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On the events of the late AUG-19 evening


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During what would have been an otherwise uneventful round, a griefer, unremarkable in all aspects, decided to loot and dump down disposals our beloved moderator Halorocks22's SSD sec officer, Baldric Catleay, killing him. Rather than simply brushing it off as another random crime to be ignored, the server's population, to my greatest surprise, decided to arrange a funeral service for the deceased officer, following the initiative of Milo Hachert, our round's HoS.

What followed was one of the most amazing events I've ever witnessed in SS13.


Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Gentlemen, I will keep this brief, as it should be."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Officer Baldric Catleay was a fine man. He was loyal, efficient, and followed orders to the letter."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "He showed competence above and beyond that which could be expected of a NanoTrasen Security Officer."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "But, further than his professionalism, he proved to be a good man. He was kind, upbeat, and willing to go the extra mile to assist those who needed it."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Baldric was a man we can all take a note from. He showed the meaning of kindness to a world that truely didn't care."

Milo Hachert snaps his boot heels together, snapping to attention. His gaze falls to the nearby body. "I was damned proud to work with him, and I am sorry to see him go."

Milo Hachert turns his attention back to the gathered crowd. "If any of you wish to say anything, now is the time to

Niklaus Petrevaire steps forward from his stool

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "I will be saying something,"

Greg Ryan folds his hands on his lap, looking listless.

Milo Hachert nods, stepping back and aside.

Niklaus Petrevaire coughs, clearing his throat, his face displaying no emotion in particular

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "The war is being fought on crime,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Every day, of every hour, of every minute."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Every day, people die, because of muggings,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Break ins gone bad"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "And even shoot-outs in the streets"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "But Officer Baldric Catleay, said no."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "He said NO. When countless others would not."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "He stood up"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Among the crowd of people who do nothing"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "And said enough is enough."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "And today,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "He died in service to us,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "In order to keep us safe."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "And there is no way, we can repay that debt,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "But be kind, loving, people, to everyone we encounter.."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Thank you,"

Niklaus Petrevaire lowers his head and returns to his seat

Milo Hachert steps out of the corner, hat still firmly tucked under his arm.

Milo Hachert (follow) asks, "Would anyone else care to speak?"

Greg Ryan stands up.

Milo Hachert nods to Greg, falling back into his corner.


Greg Ryan (follow) says, "I took my vows to save every life that came into my medbay. I regret that I failed officer Catleay in this."

Greg Ryan (follow) says, "I hope I have redeemed myself with his spirit by at least giving him a comfortable passing."

Greg Ryan (follow) says, "Thank you."

Greg Ryan (follow) says, "And I apologize, officer Catleay."

Milo Hachert steps forward once again.

Milo Hachert (follow) asks, "Thank you, Doctor Ryan. . . would anyone else care to speak?"

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "I would, please."

Niklaus Petrevaire looks to his right and over his shoulder

Milo Hachert nods to Vadim. He steps back.

Lockie Green looks up at the man.


Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "Officer Catleay was a man I did not know."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "The first time I saw him, he was dead."

Niklaus Petrevaire face of steel begins to fade into a frown

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "Yet I come to his funeral to give respect, and sound off in his honor."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "I do this not because I knew the man, but because I knew his job."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "I know anyone who does this, help people in danger, is a man worthy of such things."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "To many times in my life have I seen things like this happen, the men beside me die."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "It never get any easier, never."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "All you can do is try to remember the people, keep them alive in spirit, so they never really die."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "I will do this for Catleay, anyone else here."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "Rest in peace comrade."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "Thank you for your time."

Milo Hachert (follow) asks, "Thank you, Officer Gorski. Does anyone else have words they wish to share?"

Milo Hachert runs his gaze across the room, giving a slight nod. "Then I ask you all to proceed into the funeral parlour for the End of Watch proceedings."


Milo Hachert takes up a handhold.

Lockie Green stares out the window into space.

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Officer Gorski, forward /march/!"

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Present /arms/!"

Milo Hachert snaps his own sidearm from its holster.

Milo Hachert draws the the energy pistol, pointing it at the ground.

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Mister Petrevaire, if you have words, I encourage you to share them now."

Lockie Green turns around quickly.

Niklaus Petrevaire nods

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Today"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "We send off a fallen soldier"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Who, will forever in our heart,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Push us to keep fighting for justice"


Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "About /face/!"

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Shoulder /arms/!"

Milo Hachert snaps up his sidearm, aiming off into the distance of the void.


Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Fire!"

Vadim Gorski fires the laser rifle!

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Fire!"

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!

Vadim Gorski fires the laser rifle!

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Fire!"

Vadim Gorski fires the laser rifle!

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!

Milo Hachert (follow) shouts, "Fire!"

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!

Vadim Gorski fires the laser rifle!

Greg Ryan watches a passing space carp be carbonized by the laser bolts.

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!

Lockie Green flinches.

Niklaus Petrevaire 's eyes begin to tear as the shots are fired

Milo Hachert (follow) yells, "Shoulder /arms/!"

Vadim Gorski fires the laser rifle!

Milo Hachert tucks his sidearm back into its holster, snapping off a crisp salute into the void.

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "And a final send off shot from his Head of Staff ."

Lockie Green watches the coffin sail off into the void.

Milo Hachert fires the energy pistol!


Greg Ryan squints to track the coffin through the finite blackness of space.

Milo Hachert handed the energy pistol to Niklaus Petrevaire.

Niklaus Petrevaire puts the energy pistol into the satchel.

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Let us bow our heads,"

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "In a moment of silence and prayer"

Lockie Green bows her head.

Niklaus Petrevaire lowers his head

Alexander Kennedy lowers his head.

Milo Hachert lowers his gaze to the floor, quickly making the sign of the cross.

Clove Asher inclines his head.

Greg Ryan looks down at the floor, sighing softly.

Milo Hachert looks up, a single tear fighting for purchase in the corner of his eye.

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Thank you."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you all for attending. . . he would have 'preciate it."

Greg Ryan nods.

Lockie Green nods.

Alexander Kennedy nods slowly and slides his hat back on before standing up.

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "Please begin exiting now."

Milo Hachert nods to Greg.

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you."

Lockie Green gets up and exits the chamber.

Greg Ryan (follow) says, "Of course."

Greg Ryan (follow) says, "I have nothing but respect for your department, and your men."

Milo Hachert slips his cap back into place.

Niklaus Petrevaire stands at absolute attention besides Milo

Alexander Kennedy nods to his boss.

Alexander Kennedy (follow) says, "Sir."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you, Alexander. . ."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you, Doctor Asher."

Vadim Gorski (follow) says, "That was a wonderful service sir."

Milo Hachert nods.

Lockie Green (follow) says, "Thank you for your service, sir."

Clove Asher (follow) says, "Of course, Sir."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you, Officer."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "And, thank you, Doctor Green."

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Thank you, Mister Petrevaire."

Milo Hachert offers forward a hand.

Niklaus Petrevaire nods, taking the hand and shaking it

Milo Hachert (follow) says, "Take good care of yourself."

Niklaus Petrevaire (follow) says, "You as well."

Milo Hachert (follow) [Command] says, "Mister Petrevaire, I need to make a request."

Milo Hachert (follow) [Command] says, "Single bottle of vodka. Four glasses."

Priority Announcement

Attention crew of the NSS Aurora. Today, is a sad day. Today, Officer Baldric Catleay lost his life in the line of duty, serving NanoTrasen, and protecting us from the dark waters of crime. He will not be forgotten, and his battle against crime, has only just begun. Thank you.


I've never seen a SS13 funeral before. To see such an event executed with such... spirit, was quite simply amazing, and honestly one of my best roleplay moments on Aurora, even though I didn't participate in it myself. I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone involved: Commissar_Drew, XanderDox, Jackboot, Jboy2000000, Erik Tiber, WAEvans316, and A Runaway Turtle. I figured it was worth making this thread to highlight how great that funeral was, as well as share with others what members of our server can achieve.

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Nice gun salute.

And a nice successful funeral

I have tried several times to get funerals to work and midway there is either a virus or someone does themselves a massive injury and half the congregation has to leave and stop the station from falling apart.

Current funeral attempts for me 7, successful 0 ;-; One day. One day I'll make it work.

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I think the events that aren't Admin induced, but rather worked out by the crew, tend to exhibit the best RP and environment.


I wish more people understood this point, instead of going "Evunt please" over OOC, and then sitting on their butts for normal rounds, not doing basically anything.

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Reminds me of the time I participated in an absolutely packed funeral for the deceased Pun Pun. Well done, guys.


I think the events that aren't Admin induced, but rather worked out by the crew, tend to exhibit the best RP and environment.


Yes, yes. A thousand times yes. As admins we can do our best to promote stuff happening, but there are few of us and many characters, and nothing that we do will ever be very interesting with them as passive participants rather than enthusiastic contributors.

The best in game events are events that arise emergently from RP that is proactive, and from players that understand that they are ultimately responsible for creating their own fun and creating fun for others. By which I mean not just two people locked in a room somewhere.

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I think the events that aren't Admin induced, but rather worked out by the crew, tend to exhibit the best RP and environment.


Please. Yes. I want to see more of this. I like seeing players think of creative ways to make fun roleplay. Players should be more proactive and create their own events/storylines. Obviously within the rules.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Dr. Ryan did his best to make the body presentable, and put the flower with him there in the coffin. He always hates failing to help people, so a funeral was the least he could do. It was pretty fun, through and through. :D

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This is actually rather interesting, and almost touching. I wish more people took the time to actually grieve for fallen comrades. It is very difficult to organize a proper funeral, indeed. But as another said above, the greatest SS13 experiences seem to arise from player initiative, as they are original and heartfelt. Hats off to everyone involved, and thank you Frances for posting this so others who were not present could enjoy. I hope to see and take part in more of these sorts of events on Aurora, as it has in many ways become a second home for me online.

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In this time of server discord, I like to look at this... And remind myself of the great RP players can make themselves on extended rounds. How well we can get a long, as a community, as a family.

It also reminds me when Niklaus' last name was Petrevaire, fun times. Its sad that most players involved in this are now gone from Aurora, but like Baldrix Catleay, they're leaving, and all future leavings, will only empower, strengthen and reinforce the bond we all share.

The love of 2D Spesspeople

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