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Sue's Sprite Saloon


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Is that meant to be a Changling form? If so its pretty amazing. I always imagined the Changling to be like the monster from the move The Thing.


That is a necromorph from Dead Space.

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Bug was her attempt at Vaurca, I think we're going with Rech's attempt though


Varuca are our Half-Life 3. People keep talking about them, like they will Exist, but it's been far too long and everyone sort of hopes they will exist or simply do not care. Besides that, I actually like Sue's more for looking like Power Ranger Lackies. No offense to Rech but his design looks very...cliche? Suppose that's not saying much, since I realize that even the IPC are a reference to FL-CL, but, eh.

On a side note, those floors (which I cannot recall the origin) and walls make me upset that we use the grey ones. I hate the grey ones. They make the entire station look like a Washroom hallway that got really out of hand.

Nice sprites, doe.

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