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What other themes do you like to roleplay?

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I like space/future/sci-fi roleplay, but I also dig playing medieval themes/fantasy. I tried rping steampunk a few years ago but that lasted like 3 weeks before the person I was RPing with was like "this is too nerdy even for me."

what's you're favourite theme?

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All these interesting places and different ideas just make me wish we had an XCOM station.

It would be underground, with like, asteroid-ore-rocks all around it in every direction, and the traitors would be alium sympathizers from Advent/Exalt (based on whichever canon people wanted to follow).

Fuck, I want it so bad.


I actually think that Urist station mused around with an Xcom gamemode for a while, with away missions and research. Dunno if they've still got that going.

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Man, i like sci-fi stuff if it involves lots of ship, and having a big ass fleet of my own, saving galaxy. Or just cyber punk style theme, alone in the techno filled cities, murdering stuff, and being in super shady cool outfits. Oh hell, maybe just be glorious warrior in a fantasy land, being a lone wanderer, searching wide and far for answers to life. (answer 42 does not apply)

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