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Nuke Round gave me a idea.

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Stein sighed as he watched the camera’s of his team, rolling his eyes as the first member, Emperor something, he sent in to secure the station was trapped in a hall, fire surrounding him as his screams of pain filled the air. Looking back down to the PDA as he listened to the screams, like music to his ears, he saw one name that certainly stood out. Putting a finger up to his comms, he took a moment to get in the correct mind set before he started to speak again.

“Helllllllloooo, this is your host, Stein coming back at you with our next challenge. Chenmooooooo, you’re up!”

A small, nervous voice reached his ears through the comms after a moment.


He grinned, he loved going into this persona if nothing more than to annoy the people he was killing. He looked back to the camera’s to see that the solder seemed to have passed out and collapsed, as the doors were raised.

“Doctor Chenmo, for your challenge, if you could report to Cargo and save the man currently burning alive in there. You have three minutes.”

He leaned back and watched as the body of his first team member was dragged to Cargo, eventually a rather large mech coming into view. Assuming that was the doctor, he turned towards the other camera screens. Two of the agents, King and Duke, seemed to be causing a lot of destruction, sadly they had no idea that they were screwing themselves just as much as they were screwing everyone on the station.

Looking to the last member, he saw laser shots being fired at him before he was cut down, Stein flinching a bit at how quickly he died. Shaking his head, his ears perked as he heard the same voice from before, looking back to the first man’s camera to see the young asian woman had removed his helmet, so he would have to take her word.

“Y-y-y-your man has passed away…”

Fantastic news, more money in his pocket. But now there was the problem of how to punish the doctor for failing for her task. Of course, there was no way she was going to win, but he needed to instill more fear.

Thats when Duke's voice broke through on the team’s private channel.

“We got some girl....she seems to have died from radiation poisoning”

Stein grinned. Perfect.

“Ladies and gentlemen! As you may have noticed one of your own, Harley is now missing. She is currently sitting next to me on the shuttle...and Oops...There goes her eyes...I’ll be back ladies and gents, theres bones that need breaking.

He muted his mic as he let the people think he was torturing this young girl, watching Duke and King lay waste of the station, surprisingly without hurting too many people.

He leaned back and relaxed, closing his eyes and putting his feet up.

This was going to be the easiest job in the world. That was, until he heard someone on the sec channel scream.

“Just called the ERT!”

His eyes flew open in a rage, lurching forward as he slammed a fist on the table.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” he screamed into the comm, “Now I’m going to have to activate a fucking bomb because someone wanted to be a fucking hero and call an ERT!”

With two of theirs already down, there was no way they could fight an ERT and Stein had no intention of leaving the shuttle. He looked up to the screens to see that King and Duke were already preparing, setting up a small trap with some explosives in one of the halls, waiting. Everything started going blurry, the rage in Stein’s mind was taking over and he wanted nothing more than to grab that stupid wannabe hero’s throat and snap it in his bare hands. He wanted to hurt the station...He wanted them to feel pain that they never be able to get over….and that's when it hit him.

“Doctor Chenmo...time for a bonus round. Put on a EVA suit, and come out towards Escape. Were going to meet to negotiate”

Stein grinned, putting his blood red boots up on the table. He was going to take one of their own, no idea what he was going to do with her, but he was going to take her. He could hear medical fighting with her not to go, that this one would take her place, or that one. But he had to give her credit, she was pretty brave to be putting on a EVA suit and walk into certain death.

Looking back to the screen, he saw that the two agents had met the ERT and were in quite the epic battle. They were screaming things about dying together and such, which only made Stein grin. If he was the only one alive, he was going to be a whole lot richer. He saw King take out a pill and slip it under the camera.


Looking to the last operative’s now, he saw him seem to hesitate, as if he wasn’t sure he was ready to die. Grabbing his gun, he went back to fighting for a moment. Stein shook his head, the man was screwed no matter what. Standing up, he slowly made his way towards the airlock. Turning on his air and making sure his jet pack was ready, he hit the button and the door opened after a moment.

Stein slowly started making his way to the station. He fucking hated space walking, he could never do it, it was another reason he liked staying in the shuttle. He hit a button on his jet pack to move forward slowly. From one of the airlock, he could see a figure in a white EVA suit step out and a red medical cross on their shoulder.

He nodded, assuming it was her he made his way over. The two met along the side of the station, Stein taking no time to point in the direction of his shuttle, watching her nod he put his feet up to the metal of the station and push off. He needed to get out of this damn black void as soon as possible.

Hitting the button on his jet pack, he flew over to his shuttle, looking back, he was surprised to see that she had been able to keep up with him. Turning back to the open air lock, he slipped inside and waited for her to come in before hitting the button to pressurize the room. Making his way over to the door, he made sure everything was all set before opening it, not wanting to die of some stupid pressure problem after all of this.

Going to collapse into a seat and spin towards her, he grabbed his helmet and threw it to the side, his green eyes darting towards her. Watching her slowly remove her helmet and look around the station, he did his best to give her a warm smile.

“Sorry about...Uhh...Taking you and shit, and sorry for being a ass on the comms. It’s all an act to get people angry and scared...Not that big of a ass.”

She gave him a small nod, mumbling something about it being ok. For a moment...he felt bad? That was until, he heard the ERT complain about Duke being dead. Then the thought of being the only survivor and getting all the money they had been promised filled his head. He smiled warmly at the girl as he mentally screamed “Yes!” over and over in his head. Finally snapping back to reality, he offered a hand to the girl.

“My name is Stein...or Winston Carton if you want to call me that. I gotta admit..pretty brave of you to come out here all alone...You make a good agent.”

She took his hand and did her best to smile, shaking it as she spoke, her voice gaining more confidence.

“My name is Chenmo...I believe we have met before Winston, and thank you.”

Winston looked back over to the camera’s, all of the dead men he had once worked with. His eyes widened as he looked over to Chenmo, and a slow smile crept across his face.

“What...do you think about being my partner Chenmo? If you didn’t know, all my other teammates are dead and I could really use one”

She seemed to think it over for a moment before giving a small nod and looking over to him.

“May I have a moment to...say goodbye?”

He nodded, and turned away to let her talk. It would be rude to intrude, so he slowly stood up and made his way to the pilot’s seat. Setting his course for their base of operations, he looked back to see that she was making her way down the hall to join him. Turning back to her, she nodded to him. Stein thought for a moment, before looking to her.

“You know...now that you’re one of us, you got to choose a name...Kind of like mine, like Stein”

She looked up to the space as the shuttle kicked to life, starting to make its way back home, the stars slowly starting to pass by before she looked back at Stein.

“...I think Sabre”

A solid name in Stein’s opinion, and giving a small nod he grinned at her.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership Sabre”

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I like your writing and your character's thought process, feels fluid and logical. Scorpion (Tony Adams) however, would not. To put it bluntly, your character seems like a murderous coward. Scorpion is a polar opposite to Stein, as his missgided code of honor and bravery provent him from harming innocents. Stein just sat at the shuttle watching his team die one by one. This is not directed towards you, however, I'm just saying it would be good RP if they work together in a nuke round. It would most likely end with one murdering another over petty differences or greed.

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I think that would be interesting as well, though Stein in many scenarios (( Much to people's dislike)) stays in the shuttle as the "Get away driver" so to speak, I have plans for him to start making more physical appearances in future nuke rounds instead of just being a voice over the radio. Though I do like the idea of him and Scorpion meeting. It be even more interesting in my opinion if Scorpion made it back after the mission was completed.

On a side note

Also, I plan on adding more stories to this thread, showing both his relationship with Sabre (( each story is approved by Jennalele before I submit it)) and to show how he became the man he is today. Hoping to do 1-2 stories a week, and hopefully show people why Stein isn't the biggest fan of stepping off the shuttle when he can avoid it, and just more to see things from his point of view.

That being said, I hope that with the permission of the players who play them, that I may use some characters Stein has worked with in Nuke rounds in the story, with a different background for obvious reasons. Usually I plan on it being a small mention or just Stein mentioning them as past partners who are still active, but I still like permission none the less. Just a heads up to anyone who I play with.

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Another two confirmed nuke ops are Ghost and Scythe.

Ghost is a tech/AI specialist, who isn't especially fond of combat.

Scythe is a straight up sadist, casual prisoner torture to alleviate boredom and such.

Feel free to use them if you like them, I can provide appearances if asked.

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Feel free to use Mercy my technology/sabotage/thief specialist for any story. He had a lot of fun with Stein last time.

Just a note on it. It tends more formal and slightly cherry language and tends to shy away from lying directly and has a sense that these missions split the wheat [Profit ops] from the chaff [Waste ops/cannon fodder]. It plays itself more organic to it's victims and keeps it's nature as an IPC hidden from them as well. It detests needless violence and it also has an aversion to blood and other bodily fluids unless sealed away from it.

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My two confirmed ops are

Red King (Peter Thrushwood) who was in the story, and

Punished Revenant (Leonin Smythe), who I believe Stein also ran a mission with.

Good writing, by the way!

Also, just realized that Stein is basically a way more verbal Driver from Drive.




"I'm a getaway driver. I don't carry an SMG, I don't sit and wait while you're planting the nuke, I drive."

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