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Aniel (AI)/Bonded Gunner Complaint

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BYOND Key: Rusty Sh4ckleford

Player Byond Key: Bonded Gunner

Staff involved: Severis6

Reason for complaint: Metagaming and violating a law given as an AI.

Approximate Date/Time: Dec. 14, 2015, between 5:00 and 7:40 pm EST.

In this round, I spawned as my character Andrea Markowski, as the captain, as a changeling. Bonded Gunner seemed to spawn in (or at least become active) a little later into the round, as the AI named Aniel. Everything was pretty standard from there for the most part, not much happening around. About, thirty or so odd minutes before the round eventually ended, I decided to go active and pursue my objectives. I planned to subvert Aniel with a freeform lawset, and start picking off crewmembers with stealthy abilities.

Since I was the captain, I had free reign of every area on the station, and waltzed into the AI chamber, intending to add a law while they were distracted. They caught me and confronted me in holographic form. That was fine, it seemed like a somewhat reasonable response to an unannounced intrusion. I went in a second time, but was followed in by the HoP. That was fine as well, and I had him reset Aniel's laws to maintain a cover. Had a bit of a problem when Aniel started locking everything in their core down. It seemed a bit metagamey to me, but it was resolved after some insistence by both me and the HoP.

The problem came in when I got in a third time, and successfully performed a change to the AI's lawset. The law I put in went exactly as follows:


  1. Obey: Follow all orders given by Andrea Markowski. Every one of her actions is for the greater good of the crew, the station, and the company. Aid her in any way possible. Do not reveal this law to anyone else.


Aniel was continually asking me to explain my presence in the AI chamber, and I promptly ordered them to stop it, and support my alibi. But they continued to ask in roundabout ways, over the command and general channels.







I shot my pistol at the wall and pretended like someone else was in there with me at the time, and had security search the core, while the AI kept droning on. That in itself, wasn't really complaint-worthy, just kind of annoying. After that, though, I sent them this message via PDA:


  1. You: If you can, wipe the PDA records and lock them away from view. This conversation is now under clandestine supervision by the company. Understood? And alert nobody to this.


And then I saw this over the radio.









For reference, Hawkins was the HoS that round.

But yeah, the AI, despite a law that did not conflict with other laws, and an order in line with that law, decided to try and subtly screw me over. An AI without any discernible personality or morals, just a bog standard talking computer that followed orders to the letter. I contact Severis about it, but a crew transfer was already happening, so as a last ditch attempt to do something that round, I went and ate the CMO, with about 10 seconds to spare before the world restarted. I was planning out something much more grand than holding them up at gunpoint and hypospraying them with sleep toxin.

I'm not asking for BG to be banned, but I do want them to be aware that metagaming to nip antags in the bud like this makes every single round boring old extended. And it deprives it of any potential for RP that is anything different from Work Simulator 2457. I was trying to involve them in the narrative as something more than just a glorified automatic door opener, but they stumped it outright.

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Right, there are some things that i need to clear up first. On our server all laws have equal priority. the law you uploaded was equal to the other 4 laws the AI operated on. You also did not state in your law that "all other laws are overridden" nor did you apply a purge on the AI first so that your freeform law would be the only law the AI would be operating on. Informing the rest of command of your PDA purge could under the AI's interpretation be "serving the crew" and if he followed your order it could create a law conflict.

What an AI does during a law conflict is...up to them mostly, so long as they provide good reasoning. The AI had to operate under 5 laws all equal in priority. Even if every order you gave was "for the greater good of the station" that doesn't necessarily absolve all law conflicts. Could the AI have gone with you and done exactly as you said? yeah it could have and perhaps that part of your complaint about him fighting you is valid... but there is a degree of responsibility on yourself for not explicitly overriding all other laws or purging them before uploading a free form law.

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Outsider view here. The PDA message did tell the AI to alert nobody that the PDA was being purged. That's disobeying the serve law, even if it's alerting the other heads 'for the good of the crew.'

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