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Player Complaint: BrosefStalin

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BYOND Key: NanakoAC (Nanako Magojiro)

Player Byond Key: Brosefstalin (Johan Altmann)

Staff involved:none. No moderators or admins were online at the time

Reason for complaint: Creating a Workplace Hazard, Neglect of Duty

Approximate Date/Time: 2016-03-14, 09.30 GMT

Johann was playing as Roboticist this round, as he almost always does.

The first thing, griefing. He built several medbots for medbay, and it seems he altered them to do bad things instead of what they're supposed to do. At one point a player who'd recently arrived on the server (D'Jar), came to medbay for burns. the medibot tried to treat him, but he had an apparently irrational fear of being injected by it. Johan was present for this incident, and kept insisting, both in chat, and in LOOC, that the robot was only trying to help, D'Jar nevertheless refused to be injected and kept avoiding the bot until it was dragged away.

And then..

I present as evidence, an end of round confession:



This is clearly griefing for a non-antagonist to do, and i checked at the end of the round, Johan was not antagonist.

The other thing, this is more of an IC matter, and perhaps should be handled with an incident report, ill file one if advised to do so.

As the sole medic on staff, i requested an Odysseus from johan to help with recovering patients. The quartermaster (who was actually one of the antagonists, i found out later, and therefore did nothing wrong) was being uncoopoerative and refusing to send supplies, i had to do quite a bit of RP to convince him to help.

But Johan did get his supplies, and did build the mech. He finished it just in time as someone detonated a bomb in the main hallway, and i had to rush out to retrieve him. Johan arrived with the mech, and despite my insistance both in chat and PDA messages, did not hand it over to me, he ignored me and ran past. I almost died from space exposure attempting to rescue the patient, as i wasn't aware there was a hull breach in the hall (radio information suggested it was in cargo)

Throughout the rest of the round, johan continued to drive them mech around and didn't hand it over to me. Ignoring most of my messages. He used it as his own personal toy and it was never useful to medical. I'm pretty sure this is a breach of corporate regulations, a roboticist is supposed to build mech suits and deliver them to departments authorised to use them, not drive them around himself

I wouldn't even mind him playing with his own toy mech, that's fun i guess, if he'd built a second one for that purpose. The original was requisitioned by me, built with significant assistance from me, but never delivered to my department.

He only agreed to hand it over at the end, after making me fill out paperwork (reasonable, but should have been requested earlier). I did that, and then the transfer shuttle arrived. The suit was still locking me out at this point, so it was still never actually handed over, and he drove it to departures with me in the passenger compartment.

He's a fun guy, and usually really nice to me, but i feel like his behaviour in this round was a bit over the line, and unhelpful

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Corrected original complaint: Greggbot does not play John Altmann, Brosefstalin does. Looking at the LOOC remarks, Gregg was ghosting at the time and couldn't have done it. This also removes most of the outright incriminating things.

I see, then i've made an error, i apologise. Please delete this thread

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