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Sims 4 - Aurora House

Guest XanderDox

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So, Sims 3 Aurora kinda died! Which is upsetting because I love the Sims! And I recently got Sim 4, and while it is EXACTLY perfect, or as full of content as Sims 3 is, I thought it'd be fun to start an Aurora Household! At first, I'll only be taking eight people first, merely because that's the household limit, but once I'm back into the swing of things, I'll create more households!

If you'd like to be included, please fill out the following and post it below:


Full Name:

Age: (Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder)

Brief Description: (Please include, hair, race, eye colour, general body size/muscle etc, you may also include clothing preferences, this does not have to actually be brief)

Aspiration: (See below)

Traits: (Three of them, see below)

Relationship/Familial Status: (In relation to other house members, once we expand into more households you can expand this to them)





Emotional Traits

Active These Sims tend to be Energized, can Pump Up other Sims, and may become upset if they don't exercise for a period of time.

Cheerful These Sims tend to be Happier than other Sims.

Creative These Sims tend to be Inspired, can Share Creative Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they're not creative for a period of time.

Genius These Sims tend to be Focused, can Share Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they haven't improved their Mental Skills for some time.

Gloomy These Sims tend to be Sad, can Sigh to other Sims, and while Sad, gain a boost to their Creative Skill.

Goofball These Sims tend to be Playful.

Hot-Headed These Sims tend to be Angry, can Rile up other Sims, and become Angry when targeted with Mischief.

Romantic These Sims tend to be Flirty and may become Sad if they don't have any Romantic social interactions for a period of time.

Self-Assured These Sims tend to be Confident.

Hobby Traits

Art Lover These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Viewing works of art and can Admire Art and Discuss Art in unique ways.

Bookworm These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from reading Books and can Analyze Books and Discuss Books in unique ways. (Emotional Books gets +1 regardless of quality, receive positive moodlet from Analysing books)

Foodie These Sims become Happy and have Fun when eating good food, become Uncomfortable when eating bad food, and can Watch Cooking Shows for ideas. (+1 Happy to Gourmet Cooking Food and drinks, but +1 Uncomfortable to quick meals and drinks with a level 5 Mixology or lower.)

Geek These Sims become Happy when Reading Sci-Fi or Playing Video Games, may become Tense if they haven't played much, are better at finding Collectibles, and can Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims.

Music Lover These Sims gain powerful Moodlets and boost their Fun Need when Listening to Music and become Happy when playing instruments.

Perfectionist These Sims take longer to craft items but tend to make them higher quality, gain powerful Moodlets after crafting a high quality item, and gain negative Moodlets after crafting a low quality item.

Lifestyle Traits

Ambitious These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from career success, gain negative Moodlets from career failure, and may become Tense if not promoted.

Childish These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from watching the Kids Network, become Playful when playing with Children, and become Happy when playing with Children's toys.

Clumsy These Sims tend to fail more often at physical activities and tend to laugh at failure instead of becoming upset.

Glutton These Sims have a greater negative reaction to Hunger, always enjoy eating, no matter the quality of the food, and will eat Spoiled Food.

Insane These Sims can Talk to themselves and have unpredictable Emotions.

Lazy These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Watching TV or Napping as well as from Comfortable furniture, become Fatigued more quickly from exercise, and grow Tense when performing household chores.

Loves Outdoors These Sims can Enthuse about Nature to other Sims and become Happy when Outdoors.

Materialistic These Sims can Admire and Brag about Possessions and become Sad when they haven't purchased a new item for a period of time.

Neat These Sims become Happy and have Fun when performing household chores, can have a Cleaning Frenzy, and become really Uncomfortable in dirty surroundings.

Slob These Sims are not affected by dirty surroundings, make household items dirtier faster, and can Rummage for Food in garbage.

Snob These Sims can Critique Work on low quality items, are bored by "low brow" television, and gain Confidence around other Snob Sims. (+1 Bored to all channels except News and Cooking Channels, gains +1 Happy otherwise)

Squeamish Squeamish Sims are nauseated by the sight of creepy crawlies, vomiting, violence and death. These Sims become Uncomfortable near anything dirty.

Social Traits

Bro These Sims can Bro Hug other Bros, gain Confidence around other Bros, and become Energized from Watching Sports.

Evil These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims.

Family-Oriented These Sims become Happy around family members, become Sad if they don't interact with family for a period of time, and can Boast about Family.

Good These Sims become Happy around Sims with positive Moodlets, can Donate to Charity, become Sad with interacting with Evil Sims, and can Discuss World Peace.

Hates Children These Sims become Angry around Children, become Tense after Try for a Baby, and can be Mean to Children.

Jealous These Sims get Jealous more easily than other Sims. They gain a boost of Confidence from being around their significant other, but get Tense if they haven't seen them recently.

Loner These Sims become Happy when alone, do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low, become Tense around strangers, and become Embarrassed more often by social rejection.

Mean These Sims become Happy when being Mean or Mischievous to other Sims and become Confident after winning a fight.

Noncommittal These Sims become Tense after a while in the same job or relationship, become Happy when they Quit a Job or Break Off a relationship, take longer to Propose, and can Discuss their Fear of Commitment.

Outgoing These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Friendly socialization, have their Social need decay quickly, and gain more negative Moodlets when their Social need is low.



Body Builder: This Sim wants to work and become as strong as they can be.


Painter Extraordinaire: This Sim wants his/her life to be all about art and painting.

Musical Genius: This Sim wants to be an expert musician and songwriter.

Bestselling Author: This Sim wants to write books and become a famous author.


Public Enemy: This Sim wants to make enemies and be a famous criminal.

Chief of Mischief: This Sim is all about pranks and mayhem.


Successful Lineage: This Sim wants to have a family that succeeds in life.

Big Happy Family: This Sim wants to build a large, loving household.

Domestic: Domestic Sims will see their familial relationships grow stronger faster.


Master Chef: This Sim wants to master the Culinary Arts.

Master Mixologist: This Sim wants to know everything there is to know about Mixology.


Fabulously Wealthy: This Sim wants to get rich and have a successful career.

Mansion Baron: This Sim is all about owning the biggest, fanciest home.


Renaissance Sim: This Sim wants to be good at many things at once.

Nerd Brain: This Sim wants to be both book smart and handy.

Computer Whiz: This Sim wants to know everything about computers, from playing games to Careers


Hopeful Romantic: This Sim wants to play the field and go on all sorts of dates with people.

Soulmate: This Sim wants to find and live a rewarding life with "The One."


Freelance Botanist: This Sim wants to grow plants and become an expert Gardener.

The Curator: This Sim wants to collect everything this world has to offer.

The Angling Ace: This Sim wants to know everything about fishing.


Joke Star: This Sim wants to tell jokes and become an famous comedian.

Party Animal: This Sim wants to throw and attend amazing parties.

Friend to the World: This Sim wants to make and keep as many friends as they can.

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I'll also note I have 'Get to Work' so your sims can be actual medical people, a cop, or a scientist, or even open their own retail store (clothing, bakery, and basically anything else)

Don't know how that'd work with multiple working Sims though, so the first person to request an active job will get one until I get a feel for it. The household itself can run a giant store with different sections at the request of you peeps.

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Why not?

Full Name:Darrion Morley Dukes.

Age: Young Adult.

Brief Description:Brown hair, somewhere around the length of ears, doesn't go down much over the front, Caucasian/Generic skin color, brown eyes, goatee, lean with somewhat defined muscles, t-shirt with black jacket and not-jeans pants, and not-sneakers shoes.

Aspiration:Renaissance Sim.

Traits:Hot-Headed, Active, Good.

Relationship/Familial status:Room mate/Why does this guy live here?



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Full Name: Lionan Haotyr

Age: Young Adult

Brief Description: Bright orange hair, long preferred. Bright green eyes, white skin, average to lean build. No specific clothing needed, but a touch of purple would be nice.

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Traits: Loner, Cheerful, Creative

Relationship/Familial Status: Who's This Clown? (Roommate)

Job/Career: Scientist, the active one.

Other: ?????

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Fullname: Inis Truesight

Age: Young Adult

Brief Description: A slender young woman with long, red hair, green eyes, and pale skin; she has a tall, athletic build

Aspiration: Friend to the World

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Good, Outgoing

Relationship/Familial Status: Roommate

Job/Career: Police Officer

Other: ?

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Full Name:Richard Syion

Age: Adult/Elder 52

Brief Description: Long hair Black with a full black beard, Human, He has green eyes, He is very tall but is not very strong

Aspiration: (See below)

Traits: Evil,Genius, (Random one here)

Relationship/Familial Status: N/A


Other:He is a crazy fucker, Make something out of him

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Name: Walter Keck

Age: Adult

Hair: Green Combover (no facial. Also, if there's no combover, you can find the closest to it.)

Race: Caucasian. Really, really white XD

Eye Color: Green

Body Size: He's pretty fat. I don't care how fat he is made, but when I made him, I made him as fat as you can make him. His head should be a little narrow and his nose is like a potato.

Aspirations: Friend to the World

Traits: Music Lover, Cheerful, and Good.

Relationship Status: Roomate

Other: He should have a deep might, but friendly voice. Should have a jolly appearence. Sort of like a Santa Clausy guy. And he wears glasses. Possibly he could wear something like a chaplain jumpsuit. I don't really have a preference.

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Full Name: Colvert Tiemann

Age: Young Adult

Brief Description: Long dirty blone ponytail. Caucasian. Green eyes. Chubby but not really fat. Generally likes blue T-shirt and no pants grey joggings.

Aspiration: The Curator

Traits: Creative, Goofball, Neat

Relationship/Familial Status: Pleco Fish (Sorta just there. Makes things disappear from around the house as he needs it. But at least he keeps the place clean.)

Job/Career: Professional NEET Cleaning services


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Okay, full for now ^-^ I'll be splitting the first three applicants and the last four into separate households, just so I don't go insane. People can feel free to still apply here and I'll get to them eventually.

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Full Name: Fortune Bloise

Age: Young Adult

Brief Description: Purple pony tail, with dark green eyes. Likes to wear dresses or sometimes just being simple and wear jeans with some cool looking shirt or t-shirt.

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Traits: Creative, Art lover, book worm

Relationship/Familial Status: Single

Job/Career: Scientist

Other: It's something.. also stockings.. all about the stockings when ever wearing a dress..or dress like chloting

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