta'ke Ideology For Disrupting Social Harmony


The Ministry of Civil Affairs has today recieved approval from President Hadii to officially use their powers to combat social disorder and disunity within Tajara society on social media. The Ministry has completed a year-long examination of users of extranet sites such as HisFriends, ChatterBox, and FamilyChat. Officials within the ministry found a disturbing trend among a particular sect of social media users. The investigation eventually uncovered an alarming and deeply disturbing trend of worshipers of Ma'ta'ke to encourage, promote, or wish violence on fellow Tajara, sometimes in graphic detail.

Sub-Committee Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu, provided a statement of the Department's findings.

"We provided multiple transcripts to law enforcement agencies, psychologists, and political leaders within the Party. All involved parties expressed grave concern about the level of religiously-motivated calls to violence from this demographic. Followers of Ma'ta'ke were found to be inciting hate speech and because of this the Party has agreed to censor all related material. Ma'ta'ke worship does not express proper Tajara values."

The Ministry has released some examples of social media posts on HisFriends that lead to the original investigation. Many of them are too graphic and visceral to be allowed in print.

3.1.2458 - [REDACTED]

He knows that when Ma'ta'ke descends from the heavens he will destroy the TRUE enemies of the republic. you better pray to him or you will be one of those put to the sword!!!

1.12.2459 - [REDACTED]

So called "friends" of his have been lying for years. he goes out with them but theyre smiles are al fake. he knows ma'ta'ke will striked own trhe sinners and leave only the pure behind like this one. it will be a good age where he does not feel the need to spit on fake friends.

6.20.2459 - [REDACTED]


9.4.2459 - [REDACTED]

Matake kill litterers, people who cut him off in traffic, and the zhan. There, he said it.

1.11.2460 - [REDACTED]

There will come the day ma'ta'ke turns back towards Adhomai and unsheathes his blade and he will use it to smite all the enemies of the faith. the suns themselvse will split open and burn all but the TRUE holders of virtue. even the xenos wil not be spared because his sword is long enough to slice the entire universe in half. remember that next time you want to interrupt a preacher with loud and rude laughing.

3.1.2460 - [REDACTED]

hadii better watch it or ma'ta'ke will get him.

These excerpts are only six out of the thousands of flagged posts on social media from a variety of individuals. Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu explained the new rules for social media.

"All posts regarding Ma'ta'ke are going to be automatically deleted when found. Users on any of these social media websites will be banned if they try to circumvent the censorship or otherwise disrupt social harmony, and those who invoke Ma'ta'ke in general will be flagged. Law enforcement has been notified of posts of concern and the users will be treated as inciters of violence."

The three permitted social media companies on Adhomai have agreed to hand over all personal information on flagged users.

"We will make sure proper values are enforced." Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu concluded in his statement.

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Father Walid Al’qat announces the 45th holy council of Sana Sahira


After yesterday's morning service, Father Walid Al'qat, the leader of the parivara, has made an announcement from his seat in the city of the Suns. The 45th Holy Council of Sana Sahira has been scheduled on the 14th day of this month. This is the first religious council to happen since the ending of the great revolution. The church of S'rand'marr has stated that they plan to discuss the theological role of Raskara, the further canonization of more holy scrolls and the standardization of Virr Henhati's prayers.

President Hadii has agreed with the plan which allows priests from all across Adhomai to safely enter Republican territory. Priests may only enter Republican territory in order to attend the assembly. The ceasefire will create a minimum of 24 hours of ceasefire between the armies out of respect for the church and the noble traditions of the Tajaran people.

The government of the New Kingdom of Adhomai has accepted the cease-fire, allowing the free and safe pass of clerymen to the Republic’s territory through the Vlrralkhzazhul line. The representatives of the territories occupied by the rebels forces are still to answer Hadii’s most generous proposal.

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Republican Guard Deployed to Das'nrra


Republican High Command has determined the battle for Das'nrra is to end with full evacuation of the Grand People's Army. The decision was made following a month of fighting along the coastlines after a rebel armored assault placed our forces on the defensive. Optimistic estimates put the duration of the evacuation to over a week in time. The primary issue facing the evacuation is the lack of transport ships which can retrieve the over 60 divisions still engaged with rebels, caused by an unfortunate naval defeat by monarchists.

In order to buy time for the Das'nrra Military District, over 90% of all active duty Republican Guards have been recalled from counter-terror operations and deployed to the continent. The operation took over a week of mustering north of Nal'Tor before the Guards were deployed by low flying helicopters, HALO jumps, and amphibious assault vehicles. The People's Air Force sortied in record numbers to battle for air superiority while the operation was underway, making many brave sacrifices of aircraft and tajarapower. Their efforts maintained a 48 hour window which saw both the successful deployment of the Guard as well as the evacuation of the wounded soldiers and civilian political refugees who feared violent reprisal for their collaboration. Comrade Zima Ta-Alami, the woman at the head of the Republican Guard, pledged that, "The Guard will fight to the very last tajara to save our soldiers. If her men run out of bullets, they will affix bayonets. If they are disarmed, they will bite and claw until every rebel is dead."

The Steeple has passed the simply named, "Naval Ship Repossession Act," which grants the Grand People's Navy the authority to requisition, by force if necessary, all ships and sea-based vehicles which can carry at least 30 standing tajara. Anyone whose ship is repossessed is compensated a credit for each Tajara their vessel can hold, while anyone who volunteers their vessel is compensated with two credits per Tajara and the newly made "Comrade of the Navy" medal, commemorating their valuable service to the Republic. Additionally, the Steeple has circulated a memo asking all public offices to loosen restrictions on public and workplace prayer, giving all citizens the freedom to pray for the safety and the lives of the troops in danger on Das'nrra. When asked by Adhomai Chronicle staff, local Nal'Tor priest, Ruj Mak'Taha, suggested this simple prayer which he wrote for our soldiers.


S'rrendar's power

and Messa's grace

Give them power

to escape their place.

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Cataclysmic Natural Disaster Devastates Region of Ras'nrr: Entire Air Brigade And Airbase Destroyed By Messa's Fury


A terrifying cataclysm has struck the peninsula north-east of Tampiska and west of Nal’tor, rendering September 9th a day that the inhabitants of this region won’t ever forget. There is still catastrophic damage to infrastructure, power and water lines, and a major military base. Thousands of Tajara have died and thousands more have been left homeless as entire communities have been flattened in a freak weather event.

Meteorologists were entirely unable to explain what caused the natural disaster to manifest where it did, and as intensely as it did. For several hours the event baffled scientists within the Ministry of Climatology and prompted them to reach out to Alliance scientists for help. We now understand that the Ras’nrr continent has faced its largest tornado in history. In the Alliance model it is a Category 8: their highest ranking tornado in terms of size and the level of damage. Winds are believed to have reached 322mph and the tornado itself had a total radius of 3 miles. Human and Tajara meteorologists are still unable to explain how or why the described tornado was able to manifest where it did and with the intensity that it did, but the damage caused is catastrophic.

The damage caused by the event is still being fully evaluated but our journalists have several testimonies from those that were in the region during this unprecedented natural disaster.

The 58th Airborne Brigade was a convoy of attack and transport helicopters that suffered this freak disaster manifesting during the middle of a planned rendezvous that would bring them to reinforce our comrades fighting in the daring offensive against the Adhomai Liberation Army. Pilot Muhra’hurl Za’sayl is one of 50 surviving airmen from the brigade. His helicopter was at the rear of the brigade and crashed following severe turbulence during the touchdown of the storm. His attack helicopter struck a tree and he was lodged between his seat and two tree branches before being rescued 8 hours later by rescue workers.


“We were flying through calm, cloudy weather when his comrade Major-General said we were getting bad turbulence and we were re-routing to avoid a storm. The weather all around us took a sudden turn for the worse with no warning. In just a few minutes we were in the middle of it all. The turbulence was unbelievable and there was constant shuddering. I had basically no control of the helicopter and was at the mercy of the winds. We were thrown left and right and even dropping hundreds of feet in altitude only to be hurled back into the air. The clouds around us were thick like ash and his co-pilot was blubbering because she was so terrified. In the end we were thrown against the ground and I was unconscious. When he woke up he saw his co-pilot was dead and the land all around him was barren and stripped of snow and soil and left this nasty scar on the surface.”


The entire brigade is believed to have perished from extreme turbulence and some aircraft even being sucked into the tornado. Rescue servicemen continue to search valiantly amidst the rubble for more survivors.

The village of Zolkva outside the airfield also suffered a direct hit from the disaster. Comrade Mayor Trei’jurhl of Zolvka and his family thankfully survived the tornado after their home in the village was destroyed. Comrade Trei’jurhl describes his experience living through the devastating tornado.


“Without warning it began to rain in a nasty torrent and even hailed a bit. This lasted for several minutes before it suddenly stopped. There was no more rain, no hail. There was such a silence hanging over everything except for the rumbling of thunder. Then in the distance this one say a silent shape like an upside down pyramid reach down from the dark clouds. It looked like it was moving so slow, but it was getting closer and closer. We all watched it for awhile but soon we could see power lines snapping in the distance where it was, and this one ran home. This one hid in his basement with his family and we could hear nothing but a never ending roar. When it was all over we emerged from our basement and everything was destroyed.”


A soldier from the airfield was found alive and we received another testimony from her as she is recovering in a field hospital to the east of Dolor from a broken arm and several lacerations. She was able to survive within in the airfields bomb shelter. The tornado tore the reinforced steel blast door from the shelter and several other comrades within were sucked out. It’s not clear how she avoided their fate, but she insists it is the mercy of S’rendarr.


“Entire buildings were torn up from the ground and disintegrated in the air. She saw a group of soldiers dive under a tank seeking shelter but the vortex picked them all up, including the tank, and he did not see any of them again. When the door was torn off our shelter she saw outside someone clinging to a tree right next to where the tank had been before, and he was fine. She doesn’t understand how it chose who was spared and who died, but she is thankful that messa did not deem her worthy to join the Suns yet today.”


Comrade Chief Meteorologist of the Ministry of Climatology has released a statement insisting that the full resources of the department were being devoted to investigating this freak weather event. Many questions baffle even the Alliance scientists that have offered to help our efforts.

One of these scientists, Marcus Orwell, expressed his concerns.


”Tornadoes are caused by the collision of a hot and cold front and their interactions start swirling the air. Tornados are such serious events that the whole storm stops around it. The vortex starts to form in the clouds and it also starts to form on the ground, so the violent vortex forming on the ground is invisible even as it moves and causes destruction until it tears up enough soil and debris to be visible. From what our models show the majority of Adhomai does not have the proper interactions between weather fronts to spawn tornados. There’s no current climate model to explain what happened. This sort of extreme weather event usually only happens when there is a serious malfunction in terraforming efforts. We are continuing to work on an explanation.”


The work of the comrade scientists is matched by the work of rescue workers and volunteers. Despite the incredible devastation that has sent the entire region around the great city of Dolor reeling, Party officials are fully confident that we are able and willing to rebound from this disaster. A representative of President Hadii himself is scheduling a visit to the region to provide their assistance and warm words to the survivors of this tragedy.

“It is times like these that the turbulence of our world manifests in even the skies above us, and it is through family and comradery that we will weather the storms thrown at us.” Hadii said.

The loss of an entire helicopter brigade is no doubt going to strain our comrades fighting valiantly to defend the continent from the enemy forces, but many commanders have expressed full confidence that they have the ALA on the ropes and will soon engage in a successful counter-attack.

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Das'nrra Military District Saved from Rebel Hordes!



A map of the positions held before the battle started.


One hour ago, the last of the ships acquired by the Naval Ship Repossession Act, a small fishing vessel, unloaded the last of the Das'nrra Military District to a massive cheering crowd at a harbor town north of Nal'Tor. The 19 Tajara who disembarked were greeted by Njarir-Ahkran maidens who rushed the soldiers and embraced them with hugs and kisses. Once the humble heroes were able to disentangle themselves from the overwhelming adoration, they were quickly escorted to the town hall where, among party officials and journalists, they met President Njadrasanukii Hadii. After each shaking hands, they all shared a bottle of Victory Gin and talked about various subjects such as life in the People's Republic, the effectiveness of the Tsarrayut’yan rifle, and the heroic sacrifice of the Republican Guard. The meeting is still on-going, with a medal ceremony expected to follow on the third story balcony where the crowd which has gathered in the square can watch.

The 19 Tajara who celebrate with Hadii today are the survivors of the Twenty-Third Motor Rifle Division, First Brigade, Fifth Battalion, C Company. Formerly a reserve division of the Nraz'i Front which had taken part in the 2459 Victory Day Parade, they were deployed to Das'nrra in preparation for the offensive which had hoped to take Shastar City. As evacuations took place over the previous weeks the C company unanimously petitioned their commissar to be the last for evacuation. Their heroic decision was granted and other companies within their battalion were evacuated first while they stayed behind to buy them precious time. As rebel forces eliminated pockets of Republican Guard resistance along the coastlines, watching futilely as ship after ship of army units sailed to safety, the offensive against C Company and other units which yet to evacuate intensified. As time passed the occasional wave of infantry attacks turned to motorized assaults with artillery support, and eventually a tank platoon with mechanized infantry support. Only by the suicidal attacks of the Republican Guard, such as running close enough to throw satchel charges and C4 onto rebel tanks, or even using their airborne walking tanks as decoys, were the assaults repelled and the last company of the Grand People's Army able to evacuate.

While the situation seems bleak as the ALA have seized the entire Das'nrra continent for themselves and much of the Republican Guard has been killed in action, military correspondent, Eyemre Naah'gy, suggests it is not as bad as it seems. When weighing in on the current state of affairs, Naah'gy compared the Das'nrra continent to a cage full of Ha'rron. He highlighted the inferiority of the rebel navy and the dominance of the republic's air superiority. Additionally, while several armies were lost by Hro'rammhad's encirclement, much of the army on the continent were able to successfully evacuate with far less casualties than expected. With the evacuated soldiers now integrated into the Rasn'rr Military District, the Grand People's Army can now focus on building well defended fortresses along the coasts facing Das'nrra and sending the excess tajarapower to other fronts. "The redistribution of soldiers does carry with it some great challenges," suggested Naah'gy. "Much of the heavy equipment and artillery these units equipped themselves with had to be left behind, and so rearmament will be a key focus for High Command."

Adhomai Chronicle Staff would like to remind everyone to buy war bonds in this crucial time. Only with the help of the people can the army hope to defend our republic from tyranny and oppression. Your war bond purchases will help rearm our saved units and to save the legacy of Rhagrrhuzau Hadii.

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Monarchist Homeland Shelled By Brave 7th Fleet: "We haven't been beat yet!" Declares People's Navy



A map of the operation.


A daring, large scale naval operation in the Ras’val Sea has ended inconclusively after causing considerable damage to monarchist rebels. Comrade Secretary of the Navy Hura’zhi Mira’zku has described the operation in a press release to this channel.

Describing the operation as a “Razka Feint”, the 4th Fleet debarked from the Baltor naval base and sped up the coast towards rebel-held territory in the north. Just as planned rebel reconnaissance planes spotted the fleet and traitorous elements in stolen military ships responded. Aggressive naval maneuvers provoked a long-range stand-off. The 4th fleet’s 3 cruisers, including the B’urr-Class Yro’hurmua traded shells. The 4th Fleet remained in a position as if they were preparing a large offensive.

This was a distraction that allowed the 7th Fleet to conduct its own silent flanking maneuver around rebel forces. The 7th Fleet successfully circumnavigated rebel defenses and gained full access to the Ras’val Sea. The 7th Fleet conducted intense artillery barrages of the rebel-held base of Miran’mir and even threatened the coast of Barj’jar before the operation was ended.

“The 7th Fleet has taken many losses, but the brave sailors did not for a moment relent in their tenacity,” Comrade-Secretary Mira’zku said in their briefing, “when the rebel fleet realized what was happening we had already destroyed many coastal defenses. The rebel fleet was caught between the firepower of two proud navies of the People and were summarily destroyed.

The monarchists believed that with the blow they gave us during recent military operations, that the PRA navy would be unable to mount an offensive. We have shown them that their arrogance towards the resolve of the People will forever be their downfall.

The casualties are within expected levels on our side while our enemy has seen near utter obliteration of coastline areas they believed untouchable. Many of their dockyards and cities are still burning. With this killing blow Comrade Hadii has no doubt that within a month’s time the monarchist rebels will acknowledge the supremacy of the People’s Republic of Adhomai at sea and offer their capitulation."

Casualty counts are being withheld out of respect for the families of the lost sailors.


//////%%///Inspect element….

//////%%///Collecting nodes….

//////%%///Decrypting hashes….

//////%%///Showing video location….


An amateur video shoot from the deck of a navy ship. Beyond the bow over the guardrail, several ships identifiable as PRA ships are in the shot, through the darkness of the evening and the grainy nature of the film makes it hard to make them out as more than silhouettes. The icebreaker hulls are plowing through the frozen waters. The camera is shaky as it pans over the horizon, showing even more ships in the shot. Many of them are bristling with weapons, and there is the unmistakable silhouette of the aircraft carrier Jur’hali. The cameraman is talking in hushed tones with two other individuals and they are laughing quietly. Someone’s hand comes into shot making an obscene gesture before the camera shakes and they all laugh again.

Without warning there’s the sound of something massive breaching the surface in the distance. With a sound of squealing metal the nearby Jur’hali lurches upwards then capsizes on its side before rapidly falling into the water. Planes skid off the side and crash into the ice. The video unhelpfully pans down to the wooden deck as the group in earshot are asking each other what’s going on. There is more noise of distant squealing metal and breaking ice, and the confusion turned into shouting.

After several seconds of unhelpful deck footage the camera rises again, panning across the water. Several more ships are missing from where they were before, and there’s the dark silhouette of a large island where three destroyers had been.

Klaxons begin to screech and spotlights turn on, illuminating the water around the ship.

“Action stations!” someone off-camera shouts in siik’maas. There is a loud rumbling sound and more confused shouting.

The recording suddenly ends as the camera is shut off.

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Hadii Gets Spontaneous Standing Ovation Of Almost Half An Hour


The 4th People’s Conference of Pen Manufacturing Syndicates has ended today. Leading worker’s unions within the pen-creation industry sent representatives to discuss recent advances in pen-making technology and the proliferation of syndicalist ideology within the industry. The leading unionists gave speeches on broken quotas, and celebrated the fact that Adhomai produced 2.3 billion pens for sale, primarily to the human corporation NanoTrasen and other subsidiaries.

At the conclusion of the conference, a tribute to President Hadii was called. The hundreds of attendees had already rose to their feet to applaud every mention of Comrade Hadii’s name, but this was a standing ovation. For three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, the standing ovation was sustained. Journalists recording and government agents observing the attendees noted that even though many within the crowd looked as if their arms were getting tired, nobody wanted to be the first to stop clapping Comrade Hadii and his legacy.

“This one’s arthritis caused him great pain to clap, but this one loved Comrade Hadii too much to stop!” Auah’zurai, a 60 year old ball-point polisher said of the conference when asked.

Despite being seen panting from exhaustion, even at the 10th minute of the standing ovation the elderly workers and representatives still threw themselves into it. With enthusiasm in their applause and with hope on their faces as they looked at each other, each member kept going on and on.

After 15 minutes some members began to faint. One elderly woman collapsed and was carried out on a stretcher, but even then was seen weakly attempting to clap as she was brought outside to paramedics.

After 19 minutes of the standing ovation, Mikai Adwaii’hani, director of the B’urr Pen Factory, sat down in his seat. The universal applause and love had finally ended as the rest of the conference took their seats.

“Our love for Hadii and all he does for the People’s Republic is unending. She is surprised to discover that this is something that doesn't happen in every factory.” Said another conference attendee.


//////%%///Inspecting element….

//////%%///Collecting nodes….

//////%%///Decrypting hashes….

//////%%///Showing file locations….




A grainy security feed shows off the side of a surfaced submarine. All around it the water is frozen solid with ice all the way to the horizon. There is a small group of sailors widening a hole in the ice about 100ft from the submarine. They are hammering something out of the ice with hand tools. After a few minutes something breaks loose from beneath the ice and surfaces; it looks like a torpedo bobbing in the water.



A hidden camera on the chest of someone at the work site shows the torpedo on the surface of the water. The sailors of the nearby submarine are working to get it out of the excavated hole, which is rapidly freezing over. Some throw hooks over it and spend several minutes pulling it onto the ice. The cameraman hurries to the side of this torpedo as a nearby commissar is shouting for them to open it. On the hatch is a serial number marking it as coming from the cruiser R’akzgul of the 7th Fleet.

Two other tajara use power tools to break a security lock on the side of the torpedo, breaching its airtight interior. The latch falls down on a hinge and everyone steps back as a Hharar falls out of the hollow torpedo. He looks haggard and are dressed as a sailor. He is babbling with a hoarse voice. A navy medic rushes forward as everyone, including the cameraman, crowds around the shivering, wild-eyed sailor. The commissar from before shoves their way through the crowd and bends down in front of this Tajara.

“Where is the fleet?” The commissar asks. The tajara from the torpedo pays no attention, his eyes darting around wildly as he hyperventilates. A medic holds out a bottle of water with the NT logo on it. The wild tajara snatches it and guzzles it down. When he’s finished the commissar asks him again, “Where is the 7th Fleet? Where is your ship, comrade?”

“Raskara!” The Tajara shouts, “Raskara!”

Everyone is immediately spooked; people start backing away and expressing disbelief and fear. The commissar grabs the tajara and shakes them by the scruff of their shirt.

“Stop saying that!” He shouts at them as the tajara continues to babble about Raskara, “stop it! Stop!



An in medias res grainy video caught with another hidden camera. It appears to be in the medbay of a submarine. The PRA navy doctor is talking to the cameraman in hushed tones.

“- in there for days. The dehydration and malnutrition caused an ongoing psychotic episode. This one believes that the mental strain of being the sole survivor with the physical stress of being stuck in the torpedo for so long caused a permanent psychotic break. The commissar did not help at all. It’s not surprising that these stresses caused a heart attack. All this one can do is say that you need to recommend to the Captain that the body be incinerated.“



An audio recording.

“Comrade Captain, you do not understand. The mini-sub drones could not retrieve the black box of the Jur’hali because it is not here.”

“What do you mean it is not here? Someone already took it out of the carrier?.”

“No Comrade Captain. The carrier is not here; none of the 7th is here.”

“The recovered video shows the ships going down at this exact spot. You must not be looking hard enough. How hard is it to find an entire aircraft carrier?”

“Sir, this one must stress that we have scoured this entire area. We have used all available search methods that will not alert enemy patrols of our presence. There is nothing within the 4km search area.”

“Then we will widen the search area.”

“Comrade, ships do not float so far when they are sunk. They go down. There is no way all the ships of the 7th Fleet would glide underwater so far from the site of the sinking.”

“Comrade Science Officer this one is having trouble understanding you. You are saying that despite the entire 7th Fleet sinking right here at this spot, there is not a single ship from the flotilla at the floor of the seabed?”

“You are correct Comrade Captain.”

“Then where in the name of Messa’s ass is the 7th Fleet? How did that unlucky son of a shm’tyr manage to survive for so long?”

“We are still attempting to gather information on this anomaly, Comrade Captain.”

“Very well. You have 2 more hours before we pack up and leave. Let’s hope we find some good news or we are going to face some more furious commissars.”

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The Parivara Denounces the Celebration of Human Holidays



Father Walid Al'qat, the leader of the Parivara, has made an announcement from his seat in the city of the Suns concerning the upcoming human celebrations. The church of S'rand'marr openly condemned the act of celebrating any alien holiday, remembering all tajara, inhabiting Adhomai or any other system, to stay loyal to their native culture and resist the humanization attempts.


Father Walid Al'qat released the following official statement, explaining the church position on the issue:



Blessing upon them all, children of the Holy Twin Suns. As the tajara people expand in this system and to other ones, they face new challenges, many of them are threats to the tajaran culture and faith. The end of the human year is close, and with such, they shall celebrate several holidays, for example the halloween and christmas, and most of them have a clear religious connotation, reflecting the alien religion and traditions.


The church is to warn them of the dangers behind such celebrations, as they are in conflict with the tajaran religion and society, and are an attempt to humanize them. This one, under his holy authority and supported by his deep knowledge of the faith, denounces the celebration of any human festivities as harmful, all the faithful are to avoid them as much it is possible, even if they are living in another system, such as Tau Ceti. However, remember that charity and compassion is still important, do not refuse any gift or any act of kindness, but remain vigilant and loyal to the Gods and their people. Suns bless.



The Parivara also has promised to increase funding and expand their missions, citing Tau Ceti has a place of interest due to its substantial tajara population. Government officials refused to offer any official statement on the matter.

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Nal'Tor Celebrates its First Halloween


On the night of October 31st, zombies, ghosts and witches flooded the streets of Nal'Tor to forage for candy at the doorsteps of houses all across the city. Rather than Raskaran horrors filling the streets and spreading terror, the apparitions were happily welcomed and cheerfully greeted. They were children in costumes.

Plans for trick or treat and a costume contest were laid several months ago by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and approved by Mayor Vyo'gudonv. Curfew was extended later into the night to allow children and their parents to collect candies and small presents. In the time leading up the event, large numbers of costumes were shipped to specialty stores around the city as well as many fabrics and decorations which citizens used to make their own Halloween novelties. The result was a night of family friendly fun and laughter, and many toothaches from all the sweet goods.

After the end of trick or treat, a costume contest was held in the public square outside of the Steeple where President Hadii delivers his speeches. The President watched from the Steeple balcony as the most creative costumers in the city presented themselves in a small parade before judges. The winner, a 19 year old Tajara named G'ramijir Qrrhanov, took first place with the costume of a human by shaving off all of his fur except for his head, clipping his claws, and tucking his tail into his pant legs with large over-sized boots to cover his feet. President Hadii was seen uproariously laughing at the winner's costume.

The celebration drew criticism from concerned parents who cited the Parivara's recent decision to denounce human holidays. The macabre themes of Halloween did not sit well with many of the more pious citizens who worried about the possible influence of Raskara and potential evil behind the holiday. The various temples of the suns distributed signs for families not wishing to participate to place in their yards. These backfired however; as many who used these signs awoke the next morning to find chicken eggs smashed against the exterior of their homes as well as bath tissue strewn over their rooftops and gardens.

Despite the controversy, the holiday is considered a massive success with funds from the seasonal purchases going towards the construction of a children's hospital in a suburb of Nal'Tor. Plans for Halloween 2461 are already underway with the Ministry of Internal Affairs weighing the possibilities of expanding the event to other cities in the People's Republic.

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Hadii Summons Earthquake To Knock Entire Mountain Down: "Adhomai Itself Will Devour You"





A photograph of the incident. A large ravine now sits where the mountain once was.

The People’s Army Corps of Engineers has announced the utter destruction of a major rebel citadel deep in the Rhazkjara Mountains, far north of Ron’tul. The seemingly peculiar choice of spokesmen for the offensive is made clear by the ingenious method used to destroy the citadel. The shock waves were felt as far as Shungsta and the ruins of Ron’tul, where residents reported feeling enough shaking to jostle items on desks.

The PCE used a previously classified weapon to produce a magnitude 9.8 earthquake by artificial means.

Colonel Arjzau of the People’s Special Weapons Initiative described the weapon used.



“On 11:29am the device was activated and the earthquake struck the mountain range. In the epicenter we successfully caused a large fissure to open into the mountain which began to collapse inwards on itself. We believe we have terminated over a thousand rebel combatants that were using the mountain tunnels to ferry weapons and drugs as well as serve as a major logistical center. The effects of the quake have also caused considerable landslides and avalanches. We believe these have only caused minor inconveniences for local villages. We believe that the area is also seismically active, as we have identified at least one newly exposed magma vent, so the area may also see increased volcanic activity.”


President Hadii later made his own announcement to take ownership of this new weapon.


“The rebels and monarchists have unleashed the fury of nature upon our men and women of the armed forces. No longer is a rifleman only to fear a bullet or shell, but now we live in a new age where the sky may crack open over our heads and rain devastation upon us. The Monarchists prowl the ocean with beasts, and the reactionaries send death from above.

But the ingenuity of our engineers and scientists cannot be overstated. We have known that the rebels scurry in the dirt like a hive of insects. They thought themselves safe and smug in their hives. But today is the day that their confidence will be broken.

The traitor Nated may split open the sky, but the People’s Republic will split open Adhomai itself and all of the enemies of our revolution will be cast into the depths of the world. We will level every mountain that they hide in. We will dash entire cities between the jaws of the planet’s very crust.

This is not a warning, but a pledge to all upon Adhomai. We have the capability to cause an earthquake anywhere upon Adhomai that we wish. On my whim, Adhomai itself will devour you, and we will rebuild over your buried ruins.”


The destruction of the major rebel stronghold has opened the possibility of a large northern offensive that many military officials say will sweep all the way to Quizosa.

“We’ve severed the artery to Quizosa and the reactionaries in the city will succumb to starvation within months,” a military official said.

Within the People’s Republic responses have been almost all positive in regards to the weapon.

“Her sister was a helicopter pilot destroyed by the rebel’s tornado weapon,” one woman told our journalists, “she is glad we are sticking it back to them. She only wishes it killed more of them.”


“Nature is not for Tajara to control,” said one dissenting Brother of the Suns, “we must not dabble with such power. It is too destructive.”

“He thinks it is fine since it was a military target,” said a dock worker from a town outside Castle Vladis, “He would only feel guilty if it hurt innocent people.”



Edited by Senpai Jackboot

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The Tesla Brigade is Revealed




In the early hours of the 14th of February, a brief announcement was made by television and by radio which unveiled a new special forces unit which has been in training for several months now. The television announcement began showing a Zhan-Khazan veteran missing a leg and an arm sitting on a bench in a locker room, his head hung low in dark lighting. The veteran holds a poster in his hand, pictured above, seeking recruits for a newly formed unit which can help disabled veterans return to the field, as well as to reclaim their lives. The video continues to show him receiving prosthesis for his lost limbs, as well as a new glowing blue spinal column running up his back. Triumphant music then built up as it showed the tajara in a montage of exercises from jogging, to lifting weights, to practicing baghrar on a punching bag. Finally, in a room full of scientists and engineers, he was suited in advanced power armor with a large energy weapon, with the words "We're not out of this fight yet" appearing on screen. 

The television and radio broadcast quickly caused a sensation as many who had begun to feel hopeless about the state of the war were uplifted with the positive message of the marvels of modern technology and medicine, and the determined continuation of the good fight. Rumors began swirling about the fantastical and futuristic armor shown, as well as the bizarre prosthesis which the veteran had received. Soon, posters calling for amputees and the physically disabled to join the "Tesla Brigade" began being distributed and hung up in all major cities.

The Ministry of Defense responded to Adhomai Chronicle inquiries in full detail. Following the intense casualties of the unfortunate Das'nrra campaign and the severe loss of Republican Guard units, additional funding and focus was placed on a previously shelved proposal for heavily armed shock and high technology shock troopers which could withstand the numerical disadvantages and prolonged engagements special forces of the Republic often face. Many of the injured evacuees of the Das'nrra campaign were the first to be chosen and outfitted with cutting edge tajaran prosthesis, which includes an advanced "Tesla Spine" which generates large amounts of electrical energy to power their prosthetic limbs- and more. The plated suit of armor with an energy weapon is revealed to be the purpose of this addition, which is powered by the spine in order to provide mechanically assisted movement as well as to shoot arcs of lightning which can fry enemy combatants and even destroy armored vehicles. 

The Tesla Brigade is still primarily in training, but platoon sized units have already been deployed in secret operations for combat trials to great success. In one mission revealed by the Ministry of Defense, a platoon of Tesla Troopers was deployed alongside Ha'narr Corps scouts who discovered a rebel terror training camp in the mountains west of Trizar. The troopers stormed the camp at night, overwhelming its perimeter defenses and engaging rebels who threw together ad hoc counter attacks within the camp. An old Ha'rron MK.II light tank attempted to engage the brave soldiers with an autocannon, but was soon neutralized with an electric blast to its engine block. The mission was a resounding success with only two wounded troopers, and many captured rebels. 

Currently, there are over 2,000 active Tesla Troopers, however public recruitment campaigns have begun with the hopes of bringing the brigade to divisional strength. All of those who are missing limbs from the course of the war are promised the augmentations free of charge with promises to keep them even after leaving service. In addition to seeking new recruits for the Tesla Brigade, the Ministry of Defense has also begun rolling out mass production models for those wounded in service or those who left due to injuries but wish to return. Even those who may not qualify for the special forces of the Tesla Brigade will be given free prosthesis to enlist. All over the Republic, millions are being given a second chance to fight for freedom and truth. The chance to reclaim not only the righteous republic of Hadii and the future tajara have built for themselves, but also their very own livelihoods. 

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Government to Deploy Soldiers and More Supplies Against the Nomadic Banditry of Harr’masir



The Ministry of Internal Affairs has today announced a plan to intensify the law enforcement actions against the banditry that plagues the territories of Harr’masir. While the presence of subversives elements has always been a concern, the nomadic criminals activities have become more bold in the recent weeks.  The involvement of armed forces has become a necessity.

Since the foundation of our Republic, the government has tried to integrate the nomadic population of the Rhazar'Hrujmagh into the tajaran society, in order to save them from their crude and harsh way of life. Recent studies have revealed that infant mortality rates are higher among the Nomadic populations of Adhomai, alongside a shorter life expectancy. However, the great majority of the so called rock nomads have resisted those peaceful attempts with violence.

The chief officer of police of Baltor offered a statement on the situation:

“The Rock Nomads have always caused trouble, attacking our forces and running away with all they could steal, they did not go so far from their hiding holes. But something has changed, they are more daring lately. Many outposts and villages were attacked in the countryside and we think that they might have more support from the rebels now. However, we are sure that the President Hadii will send some help.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs assured the population that the outlaws of Harr’masir will soon be pacified, and order will return to the region.

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End Of Spaceport Lease To Sol Alliance Leads To Dispute



Bras’njarr spaceport has been a regular home for around 300 humans in our home system’s fringe asteroid belt. The facility was leased to the Sol Alliance since 2453, and it has regularly been used by the Sol Alliance navy for their operations here, such as helping defend Adhomai from the pirates that plague all civilized peoples.

But this time has now come to an end. A representative of the People’s Navy has said that the original 3 year lease will not be renewed.

“This one extends on behalf of all Tajara a deep thanks to our Alliance friends for their assistance in building up our naval forces to face the challenges of a modern star nation. We feel that we are now able to stand on our own, and that the People’s Navy will be able to exceed at utilizing Bras’njarr station for our own naval objectives.”

The notice of the leases termination was sent to both the human Colonel Sam Lee overseeing the base and Admiral Ming Yan, who oversees the Sol Alliance activities in the region from his flagship cruiser Halberd docked in the station. Unusually, both of these human officials contradicted one another. Colonel Lee told the arriving representative that he would make arrangements to move the servicemen and their families off the base within the week, but an hour later Ming Yan released a statement thanking the People’s Republic for renewing the lease.

“The Sol Alliance has strategic interests in this region of space. We are glad to continue this mission on for the next 3 years. I have overseen the transfer of the required down payment of credits for the next 3 years, per the agreement of the lease. ”

This unusual move caused the government to contact the Sol Alliance embassy in orbit of Adhomai. A spokesman for Comrade Hadii’s government gave a statement on the situation.

“We have lodged a formal complaint with the Sol Alliance embassy. We do not want the credits. The lease for the base is terminated, and we will be having it returned as is our legal right to do so. The Alliance will be evicted from the base like an unhappy tenant, if necessary.”

Article written by Jackboot.

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Skirmish With Alliance Cruiser: Conflicting Reports Send Government Into Confusion


A violent and unexpected skirmish broke out between the Alliance cruiser Halberd and incoming PRA corvettes. The Corvettes of the People’s Navy were intending to provide transport for the  human occupants of the Bras’njarr spaceport. Now three corvettes have returned to the orbit of Adhomai with serious damage and dozens of naval personnel have been wounded. This situation is still unfolding, and both the human Admiral Yang and the People’s Admiral Nhar’za Muhzuala issuing conflicting statements on the incident.


Admiral Muhzuala, who was not present in the group of corvettes moving to the spaceport, outlined the events as he saw them.



“Our corvettes were moving to the spaceport to begin aiding the relocation of the occupants per the termination of the lease. Our weapons systems and shields were offline and we made no aggressive moves. Colonel Lee of the base gave us clearance to dock. This was apparently a trap, since as we moved closer the Alliance Cruiser warped next to our ships with its shields up. It broadcast a demand for our corvettes to leave the Alliance base. The leading Captain of our task force refused, and the cruiser immediately opened fire. The mass driver rounds caused serious damage to two corvettes and the task force immediately broke off and retreated. The cruiser briefly pursued, damaging the third corvette and crippling its life support systems. The entire crew were on emergency internals when they returned to the orbit of Adhomai.”


The human Admiral Yang issued his conflicting sequence of events shortly after on a public broadcast from his cruiser.




“Three hostile vessels approached the base and violated the exclusive travel zone. Without authorization they declared they would be seizing Alliance property and arresting Alliance nationals. I moved the cruiser into a protective position between the corvettes and the spaceport. The hostiles threatened to open fire if I did not allow them access to the Alliance military facility. I refused, and the vessels began to move into firing positions around my Cruiser. They were warned three more times to disengage but they refused. At this point I then ordered the weapons bays to open fire to damage the corvettes. They got the picture and left after we made short work of them.


I am not here to engage in acts of hostility with our friends within the People’s Republic. But I also must enforce the rule of law and the galactic norms. We are legally obliged to use this station per the terms of the lease. The Sol Alliance has strategic interests in this region and we will remain here to ensure the continued presence of the Alliance navy.”



The response from the government has been one of surprise. President Hadii himself cancelled a speech to the Assembly of Earthen-Root Unions to return to the People’s Palace to address this crisis. The Alliance embassy has been flooded with protests from the government and there is still very little response from the Alliance government itself, possibly owing to their recent firing of the Secretary of the Navy.


We are authorized to report that the People’s Navy is preparing a “limited” deployment outside the orbit of Adhomai. Admiral Muhzuala has claimed that the small fleet available to the PRA is engaging in “pre-emptive retaliatory defensive maneuvers.” to protect vital space based infrastructure in the system.


Public response within the PRA has been almost universally condemning of Yang’s actions. One man on the street, a Hrharar from Nal’tor, expressed his displeasure.




“You cannot just shove credits into the hands of the city treasurer when you are being evicted. That is what Yang is trying to do. He is trying to bribe us and is just assuming we accepted. It is time for them to go, Yang is not needed here anymore.”



It is not clear if there will be additional incidents of hostility between the People’s Navy and the Alliance cruiser and spaceport, but an unnamed government source has assured us that they are working “tirelessly” to resolve this situation peacefully.

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First Space Battle for the Freedom of Tajara Among the Stars Defeats Imperialist Admiral


Today the invading Alliance cruiser opened fire once again on our ships and our brave navy has engaged in a decisive battle with the imperialist human Admiral Yang. The battle has been declared a victory by Admiral Muhzuala. One of our journalists was present on the Admiral’s flagship, the new destroyer class Rredouane’s Gamble. The battle involved twelve naval ships and stretched across nearly the entire star system.


Admiral Muhzuala warped next to the spaceport with six corvettes, four frigates, and his destroyer, surrounding the Cruiser in a classic Hotak’s Anvil. Admiral Muhzuala broadcasted an ultimatum, which was given to this station in advance.



“Attention imperialist vessel. You are violating the sovereign territory of the People’s Republic of Adhomai. You have ten minutes to depart our space or you will be considered an enemy and dealt with accordingly.”


The Alliance Cruiser refused to respond to the hails and was seen raising its shields and entering into combat readiness. The fleet held its position and responded in kind. The Cruiser moved between our brave ships and the spaceport, and six minutes after the ultimatum was given it opened fire with mass driver rounds.


All of the ships of the fleet scattered, moving at full speed in erratic formations. In a display of heroism, Captain Coman Yakub of the Icelance Corvette Suns Pentinant engaged the imperialists threatening the freedom of our system. The ship engaged full speed and warped parallel to the cruiser. It opened fire with its Icelance guns. The freeze ray targeted the gun batteries on the cruiser, and four of the twelve guns on that side of the ship were frozen by the beam that brought them down to near absolute zero. Captain Yakub’s vessel warped away after his strafe, and the other two Icelance corvettes repeated this process on either side of the cruiser, with follow up attacks from Headmaster frigates.


The cruiser retaliated with intense missile barrages. At such close range, three missiles struck and destroyed the Icelance corvette Fury during a strafing run. At this moment Admiral Muhzuala warped his ship Rredouane’s Gamble closer to the cruiser, and the pinnacle of the People’s Republic’s innovative naval doctrine came into effect. The destroyer’s advanced electronic warfare systems were deployed and viciously attacked the cruiser’s computer systems. The destroyer hacked into the cruiser with abilities that remain classified. Electronic counter measures also caused the barrage of missiles fired from the cruiser to lose tracking abilities and fly wildly in all directions. Our reporter on the destroyer told the studio that during the battle he would look outside a small porthole and see a swarm of missiles heading their way suddenly swerve and veer into random directions around the ship, exploding on the other side.


The cruiser’s engines and thruster systems were infected with a virus deployed by the destroyer and the cruiser began to engage full speed and full reverse at random intervals, lurching the ship back and forth. Its directional thrusters were also engaged at full power, sending the large vessel into a slow spin. The chaotic movements caused the cruiser to struggle to gain firing solutions and our brave vessels were able to land many hits with their freeze rays and mass drivers.


After fifteen minutes of this the virus was purged from the cruiser and the vessels scattered again. Two more brave Tajara vessels were destroyed when the cruiser regained missile tracking abilities, cutting down many heroes of the Republic. Seeing the battle was turning away from our favor, the destroyer engaged electronic warfare again, hacking the navigation and fire control systems. The guns of the cruiser that were not frozen in place were suddenly missing wildly, unable to lock onto our vessels, and the missiles were jammed once more. This allowed further hit and run attacks on the formidable vessels to be done safely.


The climax of the battle occured when the infiltration of the Alliances’ navigational systems caused it to spontaneously bluespace away from its location into the asteroid belt of the gas giant Krisha. The excess amounts of asteroids allowed our small vessels to gracefully race between them, opening fire from behind them and disappearing again. The cruiser had considerable trouble maneuvering, and more than once collided with an asteroid due to the havoc of their computer systems being compromised.


One more corvette was struck by laser fire from the cruiser, with our journalist seeing the Charging Rafama sliced in half during a strafing run.


The cruiser attempted to retreat at this time, engaging its bluespace drive. Malfunctions forced it to take small jumps towards the system’s bluespace gate. Each time it exited bluespace it was immediately attacked by our pursuing forces. At 10:40am, one hour after the battle started, the Alliance cruiser entered the bluespace gate and departed the system.


The victorious Battle of Bras’njarr has cemented the Tajara as a sovereign naval power. Captain Coman Yakub is being given the Hero of the People’s Republic medal by President Hadii himself. In addition, his innovative battle strategy is being cemented in Republican doctrine as the Yakub Strafe.


Celebrations also erupted across Adhomai for this victory against imperialism. With the despicable human Admiral repelled from our space, transport vessels are now safely moving under escort to the spaceport to relocate the human occupants back to Alliance space in accordance with our laws.


Despite the victory, we must not forget that four of the twelve ships in the fleet were cut down in the line of duty, taking almost two hundred Tajara lives with another hundred wounded. President Hadii has signalled he is going to posthumously grant the fallen heros the Messa’s Virtue medal, which is given only to Tajara that give their lives upholding the highest form of valor in battle. President Hadii described the significance of this battle.



“We have signalled today that we are a sovereign nation. The rule of law applies in Tajara space. The People’s Republic is known for its tolerance and patience but we cannot allow illegal actions to violate the integrity of our star nation. He must stress to all that this was not a battle with the Alliance, but a punitive retaliatory measure that was conducted fully within the realm of galactic law. We are working tirelessly to maintain the peace between the People’s Republic and the Sol Alliance.”


It is believed that there is a high amount of communication between the People’s Republic and the Solarian government. The People’s Embassy attached to the human capital space station Unity Station has met with 12 Alliance senators in as many hours, and there are currently no expectations of escalation to be had, with the Alliance currently condemning the situation but taking no action at this time.


Nevertheless Admiral Muhzuala has signalled that his fleet is still active.


“We are on the highest possible alert in preparation for a possible pre-emptive retaliatory strike against imperialist forces.”


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