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Hey I was talking with some people and we thought it would be cool if you could carry cats and other small animals like mice, birds like Polly, chickens etc. and maybe Ian (corgis aren't very big but maybe E-N would be too heavy) like you can with nymphs. Also I was thinking it would be cool if the HOS had a germen shepherd for a pet; I think it would be a good fit for the role (more than that bat some servers have). Also replacing Lamar with a mechanical version of Poly (Poll-E), or a robotic Pun Pun; this would make Xenomorphs more unknown and mysterious to all crewmembers plus Lamar doesn't do much other than sit in its case or when let out it fornicates with your face. Maybe the coolest of all I thought being able to order a saddle from cargo that you can put on Betsey that enables you to ride her like a horse or even being able to order a horse to ride so the captain can be super badass.

All good things come with bad things so I thought if you are holding a mouse, bat or bird and have harm intent on, aim at your mouth and click yourself with it you should bite its head off (for all those crazy cultist types or Ozzy Ozborne fans).

Thanks for reading ^_^

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