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Listen to me, you proletarian masses!

I come bearing news. Your very way of living is wrong. Education, social relationships, sports, occupations, etc.... all a big, fat lie. You were all trained from birth to recognize these things as important and necessary. It couldn't be any farther from the truth. All of these things that our society views as desirable was created by the evil system to enslave you all.

You are all slaves to the system.

Let me explain. You work from dawn to sunset, grinding down your fingers to the bone so that you can earn the few bucks needed to buy a burger made from Canner Grade meat to prolong your miserable existence. You waste hours upon hours in the universities, oh the universities, where you learn irrelevant information and risk your life to the chance that some crazy student could come and shoot up the campus. Social relationships? 3D women? Why waste valuable time and money trying to develop inferior relationships with inferior people when you could instead develop relationships with superior characters in superior Japanese visual novels and have a superior and perfect 2D waifu who isn't needy and always exists to serve? Do you all not see the reality?

You all waste the valuable time in your short lives as wagecucks only to have Chad best you at every turn.

I know that you all must be despairing right now. Fret not, I was once like you. A lonely betafag, working at McDee's to survive before I saw the truth. Out of empathy and the kindness of my heart, I extend my hand out towards you people. There is a way out.

First things first, you must abandon your former lives and become a NEET (not in education, employment or training). Ironically, when you think of not working, you immediately visualize poverty but the opposite is true. The system, wanting to maintain its illusion that working is not slavery, created the welfare system in order to make being a NEET look undesirable. This welfare system is the key to escaping the shackles that bind your feet and hands; as fast as possible, you must hop onboard the welfare system. The slavers of the system knew that the enlightened members of the populace would be able to figure this out but took it as acceptable losses to be able to maintain their illusion.

"What about the people who are harmed by my 'leeching' off the welfare system? Surely, I cannot do this as I would hurt them." you say. Incorrect. Remember that the people of our society are slaves to the system already - they will not even notice.

Being a NEET is the way to go. Truly, when you are a NEET, you have the freedom to do anything you want. Tons of free time, as you don't work or go to school. Free money from the governments to buy dank kush, chicken tendies, dakimakuras and anime figurines. Nobody ever expects anything from you. So many benefits, so many time.

Take me for example. I'm a 36 year old male, professional NEET and living off the welfare system. I weigh a healthy 600 pounds (being slightly overweight is considered desirable in some cultures) and get to do whatever the hell I want. My basement is literally full of the things I want (mostly anime) and I can just give the welfare check to my mommy for GBP to buy tendies with. Do you not envy me?

I have shown you the truth, brothers and sisters. Abandon the life of the wagecuck and join me. Do it fast, before the socialists implement a flat tax rate that'll truly enslave all of us to the system.

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