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Remove the PDA ringtone character limit


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The PDA ringtone system is really interesting but it's hindered hugely by the fact that there's a 15 character limit (my name can't even fit in that space its that minimal) for setting your ringtone.

I would like it if we took this cap off or at least raised it so that anything aside from the smallest 2 word phrase can be accomplished in the ringtone generator

I get that removing limits on things can enable people to be stupid, but the PDA has a toggle ringer button that can just hide their ringtone if it's stupidly long. I hate having a great idea for a ringtone that can never become a reality because the only way to fit it is to remove all the spaces in the ringtone or replace certain words with abbreviations that make my character seem twelve. "Welcome2thejungle"

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I disagree with this. It's not supposed to be some advanced ringtone - it's supposed to be a brief onomatopeia of something, hence why it's always surrounded by **. At most a tiny quippet of sound. Logically speaking, it makes no sense for a long-ass ringing for a single message. Plus it opens up the possibility of griefing.

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15 characters is usually enough for a surprising amount of ringtones, but I think the argument against meme-tastic ringtones is a bit invalid because you can already fit the following (which, I do):





*One day while Andy*

And so on.

That said, the usual ringtone accompanies at least a few lines of music, and I think it's okay for it to exist and be as obnoxious in-game as it is in real life.

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