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When world ends, when THE HAPPENING happens, when the cheeki turns to breeki, what will you do? What would you take with you as you make your escape from the collapsing/smoking/glowing ruins of civilization?

Whether you've got an underground bunker or just a simple bugout bag, share your end-of-the-world loadouts here, using Innawoods. Even if you don't have any plans at all, what do you think you'd be able to grab on your way out the door when you run into the streets flailing your arms?

This is what I'd be taking with me if worse comes to worst.



What about you? Are you a hardcore survivalist or limp noodle ripe for the picking by raiders? Show me.

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I love Innawoods threads.

Here's my current bugout bag loadout IRL. It's not ideal and I think I put too much focus on carrying ammo for a SHTF situation, but it was nice to actually put a map in my 1989 Soviet Officer's mapcase. I was tempted to roll out with a greatcoat instead of my BDU, but that would be hell in warm weather.

Also I want to inform you that I am thoroughly triggered that the "Mosin-Nagant clip" for some reason is listed as using 7.62x39 instead of 7.62x54R.

EDIT: Replace the knife with a nugget bayonet, I selected the wrong melee.

Also lol no food

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Also lol no food


Who needs food, so long as you keep the nugget fed. The nugget can feed you if you use it to shoot bears.


True, but I don't have much in the way of cooking materials. Starting a fire wouldn't be too hard given the woodlands, but I think the real difficulty would be finding something to cook meat on. Not to mention the trials of skinning and gutting a deer (or bear) with a nugget bayonet.

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