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dude i was role playing a fuck ton that entire round in a meaningful way. safi saved several crew members and a nuke ops, she was trying to rescue everyone cause she cares about the crew and emergency. this falls into the same exact complaint as before which was removed cause the round was pretty much over. which is whats happened here. I was burnt out by the end of the round as i was dealing with the ops almost up until the last moment. the round was over bro people started playing games and relaxing, chill out. several crew went to gossiping and playing word games not caring about the emergency.


you act like i was doing this the entire round. I wasn't, i said it literally at the last 5 mins of the round when we where all just siting around waiting for the bomb to go and people already started joking.

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So this happened after the round was finished an admins had delayed the round. The two IAA were whispering non stop to each other which lead to a comment being made that implied they were going to get together later. I have heard much worse been said from other people, I don't see why Tajara can't make similar comments. Its not like they were having a giant catbeast orgy on the outpost. As for the whole round they indeed RP as frightened until the point the round was delayed. Rafee is far from over sexualized, he has been known to make some rude comments from time to time but nothing more than a typical crew member and from what I have noticed Safi has been toned down a lot.

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Isn't this beginning to approach a breach of the "goddamnit stop with the sex stuff" rule?

I can also confirm that this stuff was said. Inis was there.

one comment, at the end of a round, during a long ass shift begins to approach the "stop with the sex stuff" rule? is that really what we're going with?

Like tainavaa said "Learn this ONE WEIRD TRICK to NOT GET MAD!!!"

like really, you guys are ready to pounce on the character if i say the word sex once out of the entire round, grow up.

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You don't need to defend yourselves. Unless it's breaking the rules or worthy of a threat of that species strip, then its only an issue for people who don't like thing. Which isn't an issue at all, they're just making it an issue when they have the option to simply not watch.


Tell me when it IS ERP, then there'll be a real issue.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Just a reminder that tajaran have live alien scorpians for genitals. They fight to the death when mating happens and the winner forms a new tajaran baby.

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I mean, there are two questions to be considered here.

Is there a difference between Tajarans and humans?

Yes. Tajaran culture is much more conservative and much less open than humans'. There's a difference between a human and a Tajaran making lewd comments, because one is simply roleplaying workplace misbehavior, while the other is directly ignoring the species' lore.

Should people be allowed to break character mildly under certain circumstances?

Probably, yes. Otherwise this playing experience becomes really tedious and soulless. :| Was what happened here acceptable? If it was round end and everybody else was joking, then yyyyyeah, probably.

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We must all remember that kids play on this server, and too much sexual stuff will cause their brain to over-saturate with sexual images. Of course, that has nothing to do with all that porn they surely never watch.

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