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Ban Request - Dick_Banton

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BYOND Key: Whampaige

Accused Players Byond Key: Dick_Banton

Time of Act: Sometime around 7:00, Central Time

Reason for Ban: Dick took the clothing off of my character whilst she was catatonic, took photographs of her, and spread the photographs around by leaving them in heavily populated and heavily trafficked areas before she was cyroed by Filthyfrankster's Zubari Akenzua.

Evidence: There was considerable discussion about this with the admins, who opted instead of banning him for this act to give him a warning. I don't think that players like Dick_Banton are the kinds of players we need on our server, and this was a phenomenally creepy act.

I'm sure an admin has logs.

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Interacting with SSDs in any way other than taking them to the dorms or to cryo is frowned upon. Harming or stealing from them is a fairly severe offense. Stripping them nude and taking pornographic photos without in-character or out-of-character permission is not only erotic roleplay, but it is also a sexual act without consent, making it sexual assault. If sexual assault is allowed on our server with little more than a slap on the wrist, then I don't even know.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

If this had happened to me I would have felt extremely uncomfortable. A ban is completely what should have taken place. I can't fathom how this situation could have ended up with only a slap on the wrist for someone sexually harassing SSDs.

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Guest Menown

Personally, I think grabbing is okay as it is. I only wish that the third grab was easier to obtain so I didn't have to constantly mash upgrade to get it.

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Alright, hey guys. I was the staff member that handled this particular incident and while i did ask opinions in msay i was the one that decided a warning was the correct punishment. I checked the player in questions history "dick banton" and found no previous notes, warnings, or other rule infarctions. When i questioned the player about the incident he was upfront and admitted to it and rationalized it by saying "i wanted a mystery to solve". I agree this type of behavior isnt what we should tolerate from our playerbase but i am extremely uncomfortable with banning someone from a first time offence. You're free to disagree with the decision and ill hear each and every one of them but at this time i still stand by not banning him.

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I"m glad garnascus said what he did. This is exactly how I feel about the situation. A first time offender of a game rule can be warned and we can hope that he quickly comes to understand our rules and rehabilitates. If he shows no signs of trying to prevent this kind of behavior in the future, we can begin to take more serious action.

I feel this goes for /most/ cases involving people. I sympathize with the distaste of the actions and I wish they didn't happen in the first place, but that doesn't mean we should remove someone from the community that might become the next great batch of fun.

It has already been stated that nothing else will happen on this issue, but I still fully support the actions already taken.

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