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Feedback for Xinc


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One time he ripped my still beating heart of of my chest and turned me into an artificer. I was a total noob at being one since I'd never been soul sharded before, and I think I accidentally crimped his antagonist memes. I felt really terrible about it, especially because I missed a crucial order from him that was sandwiched between two station announcements. But that said, I don't know anything about him at all personality-wise, but he seems to be a dedicated medical professional when he's not a cultist.

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At one point, you were operating on Tlexa during a Wizard round, and it took like 25 minutes while I got took all around on a roller-bed. I was quite upset at the time and thought you were just waffling around, but then I realized you needed more nanopaste to heal me, and in the end it got done right. So, props on sticking through with the operation to the bitter end.

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One issue with Xinc I've found doing medical is that he really doesn't say much, he could be anywhere doing anything and you'd have no clue because he never told anyone, which is an issue when you're in medical and the other people need to know who is treating who.

TL;DR, needs to work on communicating with the department more.

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I do agree with the two above posts.

what I like that he is a propar IPC, no shit, no shinanegens.

what I was thinking is that maybe it's his IPC nature to not speak, becuase he can't mimic chit-chat ?

Mmh, but even for the right propah IPC's communication can be utilized to increase efficiency rather then idle workplace conversation.

On a differennt note Xinc has an uncanny ability to be on every shift I play.

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I've worked with Xinc over several shifts. I think we work well together.

I know I can trust him as a doctor when I need help, and doesn't seem to mind tag teaming or oversight on patients.

I can understand wanting more communication from him, but at the same time we have great synergy as surgeons.

If Xinc steals your patient, it's probably because they were not being treated properly and explaining why takes the same amount of time as treating them.

As doctors, you have to be able to figure out what is happening on your own. That's efficiency.

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Xinc saved me today. I don't know what happened, an invisible attacker, an airless room, it was a bit blurry. All i remember clearly is Xinc dragging me out of there

And then something attacked him and i got to watch it on the monitor, i tried to call people to help but the area was all closed off and vented, and then the sensors went dark... :(

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I've only had one very minor interaction with him on medic Echo. Competent but He doesn't speak at all. It just gives no opening for interactions. He might be a great character but we will never truly know. And as an IPC I have little to no reason to end up in medical.

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