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'dead mans switch' for bomb triggers


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I know this is geared 100% towards antagonists but it has a very good reason now bear with me.

The number 1 complaint I see concerning sec and antags is the rambo hero style attacks where they don't care for the well being of hostages or themselves. Adding in a dead mans switch would require an assessment of the scenario and a measured response. so as to properly engage and not cause large damage in the process.

How it would work - while in hand the person right clicks to arm (and disarm) and while armed it must be in hand at all times. If dropped/ thrown/ otherwise removed from a person's possession it will start a 5 second countdown in which someone has to pick it up before the 'explode' command is sent to the bomb(s) its attached to.

additionally, it would have a manual trigger activated by clicking the switch while its in the active hand


1- rambo sec will still not care about the bomb and will go for green text and cause a lot of station damage in the process, which is a totally IC matter and would probably cause the officer to lose their job for total disregard of the lives of the crew and the integrity of the station they are tasked to protect

2- more complicated than current bomb triggers and would likely result in accidental detonations as people get used to it

as for appearance, the only real major part i've thought of is having the sprite have a light that changes color based on armed/ inactive. Red would be armed and Green disarmed (idk if these colors are bad for colorblind players though)

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Might be nice as a multipurpose remote signaler for antags.

Alternatively, what about a signaling implant? Sends out a signal either on a code word (like the explosive implant) or the user's death. But given that signaling devices are mostly used for bombs I don't know if that'd be OP or not.

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I've seen a feature... I think it was on paradise, where you can "threaten to push the button" with a remote signaler. If you are shot or attacked, you push the button automatically, even on stun... so, a similar feature exists.


Just adding the 'threaten' state to existing radio signalers would probably be the most useful.


It actually already exists and works exactly as intended:


You need to have a signaler in your hand, right click it, threaten to push it. I do not know why it's not on the object tab, but it is there. And works!

For posterity's sake: this feature has been around for literally years. Old Aurora code, and I mean 0.0.6-old, way back in 2013, had it.

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