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Jen's Unathi Application

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BYOND Key:Jennalele

Character Names:Expand at your own risk


Ananda Santana

Aurel Drabardi

Barry Miles

Basil Drabardi

Chenmo Carton

Crista Miles

Eira Yates

Jade Ravera

Jiyi de Xiaochou

Lirivien Kolton

Lukas Wright

Raeanne Strafford

Ren Zhou

Viera Avenburg


Isra Alakiv

Na'im Yarkiy

Nasim Al-Sa'iib





Felix Brishen





Avelak Nirisha

Vasili Nirelek

Vesri Vasinni


A Rose Amidst Gunpowder

Glowing Embers Drifting Into A Swirling Void




I have a problem

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Pending.. probably reddish, grey-black, or slate brownish.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Aye aye.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Unathiiii... Unathiiiii. Well, it's the only whitelist I don't have yet, mainly because, up until now, I've never been struck with a particularly strong idea. It fit the Unathi's situation on Moghes very well, what, with the Contact War, internal gang fighting, et cetera. Plus, they're damn cool, and Jack's done a great job with the new lore.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are a lot of different cultural and social norms between the Unathi and Humans. Not to mention, the Unathi are barely a generation into space-faring tech, and highly divided, with ridiculous differences between their developed cities and the badlands. They're often honorbound, and humanity is much more socially relaxed and lenient than the Unathi are. Not to mention... Mechanically, they're fairly robust, and actually have claws.


Character Name: Thasethel Sslinaekiir

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Thasethel was born on Moghes, the oldest of six boys and two girls in his family's generation. Two, a younger brother and sister, were his direct siblings. Once fairly well-off and immensely proud, the Sslinaekiir line had, in the years leading up to the Contact War, begun to falter in their wealth and standing, though they kept their traditions and methods clean and respectful, preserving their way through actions.

That is, until Moghes became a scorched, arid wasteland.

Thasethel and his cousin, Sslanethel, were the only two of their generation old enough to remember the start of the Contact War. Thasethel was seventeen, and Sslanethel was sixteen, when the fateful rocket failure, and the successful colonization a year later, sparked a bloody and ruthless war. They were both sent off to fight as soon as they were able to hold their own, along with many of the older males of the clan.

They both returned home alive, in one piece, and with many stories to tell of the war. Thas and Sslan thought of each other as brothers, having grown closer over their duration together in the Contact War. But something had changed. Thas, though still reserved, had been roped into the vicious gang warfare that had since encompassed many of the cities of Moghes with his brother, Sslanethel. They often took odd jobs, tasks and hits for the gang, causing trouble for the opposition and law alike. Though they never faced serious consequences, many of their younger siblings followed their footsteps into their crime syndicate.

Thasethel didn’t have second thoughts about his involvement with them until its effects on their family became clear. Thasethel, Sslanethel, and three others, one of whom was another of Thas’s siblings, were sent to oversee a business tradeoff with a rival gang- Things had been fairly non-violent between them for some time, however, and it was unexpected for things to turn so sour. It cost thethe lives of all but himself and Sslan, who were forced to abandon and return to their boss. The next morning, however, Sslanethel was found dead behind his house with a rival’s glaive sticking out of his chest. This was likely the point at which Thasethel realized this was really no way for his siblings to survive.

He smuggled his younger brother, Illithis, on a cargo barge bound for Mendell, and promised to meet up with the boy when he could, but not before closing things off formally with their boss.

The next day, Thasethel came to the boss with his glaive, and declared his intentions of leaving with Illithis. He set aside a thick, grey-white powder, and, as traditional payment went, removed not only the claw of his pinky, but his three lower fingers entirely. It hurt terribly, but he said nothing asides from a low, stilted hiss. That was the payment for abandoning the crime family. Each digit of a finger and claw was taken in succession for most punishments, and thus, for total abandonment, the entirety of the three lowest fingers would have been more than sufficient, as well as permanent. He then plunged the hand into the powdered mix to stem the bleeding. It only made it sting more, it felt.

Though it was fairly bitter, he was granted his leave. He left his glaive with his fingers, lying on the floor of the ‘office’. Their names were wiped from the group’s books, and Thasethel took off for Biesel.

It was, at first, hard to find a proper job, though they eventually managed to secure positions at the night shifts for a small office building, where the owner was seeking out intimidation and muscle more than experience and knowledge. It was the perfect gateway into a new start for the brothers.

Eventually, he took his chances with an application to NanoTrasen. He’d been saving part of each month’s rent money to put towards a fund for a Law Enforcement degree, trying to prove that he’d turned straight, and was currently in his second year, with respectable performance in his classes. And as fate would have had it, they concluded it was worth the risk. In 2450, he signed his contract with the company, and began work aboard their stations- First, as a miner, then a cadet, and finally, by 2455, an officer. In 2457, he was transferred to the NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

Thasethel is... One of my more interesting characters, to date, and one I really look forwards to playing. He thinks himself as being fairly reformed- Though quiet and reserved, if someone asks him about his past actions, he won't lie about it- He'd feel that in denying his involvement, he'd be doing a disservice to his siblings that died for the family. Furthermore, he's not outwardly against violence, but he'll often try to de-escalate a situation before fighting back as a last resort, which I think could lead to some interesting stuff.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Frag grenade out of Mortar shell. ( Decent. )

Notes: Hail cthulhu

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

A 400 year old time travelling Unathi would have definitely been a big plus. As it stands you show a good understanding of the species and I trust you'll play it well!

Application accepted.

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