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Recoloured Security Cyborgs


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A long time ago, in the forgotten month of June in the bygone year of 2015, when the Great Bluesec Conversion was set into stone and immortalized, many rejoiced. Yet here we stand in the month of January in the year 2016 anno domini, and the prophesied conversion is yet only half finished.

As there has been discussion about recolouring security hardsuits, I decided that it might be thoughtful also to recolour security cyborgs (As the actual announcement thread for Bluesec had promised, but never implemented.)




Changes will probably need to be made to the sprite selection screen. In particular, the name 'Red Knight' is misleading, and 'Bloodhound' isn't really appropriate since its no longer red.

The robots.dmi file. Instances of importance are 'Bloodhound', 'Security', and 'securityrobot'.

Version 1;


Version 2;

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While I disagree with the sentiment (and indeed maintain that the additional vibrancy adds much needed distinction), I have created a more drab and sombre version for you to compare. Enjoy your muted, dead tones, I suppose.


I personally think the bloodhound is better with the dark blue. The other two are better with the lighter blue.

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If you're referring to the yellow dot 'taser' I decided it worked best only on the red and removed it myself on the download, but didn't consider it important a revision to imagograph.

I agree. The contrast and general ambiance of ss13 is supported by the "raspberry" colour scheme better than the "emo blue" colour scheme.

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I was considering going to the glasses next, but an important consideration is that MedicHUDs are blue too (Although a different hue of blue than I'd use). I would make MedicHUDs green (Which is Medical's colour anyways). Cadet uniforms have already been worked on, as well as hardsuits.

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