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Crazy-Ass Hardsuit gadget modification thread

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Basically, just post ideas you have or have found off from some other place for reference that would be neat for hardsuit attachments.

Here's my first suggestion. A personal melee defense weapon attached to the left or right hand of the hardsuit, which can be revealed or retracted using Object>Activate X tab. A free hand would need to be available, and criminals would be able to use this through handcuffs, however, they would need a short charge-up time that is audibly signalled and would require the criminal and his target to be standing next to each other. If the target is moving, he's gonna get stabbed and put into crit immediately. The criminal can free himself after 10 seconds of resisting, as long as the blade is in the active hand. The knuckleblade can't be disarmed. Has a low chance of causing internal bleeding, due to the sonic vibrations the blade emanates.

Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Knuckle_plate_vibro_blade

Could probably give this to nuke ops. Would be handy, and you wouldn't be GG'd right away after getting cuffed.

Any other suggestions, post here.

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Fedora Helmet.

Created by taking the detective hat and screwdrivering it to a space helmet.

Has an object action call "Tip Fedora Helmet", that results in:

"X tips their Fedora to you, M'lady"

and causes them to take pressure damage if they're in space, and turns off their internals.

Causes them to be laughed at if they're not in space.

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Ability to put masks in helmets, if it isnt already possible, by targetting mouth and clicking helmet with gasmask/mask.

Jetpacks on the torso. Aim for chest, click on hardsuit.

Perhaps allow us to mount weapons on hardsuits, like on the wrist, and go through object tab to activate them in the hand? (tasers/laser rifle or pistol for security, syringe gun for medical, flamethrower for engineering)

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Some of these configuration assume a power cell installed installed into the suit. Power cells could be removed and charged manually, or EVA suit racks/Storage units could maybe be wired up to recharge the suit. I also assume there is going to be a limited number of slots or slots keyed to specific utilities.

Installable/Mountable Internals/o2 Tanks - Hardsuits having attachable tanks that would be the primary/back-up source of air for the suit. Never forget to grab an o2 tank again!

Remote Access. - Would like this on mechs more, but having a module or device on board that would allow the suit wearer to remotely access doors they have access to, within line of sight. Start an Airlock cycling to let you in sooner, ect...

Tethers - Anchor yourself to a specific point tile. Attach to a floor, lattice, wall or grill, allows a player to slip 4-5 tiles before becoming taunt and preventing them from moving further away. Being flung at significant speeds (mass driver catapult/explosion shockwave/shield generator overload and blasting you off) would cause whiplash and injure you a bit further or even snap the tether and send you flying anyways.

Grappling Hook. - Reverse of above, would allow you to target a tile with a solid object on it (floor, wall, grill, ect...) and latch onto it, reeling you in. Useful if you get knocked away from the station without a jetpack, or could be a quick way to get around. Possible to use on other players as an impromptu weapon to lightly damage them and reel them to you if you had magboots enabled.

Recharger (Security/Command specific) would charge an E-gun/Flash/Stun Baton placed in charge holster while draining from internal power cell. Would be somewhat less efficient than a immobile charger, but good for emergencies or in the field recharge.

Power Tether - Allows player to hook up to an APC or live power line to recharge their internal cell. Attaching to high power lines should require gloves, as normal.

Cable Spool(Engineering) - Allow an engineer to hold 150 cable lengths (5 coils) and dispense them as needed. Useful for wiring solars or repairing breech damage.

Mounted Welder(Engineering) - A large arm mounted welder, could be completely electronic and sap charge from battery or just hold 80-120u of welder fuel and require a tank to refill. Could be (illegally) modified into a low grade flamethrower.

Nano-Dispenser (Medical) - Arm mounted syringe capable of holding 30u of material at a time, would be able to synthesize chemicals similar to a Sleeper (Dylovene, Inaprovaline, Soporific, Kelotane, Paracetamol and Dexalin) for quick medical aid and stablization in the field. Very taxing on the suit's internal cell.

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