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Dispute of Warning Issued by Garnascus

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BYOND Key: Evandorf

Staff BYOND Key: garnascus

Reason for complaint: I don't actually have an issue with garnascus, but was told this was the appropriate place to dispute warnings given ingame.

Evidence/logs/etc: The warning I received is as follows: "Rushing into the brig, running around being immune to tasers/flashes as an IPC. assaulting officers and then logging when caught. as a whitelisted player this kind of conduct is BEYOND absurd."

I'm not sure what information this is based off of and I don't have any logs since I didn't give the event a second thought when it happened but I wanted to clarify the circumstances.

To be sure, this happened around 12:30 am my time so I was tired and a little weird. Sometimes I like to play an IPC character that follows people around and opens all the lockers or picks up all the items on a table like he is inspecting them. On this occasion I was doing something similar to an Officer Calhoun (not sure on the name spelling) and he didn't appreciate it. We got into a fight in the brig lobby area which I would stress that he began and he kept assaulting me even when his backup arrived. The fight did go into the brig but I was trying to avoid/defend myself against the officer and it was far from me "rushing into the brig". Once they knocked me down, cuffed me and pulled the Officer off me I was done for the night and had to wake up for work in the morning so I logged off.

Additional remarks: None

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I was playing AI at the time. I watched you bang on the windows in front of an officer and when he opened the door you ran right in. Then calhoun and a few other officers attempted to detain you with flashes/tasers but since you're an IPC you're immune to them. The round had just started so nobody had a stun baton yet.

So you've trespassed, resisted arrest, and assaulted an officer all with...questionable RP. At best its pretty chucklefucky and at worst its straight up abuse of your whitelist. Just because you're an IPC that doesn't give you the right to justify this type of thing with a quirky personality.

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Unfortunately I didn't save a log. I just wanted to clarify the situation. I may have been knocking on the window at the cadet working the desk (like I said I was tired and weird), but the entire time I was in the brig lobby Calhoun was goading me into a fight and I would stress that he began the incident by pushing me down and punching me. It was only after that that I fought back and ran from him towards the other officers in the brig who the cadet called for help.

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