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Drink Recipes - Not on Bay Wiki

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Daiquiri 5 units of Lime juice, 5 units of Rum

Ice Pick 10 Units of Ice Tea, 5 units of Vodka

Pussee Cafe 5 units Brandy, 5 Units Green Chartreuse, 5 Units White Creme de Menthe, 5 units Creme de Yvette, 5 units Yellow Chartreuse and 5 units Grenadine syrup

Mint Julip 5 units Water, 5 Units Whiskey, 5 units ice

John Collins 10 units Whiskey Soda, 5 units Lemon Juice, 5 units Grenadine Syrup, 5 units Ice

Gimlet 5 units Lime Juice, 5 units Gin, 5 units Soda Water

Stars & Stripes 5 Units Creme, 5 units, Creme De Yvette, 5 units Grenadine Syrup

Metropolitan 5 Units Brandy, 5 units Vermouth, 5 units Grenadine syrup*

Caruso 10 units Classic Martini, 5 units Creme de Menthe

April Shower 5 units Brandy, 5 units Yellow Chartreuse, 5 units Orange Juice

Carthusian Sazerac 5 Units Whiskey, 5 units Green Chartreuse, 5 units Grenadine syrup, 5 units Absinthe

The Dewey Cocktail 5 Units Creme de Yvette, 5 units Gin, 5 units Grenadine syrup

Old Fashioned

5 of Gin, 5 of Curaco and 5 of Ice

Blind Russian

5 of Irish Cream, 5 of Kalhua, 5 of creme

Tall Black Russian

5 units of Kalhua, 5 of vodka, 5 of Space Cola

Rusty Nail

5 of whiskey, 5 of Drambuie

* - Means that the drink is unavailable as of right now.

Special thanks to Dea Tacita for providing the original ideas, and Majestic for the sprites.

Credits to Meowykins for original post

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Frankie's Favorites

Everyone's (least) favorite lazy delinquent Engineering Assistant is always sipping from a flask filled with god knows what, and here's what god knows:

Wirecutter - Shot and a half of Absinthe, a splash of Blue Curacao, a spritz of lime juice, and half a can of thirteen loko.

Tijuana Water - A shot of khalua, a shot of tequila, a spritz of lime juice, fill with tonic water.

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Does no-one realize that the one Table mentioned are actually coded into the game?


I, personally, was well aware. I just thought it'd be fun to share unusual mixes, even if they don't have a custom name/sprite. They do still get you drunk, and can be roleplayed out, after all!

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Yeah. Results seem to be mixed. I need to experiment more to see what makes it not over-ride. I think adding in the orange juice absolutely last works.

Edit: Okay, no I mixed up my drinks (no pun intended). What I was thinking of is that the Gimlet conflicts with the Gin Fizz. They have exactly the same ingredients in slightly different proportions. It's not clear what makes it make one over the other.

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