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Additional Operating tables and Surgery Etiquette.


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After playing my Surgeon character for a few rounds, I have found myself forced out of the job I selected. This is mainly due to either, starting with another Surgeon or having a Surgeon join mid round. Which I don't have an issue with, I usually share the workload with them and it's usually fine. But recently I've encountered a select few who tend to 'hog' the operations and force other surgeons out of their work places.

Cases of this would be, I will be waiting in the theater for a patient that's coming and the door would open, with a fellow Surgeon telling me to basically fuck off. Which is rather irritating, when your round is being hindered by the, not the character, but more so the player I find.

So I suggest an additional operating table or theater to compensate for the bad attitude. I deem it a bad attitude for, when ever I'm doing a Surgery, I will allow nurses to monitor and fellow Surgeons to be present within the room without grabbing or pushing them out. I also deem it good etiquette to share the work load rather than doing every operation, if I see there is a fellow Surgeon on duty then I would give them a chance to operate also.

So please, find a compromise for this, be it the additional tables or another room for surgery. I know it sounds like I'm being butthurt and this post will probably get a negative response. But it fucks with my round and I find that I am unable to get involved when I find myself chastised for trying to. It can be compared to, an additional chef being put on the manifest but will kick the original chef out of the kitchen or a chemist forcing the other one out of the lab, so they can work alone.

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I'm against this, personally. Have I played a surgeon and experienced what you experience? Hell yes. Have I hated every moment of it when this happens? Eeeyup. Have I seen a good potential for a powder keg and conflict in this? Also, eeeyup.

Okay, here's the thing. From a gameplay standpoint, this is near completely an IC issue and can be resolved in at least two ways, and most certainly more. First off, talk to the fellow surgeon. I have a very good idea as to who you have in mind, and they can be played, if you know how to. If that doesn't work, find a head of staff to complain to. As a CMO, playing June Sonnberg, I usually assign a head surgeon, or make sure that all surgeons have something to do at some point (this also includes having interns do all of the fun things, like moving SSDs), so a head of staff should be the person you go to and sort it out for all to be content. Third point, contact engineering and ask them to build an extra theater. Yeah, you can't make a new surgical table, but a normal one will suffice, or you can ask admins.

OOCly? Aye, it can be piss annoying. and I'm sorry if it is, but there's something I have against just giving everyone everything as it'd go against the point of the game. The point is to make do: in this case, make do with a single OT. Two OTs actively tended to from the get-go would negate actual heavy work that needs to be done, problem solving. Triage, prioritize, keep information flowing from the analyzer to the surgeon, maintain intensity until a mass casualty event is cleared -- this is what having two OTs would negate.

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Quite frankly, I always found that entertaining, in a sense. True enough, it can be annoying if you lose your "battle" over your desired position, but it is justifiable, gameplay wise (and namely this thing that is going on the Medbay truly does entertain me, it's like some brilliant mix between Dr.House and Scrubs).

And, ater some time, unless your player-nemesis is a complete jackass (and if you're talking about the person I think you're talking about, then I believe a compromise can be reached), the game will get even better; we used to fight with Vittorio over the job of psychologist, now we mostly manage to switch regularly and hence get along, even ICly thanking each other for allowing us to have a shift-off.

Similar thing with Von Tirol - from questioning each others' competence to counseling.

What I am trying to say, I guess, is that you oughta be patient; it takes time, but it does give a wonderful feel to the game if you manage to eventually resolve your problems.

Edit: I do realize, of course, that this is /not/ the same situation, but then again - fighting over a table to butcher people on seems as less problematic, seeing as it isn't accompanied by this odd hurt pride that comes with it when you end up as an intern, instead of a doctor.

Edit no.2: I should've stopped talking much, much sooner.

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The new map has two surgery tables for congestion and other issues but adding it for people fighting over work IC is needless. Some of the best surgeries I have done have been tandem too. Two people working together on a severely injured patient. On another IC note. We have a lot of surgeons and lack a number of the other types of medical doctor. I have personally CMOed a team of four surgeons, an MD, and two nurses, the surgeons via char select some of the others from a HoP. We have surgeon over-saturation as of late. So a lack of work is expected even if we had two or three tables.

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