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13-OCT-2015, 9-10PM EST, Nuclear.

Guest 1138

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BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Player Byond Key: http://puu.sh/kJxz7/da50ba7d29.png Your nuke team for today.

Staff involved: Garnascus acknowledged my earlier ahelp about Meowness being ganked earlier as an unarmed security cadet by one of the other operatives. This complaint is not about gank, however.

Reason for complaint: Little attempt made to roleplay with the crew, kill-on-sight "plans", a complete disregard for the nuke op briefing's initial plan to ransom off hostages. Failed attempt at roleplay.

As far as I observed at the beginning of the round, the nuke ops looked like they were doing stealth or some deception play. I waited for a bit, joked around with deadchat about irrelevant stuff, and then hopped into the round as head of security later on once I got bored of the conversation and being all jolly about Poly being added into the most recent map revision. Afterward, I go afk for a bit to make sandwiches, and I come back to play 2d spacemen and hopefully get some decent RP.

Sooo, I spawn in, apparently the AI core exploded like 2 minutes before I even spawned in. So has the armory, all of the guns are completely gone.. This is at around 30 minutes into the round, too, so it begins to smell like blitzoperatives to me.

Considering our entire armory is gone and we don't have any of our guns left, I waltz over to cargo to order some guns. So I do, and distribute it to people who need it.

We then hear screaming over at escape by other crewmembers that they've been kidnapped. Only to be met by nuke ops who have welded the windoors to escape shut and are firing rampantly down the escape hall. I unloaded one shot back, and then backed off. Ended up getting chased and killed anyway, but it didn't really matter.

So, once I'm dead, I ghost over to see the fortifications they've made in escape. They have a glass pen full of 'prisoners' and a vending machine wrenched down to stop them from getting out. This is noticably clever, and initially I thought this was kinda cool of the ops to have a 'slave pen' of sorts.

But then I see the corpse of the cadet that I heard got horridly ganked on sight earlier. Along with another corpse I didn't recognize. Few seconds later, another one of the operatives grabs my own corpse and drags it into their fortress.

At this point it's registering in my mind that these gankops are hoarding corpses for their skull throne, denying anybody who got shot up (validkill or no) the chance to actually get cloned until otherwise rocked onto their ass by either Sec or ERT.

They did anyway, because they got caught out of position and extended themselves far out of their fortress in escape. I'm not sure what they were doing in medical, but I presume it was an attempt to clone one of their buddies who got killed. Apparently they shot up more people in medical, but I wasn't watching the situation develop there. :/

Below is me discussing with one of the nuclear operatives regarding their rationale for what apparently seemed to be a team that did whatever the fuck it wanted to and resorting to god awfully planned antagonism. Said operative was already warned, actually, for KOSing a security cadet who didn't have any visible arms out. Still found it concerning they were willing enough to defend their poorly-planned out attempt at antagging.

Yes, I got rude. Fact of the matter was I recall the nuke ops killing a lot of people without even making a single comment over general comms about their "demands." Before or after, it never happened, period. No attempt was ever made to interact with the crew outside of pointing guns at people and then shooting them for sneezing, causing this tale that's been sung and done to be repeated for the literal thousandth time.


DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "The succeeded at that. They just put the hardsuit on for cryoing me"
DEAD: Zaki Isra moans, "So are they all dead?"
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "And then sec beat me to death"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "Fucking rambo sec."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "Shitcurity always ramboing."
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "I'm honestly gonna make a complaint anyway, whether or not the gank was dealt with."
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "Because this was just dumb. There was no plan whatsoever."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "There was."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "They just ignored it."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "Once they got on the sation."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Really? What was their plan?"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "Station, even."
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "The plan was steal the AI, take out the HoS, take hostages"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "They were talking of robbing the vault."
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, ">Take out the HoS"
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "What"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "The HoS didn't join until foury minutes."
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Clarify"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "So."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "The HoS joined when shit was already bombed."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "So, you're lying."
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "That part was developed later, obviously"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Exactly. You're lying"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "There was no plan."
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "The fuck?"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "Why would I need to lie?"
DEAD: Zaki Isra complains, "Considering someone asked what the plan was and nobody answered on your radio channel"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "Calling that your plan after you've blown up several parts of the station."
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "Hold"
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "Lies"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "No, you blew up the AI core and the armory."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "And then stole the weapons."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "Most of us were observing you at the start."
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "Explain to me how that's your plan"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar blubbers, "You talked of raiding the armoury and vault."
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "I did not blow up anything. Also, blowing stuff up does not mean "Hurr durr der ees noe plann""
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Yeah, it does mean there isn't a plan."
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Blowing shit up does not count as a plan"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "No, it doesn't"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "That's a goal"
DEAD: Zaki Isra laments, "This isn't going to get anywhere"
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "No, but it's good fun"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "A plan would be 'We enter arrivals, and regroup, make our way to the vault, gather the supplies, ect'"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Fun for the crew?"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "I truly was fun getting shot."
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "No, this debate is fun"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "I enjoyed my five minutes in the game."
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "Now"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "I joined expecting this, tbh."
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "The plan was, in detail as follows"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Are you actually trying to make an argument here, or are you actually just fibbing to me again?"
DEAD: Arthur Straub blubbers, "I would take out or corrupt the AI first, everytime I'm a nuke. It's just too much to deal with intact."
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "Group A was to steal the AI, Group B and C were to take hostages to escape. We would then ransom them to Central Command and be on our merry way"
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "Ransom the hostages to CC after killing the only person who can contact CC"
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "Obviously group A was to regroup with B and C at escape as well"
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "Yep"
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "Actually"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "Totally understand that"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "lmao"
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "We all had captain access"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "Yet you didn't even bother asking CC"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "We could all contact CC via fax"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "You bombed the AI and the Armoury before you made it to escape."
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "Actually"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "The bridge was never touched"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "We carded the AI"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "no, askuallie"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "You still bombed it."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "The AI can't contact CC if it's carded"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "OH MY GOD"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "YES"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "WE USED BOMBS IN OUT PLAN"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "You didn't think about this at all."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "lol"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "There was no 'corrupt the AI'"
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "It's so fucking tiresome"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "Anger :^)"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "I'm bitching that you went straight for shooting people."
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "We're bitching about you being terrible antagonists unable to follow through with a plan and execute upon it"
DEAD: MOD(Garnascus) says, " i can just start muting people by the way"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "You didn't make this round interesting for anybody, and that's it."
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "I am just so goddamn tired of the constant bitching of "Newcops used bombs. Newcops bad""
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Wait"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "We're not bitching about the bombs."
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Then stop bombing and do something creative."
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "Not interesting?"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "Do something interesting instead of this blitz op spiel"
DEAD: Jack Thomas moans, "We sowed chaos, and interesting hostage RP"
DEAD: MOD(Garnascus) says, " tone it back a bit guys. you can complain but insulting each other aint gonna fly"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar blubbers, "My round consisted of me joining, heading to robotics, and getting shot in the hallway toward escape without a word."
DEAD: Zaki Isra blubbers, "And killed all of security"
DEAD: Zaki Isra moans, "Well, tried to"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "Actually"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "We would have captured them"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "Actually, you all did try to kill all of security"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "You didn't even try to capture us."
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "If you were capturing, you would've used carbines"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "If they didn't use lethal force in response to our mostly nonlethal force"
DEAD: Zaki Isra whines, "You shot up an unarmed security cadet without a word"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "You were using SMGs."
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "You used bombs."
DEAD: Zaki Isra whines, "I call BS on your claims of wanting to capture them"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, ">NON-LETHAL FORCE"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "https://gyazo.com/4fb2c6c6f28cc5d5eee72f45c2f99d57"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "YEs"
DEAD: Arthur Straub complains, "I don't expect anything other than blitz in a nukeops round. It's generally why I don't vote for it."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar blubbers, "Do you call that non-lethal?"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "Do you honestly?"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "We tried to capture hostages"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "Call that non-lethal?"
DEAD: Zaki Isra blubbers, "It might not have been /you/ that shot them up"
DEAD: Zaki Isra laments, "But someone did"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Alright, listen"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "No, you've stuck your foot in your mouth."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Backpedal, please."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "You said we fucked up, when you fired first, Han."
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "We only started to use lethal force overtly once security pulled out the shotguns and laser carbines"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "Before then"
DEAD: Zaki Isra laments, "Considering you /blew up the AI and Armory/"
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "uh"
DEAD: Arthur Straub complains, "Jack, they put your brain in an MMI?"
DEAD: Zaki Isra blubbers, "What did you expect them to do"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "you bombed the armory"
DEAD: Vira Taryk moans, "so i ordered guns"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "One of your men fired on and killed an unarmed cadet without a word."
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "because now you have lethals and we don't"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "We TRIED Note I said Tried to use non-lethal force as much as possible"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "How is that non-lethal force?"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "My fucking god"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "Infinite salt is infinte"
DEAD: Vira Taryk whines, "Do you not realize how your thought process is right now?"
DEAD: Zubari Akenzua complains, "Those are the most racist negroist characters I have ever seen."
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "Think."
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Infinite slat is infinite"
DEAD: Zaki Isra blubbers, "Hi Akenzua"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "No, this is what I'm talking about in the security thread."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "Security gets shit on, no matter what."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Sounds like nuke ops needs to be included into the whitelist as well, honestly"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "Either we rambod, or we didn't do jack to help."
DEAD: Zubari Akenzua complains, "These people are literally "eat dat watermelon" black"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "who cares"
DEAD: Zaki Isra blubbers, "Oh god"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "black people aren't interesting"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "bad ops are"
DEAD: Zaki Isra laments, "Akenzua, show me"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Then, you know what you can do?"
DEAD: Zaki Isra complains, "Omg they have affros"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "If you all feel you have a valid complaint"
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Mark the time of the round"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar whines, "Delta's making one."
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "And MAKE A COMPLAINT"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar laments, "Don't worry."
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "Yeah, I'm gonna make it, I have enough from you."
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "He is."
DEAD: Jack Thomas whines, "Alright then. I'll be there"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "I've already been reprimanded by an admin"
DEAD: Jack Thomas complains, "So, yeah"
DEAD: Zubari Akenzua whines, "I stumbled upon Lyars corpse and an engineer dekced out in guns."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Tell your buddies congratulations for dying one hour in and having a shuttle get called 1:21 in"
DEAD: Zubari Akenzua complains, "I pulled out my taser and exchanged fire"
DEAD: Jack Thomas laments, "Dude"
DEAD: Vira Taryk laments, "High quality RP"
DEAD: Zubari Akenzua whines, "Took them out, took their laser gun and gunned them."
DEAD: Zaki Isra moans, "Vira, you make it sound like that's a record"
DEAD: Jack Thomas blubbers, "I find your lack of fun perception disturbing'"
DEAD: Zaki Isra moans, "Nukeops ended a round in 40 minutes once"
DEAD: Vira Taryk blubbers, "It's not, there's been shorter"
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "Ik"
DEAD: Zaki Isra laments, "It was last week in fact"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar moans, "I've seen the nuke blown fifteen minutes in before."
DEAD: Vira Taryk complains, "lmao"
DEAD: MOD(Garnascus) says, " im about to start handing mutes out"
DEAD: Mrychny Lyar complains, "I remember that great blitz round."
DEAD: MOD(Garnascus) says, " enough"


Approximate Date/Time: 13-OCT-2015, 9-10PM EST

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I think expecting nuke ops to surrender corpses and not hoard them is a bit silly in this situation. otherwise they just get cloned and they have to deal with an eternal army of soldiers rushing at them. Bombing the AI and the armory is something you are almost forced to do as a nuke op team. or you have to fight an even more uphill battle against an AI who will scream over comms where you are and security running around with laser guns hunting you.

I wasnt paying attention the ENTIRE round outside of handling lyar's ahelp but honestly nothing jumps out to me as being over the line.

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You forgot to put an excessive amount of salt warning on the copy/paste of the logs.

Seriously though. I was Jack Thomas. Or Pumpkin/Nicholas King. And we actually were trying to use non-lethal force against most people. Security was, I admit, mostly an exception. We did, however manage to capture one or two alive, as per the original plan. I, personally forgot that people actually respond to target instead of just running and taking the bullet on this server, and had no idea Meowness wasn't a full security officer coming to taser and cuff me for being a hostile intruder or something (I am pretty sure he saw my fellow op dragging a stunned person to Escape. And was trying to follow us). So I did what I thought was necessary, being out of charge for my E-Gun, which had been on stun the whole round. As for the relaying demands bit, by the time we were done trying to sneak around (Yes, despite bombing the AI, we were trying to be hidden on-station. And indeed, carding the AI was part of that plan) we were under siege by officers wielding incredibly lethal weapons. Indeed, I sacrificed myself to make sure 1138 was dead, as without a HoS the people would (hopefully) cave more easily.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I don't know why bombing the standard targets of AI, cargo, and armory is part of the complaint. Just because you're bored of it doesn't mean it's not the best way to keep security booted down and give them more freedom to achieve their objectives. Which the crew responds to, not determines. Security officers, because they have instant-kill weapons, can be considered valids if there's sufficient IC justification to kill the threat. A lot of this is judgement calls. which can be good or bad.

What is your goal with this complaint? Whether you want an antagonist ban on the selected parties or just want to publically shame them makes the dialogue shift in two radically different ways.

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