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[DENIED] slc97's Moderator Application

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account: slc97

Character Name(s): Jack Sayek

AI Name(s): GRU

Preferred means of contact: Skype, Steam, Byond, or phone.

Age: 19

Timezone: EST

When are you on Aurora?: I'm on whenever I can be. I've been extremely busy lately, but know for a fact I will have much more free time in the coming months.


How long have you played SS13?: I have played SS13 for over 4 years, might be 5 at this point.

How long have you played on Aurora: I have played on Aurora for about a year now.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I have a basic understanding of all departments. Science and Engineering allude me in some areas.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I do not, no.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I have not, although I was banned on a different server one time because it was my first time playing AI, and I accidentally released the singularity. That was 4 years ago though.


Why do you play SS13?: I play SS13 because it's a good way for me to get away. I get to go be Jack for a few hours and deal with his issues instead of mine.

Why do you play on Aurora?: I like the community, the people are nice and the mods aren't nearly as abrasive as the server I used before.

What do moderators do?: Moderators keep the server fun for everyone else. They make sure that no one is abusing the game and ruining it for other people.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: I believe that being a moderator for Aurora is the same as being a mod anywhere else. Enforce the rules, make sure no one is ruining the fun for everyone else, keep things running, and try and make things more fun for everyone.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I've wanted to be a moderator since I started playing SS13 because I have always thought that the position matched my skill-set and I feel like it would give me room to learn even more about the game.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I'm very good at impartiality and rationality. I'm a law student; therefore I am able to see both sides to every argument and handle it all very reasonably and rationally.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Honestly, I don't really stress out. I can be insulted and it won't bother me because, and I don't really get angry. When I do get angry or stressed, I cozy up to some Jack Daniels and everything is fine.

Anything Else You Want to Add:

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Could you expound on what you mean by:

I've wanted to be a moderator since I started playing SS13 because I have always thought that the position matched my skill-set and I feel like it would give me room to learn even more about the game.

Because I am currently under the impression that you wish to be a moderator primarily because it would give you more access to information about the game/meta.

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I have just now joined the discord chat. Also, I may have worded that poorly. The more I wish to learn is less about the game itself and more about the administrative side of it. I've always kinda wanted an inside look at what makes a server tick to the point where my brother and I were actually going to start a server years ago but never did. I think that in a moderator position, I'd get a look at that kind of information. Does that clarify?

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Hrm... Pardon me if I, myself, word this wrong: But it seems your motivation is not in keeping Aurora fun, but rather (as others pointed out) to learn more about SS13. Besides that, the fact you are a law student (If true, c'mon, this is the internet) could be a useful trait in keeping the rules. My only other concern is that you've stated one of your responses to stress is to drink, and I am afraid that would impede your judgement.

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Currently pre-law for the next two years ( a law student not in law school). So it's less time consuming and I also am pretty quick to pick that kinda stuff up. I did lose some time this semester because I was insanely busy, but I do not foresee that happening again at least for the next two years

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Interview with Slc:


slc97 - Last Friday at 2:46 AM

Hey, I know you wanted to pull me aside from my forums post. I'll b on here for the next few hours, whenever is best for you.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 2:46 AM

Unfortunately, it's almost 3 AM here. Server issues kept from dealing with the interview.

slc97 - Last Friday at 2:50 AM

Oh wow, you are rather far from me. It's 8 PM here. alright, well I will try and get on sometime during my Saturday morning. That should be your Saturday evening.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 2:54 AM

That'll work. I have Everything starting Saturday evening off, so I'll be fine then.

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:01 PM

Hey, so I'm actually available for the next hour or two if you are. If not that's cool and we'll just take care of it tomorrow.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:02 PM

That's fine. Lemme find my formats.

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:03 PM

Okay, also fair warning, the e on my keyboard is broken and I can't afford a new one yet, so they may cut out a few times during.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:07 PM

Oke. First off, in your own words, what is the goal of this server? What do you think we're looking to provide here?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:09 PM

I think that the main goal of this server would be to provide a fun experience to the players while sustaining a heavy roleplay environment that you don't really find on many other servers.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:09 PM

From that, what is heavy roleplay? And what is considered roleplay in general?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:11 PM

roleplay is the act of creating a character and a role for that character and acting that character and role out. In the sense of heavy roleplay, this would mean playing that character and role in the most realistic way possible given the situation surrounding the roleplay: in this case, a futuristic space station.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:11 PM

Realistic, or believable?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:12 PM

I would say realistic, again given the parameters of the situational environment and the character.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:14 PM

With the word realistic in mind, what are your thoughts on a rule, either written or unwritten, that a character should not be doing things that could potentially get them fired?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:16 PM

I think that because the roleplay environment involves literal employment roles, then it would be wise for characters to try to avoid doing things that could get them fired.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:18 PM

what do you think of permitting, effectively, self-antagonist action if it fits within the framework of the character? Can it work, or should it not be done?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:20 PM

While I do think it's good to give the players freedom of character, I believe that self-antaging, even within the bounds of the character, gets out of control eventually.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:22 PM

Do you thus think such actions should only be limited to antagonists?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:23 PM

I believe that serious antagonistic actions, like sabotaging the engine or something of that nature should be left to the antagonists, but if your character is antagonistic in the sense that they're just kind of an asshole sometimes, then I would say that's fine.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:24 PM

I'm referencing things somewhere in between those two simple lines.

For example, pocketing things.

Accepting bribes.


slc97 - Last Friday at 9:25 PM

Yeah, I don't think that your character should just be pocketing things to pocket things, stuff like that is a little ridiculous.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:25 PM


slc97 - Last Friday at 9:27 PM

I believe that stuff like that winds up breaking the don't be a dick rule and I think it winds up breaking immersion at some points. Like last night there was a doctor who came into medbay and just took all of the medkits from storage for essentially no reason.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:30 PM

Your understanding of it seems to be that, "It will eventually go too far." Am I wrong here?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:31 PM

Essentially yes, With the number of people we have on this server. There's always gonna be the one or two that push something like that to the breaking point. I think self-antagging is better left untouched.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:33 PM


Next subject.

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:33 PM


Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:33 PM

What are your thoughts on the server's and community's present state?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:36 PM

I think the current state of the server and the community is relatively good. We have a generally non-toxic community and even when issues with the community arise, they can be solved both in server and on the forums. The server itself operates well enough even though there is the occasional glitch. Beyond that, I wouldn't say there's much wrong with this server; at least I haven't played on a server I thought was doing better then Aurora.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:37 PM

What do you think is the most urgent issue, community management/rules wise, that ought to be looked at?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:40 PM

I've noticed a lot of OOC hate on some of the species that can be played. I was a part of the forum thread that got Spacevoidagent banned for that very thing. I think that that can discourage some players from playing the different IC races and expanding their roleplay opportunities. If there is lore reason for characters to dislike species, like with the Tajaran, then that's all well and good, but that kind of thing should stay in IC and out of OOC to avoid isolating a demographic of our server.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:52 PM

Mkay. Beyond what has already been done about it, how would you say this issue should be handled going forward?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:54 PM

I think that whenever there starts up a big conversation on it in OOC, there just needs to be an admin or moderator announcement made saying to knock it off. If there people who constantly ignore that, I would pm them and talk to them about it. If it continues after the announcements and pm, I would say a light ban, probably just a 3 day ban would be in order.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 9:55 PM

Where would you draw the line between a neutral discussion of IC racial oppression, and an aggressive one? How?

slc97 - Last Friday at 9:57 PM

I would say when it stops becoming about the lore and the rationalization of the IC existence oppression when it becomes stuff like hang all cats and nonsense like that. At that point it has devolved from a nice conversation to unnecessary shit-stirring.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 10:12 PM

Woups, sorry, round end had my attention.

I do believe that's it, tbh. any questions, comments from your end?

slc97 - Last Friday at 10:14 PM

Yeah, I just wanted to clarify on my thing about the whole OOC species hate.

I'm not crazy PC or anything. I don't care about the species hate itself, I care about the effect it has on some of our players. If the server's goal is to keep the game fun for everyone, then that means everyone to me.

That'll do it, thanks for your time, Skull.

Skull132 - Last Friday at 10:15 PM

Oh, one more question. Do you mind if this is posted on your application for public review?

slc97 - Last Friday at 10:15 PM

oh absolutely, go for it.


My main concern here is the reductionist viewpoints. Basically, the line of thinking I was able to observe was that, "Because certain people abuse something, no one should be able to, because someone will abuse it." The thing to recognize here is that Mdoerators are here to deal with issues like this. A duty of a mod is to deal with the folks who abuse something, so that the rest could still enjoy it.

Thoughts on this?

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Jack Sayek is a pretty awesome captain, really down to earth, communicates with the crew a lot, and radiates an aura of authority. I really like him. He's also not afraid to drop into medical and help out in times of high casualties.

+1 from me, he'dbe a good moderator i think

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Thank you, Nanako, you're too kind. Really, I don't like to think of my views as reductionist. In the case of a lot of the stuff Skull and I spoke of, like the self-antagging thing, I would definitely be open to a trial run of the idea, implementing it for a couple weeks and seeing if there are any big problems; if there aren't keep it, if there are throw it out. When it comes to cut and dry though, like just straight up allowing or implementing something, which is how I interpreted the scenarios in the interview, I'm a lot more wary and would rather hold off.

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Yes, and I was never saying that character's shouldn't be allowed to break laws and have minor bar fights and what not within the grounds of their characters. What I meant was like the example I gave of the guy who just came in and took every single medkit from medbay. In my interpretation of self-antagging, there's a line between committing crimes as a character and self-antagging. If I go and get into a petty bar fight, that's all well and good, but if I go around and punch every single player on station, that's kind of ridiculous.

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Okay, let's use an example I raised. Should a non-antagonist security officer be accepting bribes and, as a result, letting certain inmates go with lighter sentences or turning a blind eye to certain things? What would he have to do in order to make such a character, what are the requirements you would impose on such a player (standards wise), and should a character like that, even if well executed, fit within the framework of our server?

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Now I could see an officer taking bribes to look the other way, but not to commute sentences because I hold that on a very similar level to the question other applicants were being asked about an improper permabrigging. I don't agree with officers messing with sentencing. Now if there were an officer taking bribes, there would have to be a very staunch set of requirements. It can't just be a guys who sees a crime committed and says hey give me 100 credits and go. I would want to see it roleplayed out properly. I would want a reason the character was accepting bribes, etc. I believe that a character like that, if well executed, could fit in on the server however a character like that does not belong in every round, I believe.

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To expand on that even further. Certain low level self-antagging is sensible, such as the bribes thing if executed properly. My biggest worry is the people who take it upon themselves in a round of extended to say "I'm gonna be an antag and sabotage the power or steal the spare ID, etc." Now of course, I'm not saying change the rules, that's not the job of a mod. I said it my interview that I thought that kind of stuff was better left untouched in my opinion. That doesn't mean I would just automatically ban someone for it. I think it's just something that needs to be watched very carefully.

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