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Emoats18 Unban request

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BYOND Key: Emoats18

Total Ban Length: it says one minute and was issued on 2016-02-13 and expires on 2016-02-13 23:05:28

Banning staff member's Key: alberyk

Reason of Ban: "Attacking someone with a fire extinguisher, claiming it was his friend when the other person said otherwise, we also had a talk with you to read the rules which you didn't. You are free to make a unban request on the forums if you wish to continue playing here."

Reason for Appeal: I was a complete idiot noob and didn't know how to open the rules and my friend was about to leave it was our first time playing ss13 and he didn't want someone to steal his stuff and mess up the station and get blamed for it so he asked me to kill him and give him a "space funeral" he said that I wasn't his friend because he thought the admin would ban him too it was a huge mistake on my part and know why. I'd like to play on this server again thanks for reading this.

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Alright, you were banned because I warned you before about metagaming and lying to admins, besides of what happened. And since you do understand what you did wrong, I have no issues in removing this perma ban, I will do so tomorrow if there is no issues with it at all.

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