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Batons Charge Slowly


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Guest Marlon Phoenix

... theyre instant win weapons that have no counters except the possibility of be on blocked by a sword. They should have SOME small drawback.

What scrub doesn't carry 2 at a time anyway?

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Batons, by default, hold 100% charge, and use 10% of that every time you strike someone with it when it's on. That's either ten people stunned, or the same person ten times. However you want to look at it, that's a lot of stuns. The taser only holds four or five shots, I believe. I think the slow recharge rate is just fine.

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i think the recharge rate is depends on the cell that is inside the stun baton.

Since now that i know that stun batons can change their cells, if you gona put like for example a super cappacity cell, well, it will charge like ass.. but with cons that you may have even more 'shots' against the person you want to prod at its donut hole for a little while, before sighing back to security and charging it back. Sure, you can ask Science for additional cells, since.. well atleast will make some INTERACTIONS that i for one like that people do... Other then that.. Stun batons.. Stronk

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Batons charge slowly due to the nature of how power cells work.

The POWER CELL needs to be charged in its respective charger.

Anyway, yeah, ask science if you're seriously using your stun baton more than 10 times in a shift.

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