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Aurora Community Fortress

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Hey hey. I've been playing quite a bit of DF lately, and I'm kinda sorta starting to get the hang of fortress mode. The fortress I'm managing right now, Speechlessringed, is doing reasonably well. So I figured, with the dorfs safe for the foreseeable future, why not get the community involved? The fortress currently has 36 inhabitants, which gives me plenty of dorfs/victims to name after community members.

Make a post if you want to be a named dorf, and include any preferences you have for your character (gender, job, etc etc.) If everything goes well, I'll post updates on the fort and it's hapless, booze smelling inhabitants. Who knows, something !!fun!! might even happen.

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Status update!

Named dwarves:

Senpai, the expedition leader, bookkeeper and manager of Speechlessringed.

Rusty, the sheriff and militia commander, an accomplished Hammerdwarf that leads "The Brave Platoon".

Mirk, the militia captain that leads the "Mirk's Rangers" marksdwarf squad.

Tenenza, the legendary engraver that creates masterpieces fit for kings.

Hive, a currently unemployed and useless peasant. What a scrub.

As soon as I get a migrant with a medical profession, I'll rename it Inis and make it the CMD!

~The Diary of Senpai Jackboot, expedition leader~

By Armok, it's getting crowded around here... More migrants pour in every season, it seems. We're at 56 now, by my last check, and we're struggling to get enough sleeping space for the newcomers. And there's another problem... The migrants keep bringing Armok-damned pets with them. If they were just dogs or bunnies or the like, it'd be fine... But no. They're bringing in goat kids, pigs, even horses! The pets won't leave their masters, and more oft than not they starve to death- usually in the middle of the meeting hall.

And no one cleans up the corpses. No one. The meeting hall's thick with miasma, at least until the bastards decompose in to skeletons. That smell won't wash out of my cloak easy...

But on to more positive matters, I suppose. We've got a stable food situation, getting more than enough from our plump helmet farm. We get a bit lean on booze sometimes, but the traders are more than happy to trade us barrels of swamp whiskey and dwarven rum for our silver trinkets.

Our military's a solid affair. "The Brave Platoon" makes up our infantry, led by Sheriff Rusty. Ten hardened dwarves, one of them a swordmaster! "Mirk's Rangers" is a bit of a stranger affair- Mirk leads that bunch. The three of them are all strange dwarves from up North. They keep to themselves, always over in their corner of the sparring arena. I never see them at the parties down in the meeting hall- they kinda give me the creeps, but I'm not saying that to their faces.

As for industry, our main export is precious crafts. Our metal smiths work wonders down in the shop, turning out works of superior quality- crowns of silver and gold, intricate figurines, scepters, amulets, you name it. They're easy to make, and they net us huge returns when the caravans come around.

One thing of real interest to write down, I suppose: we were running low on metals, so I told our miners to dig deep. Very deep. They came across a cavern- a cavern full of gold veins and gemstones. A lucky break for us, but by my beard, the place seems... Off. I sent the Rangers down on a recon mission, and they reported back about some sort of ancient battleground- the conflict of two of those primitive cave races, it seems. They told of a village splattered with long-dried blood, and strewn with the skeletons off the wicked Rat folk and their Olm people enemies. I'll tell the miners to steer clear of that place, lest we disturb the spirits of the fallen beast folk.

That's all for now. Life here is, for the most part, monotonous- and I pray to Armok that it stays that way, for our sakes.

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