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Not an unban appeal

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This isn't an unban appeal, because I'm not interested in that.

I was given a 3 day ban (during a 3 day weekend) because I built an A.I. core and did not activate it, when I suspected the A.I. might be bad.

Why did I suspect this:

1) Power went down to my department 2 different times.

2) When I tried to report it, comms were down.

3) Comms came back, and then later, went down again fora nother minute, mysteriously.

So I grabbed some dura and made an A.I. core in case I needed to A.I. someone. I disabled cameras in telescience in case it was watching, and then I got arrested.

I thought this was pretty strange, given that I fully explained myself to the officers... so I tried to escape. I did not hurt anyone.

I was run down and arrested, and told I'd be going to solitary. I resisted this. I disarmed the officer and took his stun baton and pepper spray. I stunned him, and the baton was out of charges so I dropped it. I was then shot (and so was he) by the detective until my leg blew off and I was put into crit.

I was then bwoinked and explained to that I'd be banned for 3 days for "self-antagging" and "power-gaming".

I didn't even make the A.I. or even have plans to. I had already completed all the research that I could, and there was no R.D. to talk to about any of this.

Anyway, good job on messing up my weekend even though I didn't hurt anyone with any of the stuff I did as the only member of science for the round. I didn't even do anything that caused harm to anyone in my escape attempts.

Oh, and before you decide this was meta, ask W3bster about the Changeling round last night where he used his A.I. powers to lock down all of science for a solid hour and question people about their age, with no evidence that anything like that was possible.

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I felt i was pretty clear when i explained the rules you violated and exactly how you violated them when i was PMing you. It appears i was mistaken so i shall try once again. You have left out some information in your post. You where arrested for disabling cameras, partially constructing an AI core, AND ( this is the part you left out) you broke into the RD's office and stole the messenger server code because "im the only one here so that makes me acting RD" yeah no...

SO then the officers bring you in and place a thirty five minute sentence on you, now lets think about this for a second here. you decided that it was perfectly reasonable for you IC to escape from this "unjust" sentence. you literally broke out of the brig for a THIRTY FIVE MINUTE SENTENCE. this is in no way reasonable for a nanotrasen employee regardless of how your character's personality is.

but wait theres more! after you where run down by security the officers explained to you that you were such a threat they where going to place you in perma. Well it seems to me a suspected terrorist breaking out of the brig is absolutely a warrant for perma. You were taken to the solitary cell and once there wrestled with the warden, stole his baton, hit him with it a few times until the investigator arrived a few seconds later.

I was also ghosting at the time watching this unfold, the warden fired at you with his gun blowing your leg off. the warden was on the ground from being hit with a stun baton so he was NOT hit with the bullets. Im fairly certain i explained to you through the PM's he was not hit but if i didnt my apologies.

So there we have it. You made an absurd escalation in belief that because of some comms problems and some power fluctuations that of course the AI must be wonky and decided would take it upon yourself to combat this "just in case". This is metagaming plain and simple. You broke in the RD's office and disabled cameras just in case he was watching you and stole the messaging server code. This is powergaming plain and simple. you resisted security over a thirty five minute sentence, struggled with an officer and stole his baton, until having to be taken down by the investigator's gun. this is self-antagonizing PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

We do not hand out bans like candy nor do we make exceptions just because "its the weekend" you chose to break the rules and now you must face the consequences. if you feel my decision is unjust you can make a staff complaint against me.

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Expect when you fleed from the brig before saying you would be put at solitary, which you got dragged to it because you probably stole boards and was disabling cameras, you didn't drop the baton, you keep trying to dodge bullets even after I fired a warning shoot at your leg. So, you pushed the warden and keepted stunning him after running twice from security, since I had no other way to disable you without getting hit by the baton, I fired once, but, you keept resisting until the third shoot just surprisingly removed your leg.

It was self- antagging; by pushing an officer and stealing his baton, running twice from the imprisonment and then, ignoring the pain of being shoot at the leg with a .38 bullet. Besides probably stealing the boards and cutting the camera's wires.

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