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Karl Jonson´s Medizinercorps armband


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BYOND Key: Arrow768

Character name: Karl Jonson (Emergency Physician)

Item name: Medizinercorps armband

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Because it shows what he did to get to his current position and that he is capable of providing emergency care to the patients.

He also wears it because he is pround of the fact that he successfully completed his medical education as Rettungsmediziner.

Even 15 years after he left scool he is still part of the Medizinercorps.

Item function(s): A armband just like the EMT Armband

Item description: It´s a black armband with the golden Medizinercorps logo on it.

Item appearance:

There is a small red cross on a white background.

A bit below it is a a black patch with a golden Rod of Asclepius around it is written: MC Medizinercorps

Additional comments:

Reference for the Armband

Background on the Medizinercorps

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