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New Robotics Machinery


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This is mostly an idea to help, nerf, and of course, make it more interesting non the least.

What i propose is rather simple things (Mind you this is still in WIP idea for i am still working on the sprites)

So what exactly do i want to change in the Robotics? Well, why not look at the ideas them selves.




The picture may not be on the best quality because im lazy and dont really want to bother, but i will simply say this. This is will be our newest Exosuit, 'Mechs or power suit assembly machine. Remmeber when you could assemble the mech in mere seconds? Well not anymore! Why? Because now this machine will do Roboticists job where it should be done by computers with precision (since it is a heavy machinery and a person to assemble a mech and then bolt it down with just mere wrench isn't enough since the bolts the mechs have are really big if we imagine of course). It will bolt, activate the hydrolics, and all the Roboticists will have to do is with few push of a buttons make sure the machine assembles the 'Mech appropiately, except for the wiring and circuity insertion where that must be done by Roboticists him/herself.

The catch? well.. the catch is, if this machine goes boom boom, forget about making any new machinery of this kind! Why? Well, because since we all know that Robotics is quiet powerfull that once it has the resources and the Mr.Mcchuckleroboticists makes a durand.. there's really no stopping. "B-but emp and ion rifles!" Dont kid yourself. Just because you were lucky once against such beast dont mean there will be a second... besides, it's a good breathing room for AI also if it starts hearing that scientists are starting to make a big stomping machine of death, or hell maybe for Nyke ops! And last but not the least point, even if you can secretly make a durand chasis with all the compartments.. you will need this machine which cannot be moved, OR constructed to finish your mech.

Now.. to the second matter at hand. The IPC's. We all know that they are easily damaged with EMP's and if they recieved quiet enough of damage that they start to malfunction or just drop dead where you literaly have to recyle the brain and throw the old body away.

FEAR NOT EMPLOYEE OF NANOTREASON! For you are now chosen to test our newest invetion that can bring your chasis back to life!


What's this you ask?! Well why this is non other than an IPC scanning machine! What it does? Well it does wonders i tell you employee! You are now granted this magnificent option to scan your fellow collegue IPC's for any and all damaged or injuries they have recieved during the shift and if they have been malfunctioned to the moment that their chasis cannot be used, fear not! This machine will revive any IPC that has fallen due to numerous reasons! Be it over heated body or swiss cheesed chassis that you just mended, repaired and waxed, you may now do an emergency restart (If the IPC in question is inside the scanning machine) and let the scanner do the work and let it take time to 'revive' your collegue back to life! It's like Genetics.. BUT WITH ROBOTS!

*this idea was totatly not supported by NT and wants to make you suffer*

Ideas to improve this?

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So basically, switch mech fabrication from "Mechanic McGaragist in mechbay" to "actual production machine technician" and give a "cloning machine" to IPCs.

The second idea I'm 200% down with, it's a great idea.

But the first one? It has it's issues:

First, having a static one-of-a-kind machine for something so essential feels wrong. It robs the player of many opportunities - and I generally don't think it's a good idea.

Second (not an issue, a suggestion) since it's high-precision and high force, have an infinitesimally small chance (0.01%?) for the operation to fail. And of course, since it's controlled by the operator, giving the wrong orders also fails. And failures can, once in a while, damage the materials that were being worked on.

But overall, I love the concept of both.

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First idea, great, limits the potential shenanigans of exosuit-creation whilst opening new opportunities down the line for sabotage and the like (The question always is, what if I e-mag this machine?).

The second, bit iffy about having a second version of the cloning machine but I guess it is robutt-specific, though, my questions are:

1) Does it reuse the old body, old paint/customization, etc; like a cryo tube moreso than a cloning tube?

2) Does it rejuvenate, or merely apply a 'band-aid' to the various damages such as lost limbs, 'organ' damage, and so on.

3) This one is probably fairly obvious but it's worth asking anyways, will the head need reattachment before using the machine, or can it just be 'slotted' into the machine along w/ the body? I'm going to assume the former because of how SS13 mob code works, and because the latter would be a colossal pain, but it's a noteworthy question irregardless.

4) The question always is, what if I e-mag this machine?

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The exosuit assembly machine doesnt remove the exosuit fabricators functions. Fabricator will do all it requires to do, and that is make shit appear. This yellow big baby is here to make the real magic happen on the main 'Mechs. but yea you mainly get the idea.

The only static kind a machine is what is great to make you actually make sure that the machine is functional and dont let any kind of chucklefuck come and tamper with machinery that they're not supposed to work with (looking at you scientists and other people OFF science department). Is it a doubled edged sword? Yes. But remember! Equipment is expensive, and dont let unauthorized people tamper with it, and you'll be just fine!

Malfunction is amazing, of course i didnt propose it because this idea is not yet finished to the max. That's why i was iffy about even proposing and e-mag and other kind a stuff.


1) It's just one machine, no additional construction that is meant for one IPC at a time repair machine.

2) It 'rejuvinates' the IPC but it works something like cloning, but the difference is, it doesnt make a new body, but it takes time for the body to 'reconstruct' it self. A nice big repair at a cost of time and then still checking if the unit has recieved any kind of damage while it was hard restarted.

3) You will need the whole head attached to the IPC. You can't restart a headless chassis! :P

4) as i mentioned above, this idea is just merely basis of what will come later once i edit more. So you guys are the ones who will detemine the E-mag options and i will consider that is awsome and give it a +1!

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I really like the idea of an assembly machine. I am fully in favor of it. The idea pencil-necked roboticists lifting up a thousand pound steel arm, and attaching it to the chassis with no effort is a bit silly.

However the only thing I'm not so sure about is putting another 'if this breaks your job is fucked' item in the game. Though I guess robotics is rarely a target for antags anyway.

So yeah, I think this idea is fantastic. My only concern is if there's room in Robotics for it.

Edit: Also this would be a good place to make upgrade parts like lasers and manipulators matter. If the machines could be made to work faster or something similar, with upgraded parts (or even REQUIRE upgraded parts to build more advanced mechs!!!) that would give research some incentive to actually use those.

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I already have ideas for this.

Micromanipulator/picomanipulator/nanomanipulator: Attaches limbs faster (under the principle that what should take the longest time is not hoisting the limb up, but actually attaching the wiring all together)

The various laser thingies: Adding one (or a set) of it to the machine makes it more accurate and makes it not-need to be refuelled during welding operations. Upgrading the laser emitter makes it go faster (and since the laser width is smaller, allows construction of some more advanced mechs - for instance, the Ripley can have crude welds for all anyone cares - but an Odysseus would need, at least, clean welds. Gygax would need stronger, more accurate welds to withstand it's operating speed and the Durand would need the ultimate welds to make sure it's solid)

Capacitors: Upgrading the capacitor could increase the speed of every non-weld tool (by the logic that the wrench would be either pneumatic or electric, and so it needs the power to make the pump work/make the motor spin, and for safety/power-feedback/accuracy/non-interruption reasons it can't be plugged directly into the power network - basically, it also gives a reason why it can finish a single operation without power)

Sensors: Upgrading sensors would reduce the error rate by giving a higher degree of accuracy in the machine's perception.

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Second part? Yes. IPCs are too flimsy for things that, in all honesty. Should be superior to normal, non augmented organics. Just my own humble opinion.

The first part is interesting. And makes them more, as said. Robotic technicians. I like it. Except for the fact it'll ruin parts of the fun for a Roboticist.


You'd be surprised. Computer systems and machines aren't necessarily that robust.

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