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World AIDS Day 2015

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As you all know, AIDS is an epidemic which seems to be spreading through the Aurora community. The objective of this thread is raise AIDS awareness in order to hopefully cut down on the spread of this epidemic. Please please please, ERP responsibly.

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I'm here today to talk to you about keeping a platonic friend on Aurora

Abstinence Tip 1:

Try not to talk in your native language with other members of your species. Studies show over 90% of lewd acts occurring on the Aurora are initiated by a conversation outside of Tau Ceti Basic.

Keep it common, and you will most likely not say something so sexually distasteful in public, thus reducing your chances of landing yourself an ERP token with an AIDS affected individual.

Abstinence Step 2:

If you've accidentally found yourself in maintenance with another employee after speaking with them in your native tongue; don't fret. Just search for the nearest weapon (toolbox, oxygen tank, wrench) and destroy your opponent to death with it. If these weapons are not available, try to stall by possibly putting them in a choke hold with one hand and then beat them to death with the other.

Abstinence Step 3:

If you've found yourself actively engaging in ERP with a partner, don't worry. You still have a chance to escape! Begin by posting the logs to the Aurora OOC chat, and with luck, the both of you will be sterilized with a thorough banning. This is the most extreme of methods, but it always gets the job done and covers the most publicity on the problem at hand.

Good luck.

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